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Online Learning Guidelines

Dear Parents and Carers,

The College has refined its online learning model for Years 5 and 6 and Years 7–12, based on feedback and evaluation. Our Junior School and Senior School models seek to provide a structured approach while still allowing for – and encouraging – independent and flexible learning. Please find more information below. To download this information as a PDF please click here. 


Years 5 and 6 

Our Junior School model seeks to provide a structured approach while still allowing for, and encouraging, independent and flexible learning. 

The boys will continue to use the lessons and timing of their school timetable as a guide and will log in for a Google Meet with their teacher at the below times.

To view our Online Learning Guidelines for Years 5-6 please click here. 

To watch a video with an explanation of how to access Google Meet for your son please click here.

JS timetable

Junior School Online Learning timetable

Years 712

The College has refined its online learning model for Year 712 based on feedback and evaluation. If we need to switch to online learning again, our model will seek to provide a structured approach while still allowing for – and encouraging – independent and flexible learning. 

Striking the balance between academic achievement and staff and student wellbeing is key. We need to provide our boys with structure and routine while ensuring that they aren’t spending the whole day in front of a screen.

Please find more information on the refined online learning model below.


Online Learning Model

What is my role as a parent/carer?

We envisage that this model will allow you to continue to facilitate the basic arrangements at home, and to support your son’s organisation and engagement. Beyond that, our teachers will facilitate the teaching and learning.


How will online learning be structured and delivered?

Students will follow an adjusted timetable and participate in their regular periods via Google Meet.

At the beginning of every period, students are required to log in to Google Meet for roll call and an introduction to the lesson.

To view our Online Learning Guidelines for Years 7–12 please click here.

How long will each Google Meet last?

A class in Google Meet may only last for 15 minutes if it’s a check-in tool, or for an entire period in the case of a complex learning tutorial.


How is wellbeing incorporated in the Online Learning Model?

While the core of our online learning model is teaching and learning, wellbeing remains a top priority. Our Heads of House and psychologists will be available to support you and your son whenever needs arise. Students will also have the opportunity to meet with their wellbeing mentors every week.

The timetable allows for a 2:30pm finish. At this point in the day, students will be engaged in a wellbeing program centred on physical activity. The program will incorporate a range of health and skill-related fitness activities, designed by Mr Jeremy Roff, Mr Steve O’Donnell and the Heads of House. We will encourage students to continue to submit their activities to the House Points website and earn points for both individual and House awards.


What do I need to know about the assessment schedule for Years 712?

The College will continue to review assessment programs for Years 712 in line with NESA requirements and directives. We will monitor advice from NESA to inform any decisions we make regarding learning and assessment. In line with current practice, students will be notified of any adjustments to assessment formats and/or submission dates in writing.


Who can I contact if I have a question about online learning?

If you have any questions regarding online learning, you can contact your Head of House, the Acting Director of Junior School, Ms Gaby Bransby ( the Director of Curriculum, Ms Lynsey Porter (, or the Acting Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning, Ms Gabrielle Smith (


Warm regards, 

Gabrielle Smith