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Waterford Preschool

Our co-educational preschool caters for up to 60 students in a beautiful garden setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is committed to provision of the Early Years Learning Framework, with a strong emphasis on play-based learning and preparation for transition to school. A flexible daily program responds to the needs of each individual child and they are encouraged to develop a feeling of self worth, and a positive self-image. There is emphasis on developing language and social skills, exploring, experimenting, and constructing.


The centre provides a program that caters for the development of the individual child within the group context, and the environment is organised around the principle that children learn through self-discovery and guided learning.

The program is, therefore, designed to:

  • Develop a feeling of self worth, and a positive self-image.
  • Develop awareness and appreciation of his or her personal environment.
  • Develop positive attitudes towards learning.
  • Develop social attitudes of concern towards people and the environment.
  • Develop language and communication skills.
  • Develop skills and knowledge in all areas of the curriculum and to emphasise:
    • Exploration
    • Experimentation
    • Construction
    • Social interaction
    • and Active involvement in learning.

The daily program in the centre is planned in relation to the observed needs of individual children. Development records are kept on every child and these are available for discussion with parents.

The major part of the program is self-selected, with language and music experiences arising informally as well as through organised group experiences.

An intensive pre-instrumental music program is offered on a daily basis by a qualified music teacher.


Waterford Preschool is sponsored by Waverley College and priority of access is given to staff of Waverley College. The Preschool also adheres to priority of access guidelines prescribed by the NSW Department of Education and communities.

The priority categories include:

  • Children who are at risk of harm
  • Indigenous children
  • Children from low-income families
  • Children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Children with additional needs
  • Children in their year before school (with highest priority given to children closest to school entry).

We accept waiting-list applications after your child’s second birthday.

There is no application fee.

The daily rate for attendance at Waterford Preschool in 2017 is $72.

Download and complete the Waiting-List Application and return it to:

The Director
Waterford Preschool,
44 Henrietta Street,
Waverley, NSW 2024

Contact us

For further information, please contact the Director of Preschool, Fiona MacGregor.

Waterford Preschool contact details

Parent Handbook

Our parent handbook outlines everything families need to know about our preschool operations. We have included information on the National Quality Standards, The Early Years Learning Framework, our philosophy, our educational program, preparation for preschool strategies, financial information and some important policies and procedures.

Parent Handbook 2017 Download


Waiting-List Application Download
Term Dates 2017 Download
Information Sheet 2017 Download

Lunch and morning tea

These are enjoyable times for both the educators and the children. Sharing food in a social setting promotes engagement with others and also helps to extend language and  conversation skills.

Each child is required to bring:

Morning tea

We encourage the children to bring a cut up piece of fruit and or vegetables in a separate labelled container.


Please pack a nutritious lunch in a cooled lunch bag. Suggestions include:  sandwich, sushi, pasta, cheese & biscuits, yogurt, carrot sticks & hommus, healthy muffins etc…


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