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Mothers’ Club

Mothers’ Club meetings are held once a term and are informal gatherings that run for approximately 1.5 hours (refer to school calendar for dates). Once the formalities are finished, participants enjoy a supper and a chance to meet other Waverley Mums.

Waverley College encourages all parents to become part of our school community and invites all mothers and fathers to support the Waverley College Mothers’ Club.



Along with other groups that support the Waverley College community (e.g. the Parents and Friends Association, the Waverley Old Boys’ Union and the various Co-Curricular Supporter Groups), the Mothers’ Club exists to support the College in achieving its strategic goals. In particular, the Mothers’ Club strives to build relationships and leadership within and beyond the College.


The Mothers’ Club pursues its mission in six ways:


The Mothers’ Club is responsible for the operation and staffing of the Waverley College Secondhand Clothing Pool. This provides invaluable assistance to families and provides important funds for College strategic initiatives.


Additional events and activities are sponsored by the Mothers’ Club which complement major College events such as the May Procession (Coffee shop), Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Masses (Gift Stalls).


The Mothers’ Club is an important channel for communication within the College and about the College. Members of the Executive communicate key messages to potential families particularly during the enrolment period and at Information Evenings.


The Mothers’ Club supports the College through the organisation of social events and gatherings such as the Cocktail Party and Movie Nights. All Mothers’ Club activities promote interaction and friendship.


The Mothers’ Club supports events like the Year 12 Graduation Lunch, College Open Day and Welcome morning teas on the first day of term.


The Mothers’ Club is committed to the provision of quality speakers who support the development of strong family relationships.

The Mothers’ Club:

  • Helps build the Waverley College Community spirit
  • Helps increase the level of engagement and participation of the Waverley community in school life
  • Provides a forum for parents to share ideas and experiences, network and establish friendships
  • Organises social events, key school events and fundraising activities
  • Builds community relationships.

The Mothers’ Club contributes to the well-being of our school community in a spirit of respect, cooperation, friendship, enjoyment and social interaction.

Please come and join us at the meetings. We would love to meet you!

Please email your name and contact details to the email below if you would like your name on the Mothers Club email list for updates and information.

Committee 2016

President  Emanuela D’Urso
Vice President Frances Pilkington
Treasurer Ann Brinck
Secretary Linda McGuiggan


Meeting dates are published in the College calendar and advertised in the Nurrunga Newsletter and Skoolbag app.

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Mothers’ Club President

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