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From the HSC Presiding Officer for Waverley College, Mr Col Blake

The HSC Presiding Officer for Waverley College, Col Blake, is seeking to employ supervisors to assist at exams in this year’s Higher School Certificate examinations at the College.

Any parents of students at the College who may be interested should contact him for more details. The positions are paid by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) on an hourly basis. Any parent of any student sitting any exam in this year’s HSC cannot apply.

Exams commence on Monday 15 October and finish on Tuesday 6 November. Extra supervisors will be needed for the exams with a larger number of students. Training will be given prior the first exam on 15 October.

If  you are interested please contact Col Blake via email ( with name, phone and email details before 18 September 2017.

From Head of Lacey House, Damien Thompson

Lacey House has continued to value the contributions of individuals to the greater good of the academic, spiritual and co-curricular endeavours of our young men.  We are particularly strong in Years 8 and 9. The following boys were awarded prizes on Presentation Evening.

Cade Lacey & Harrison Gippel – Award Winners

 Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Lewis Thompson, Luke Fadel & Ben Elder – Award Winners

Year 10

Year 11

Congratulations to all these Lacey boys on striving for excellence.

In the House Diving competition, Lacey were represented by Owen Punch, Hunter Sullivan and Leon Bakis. All the boys are currently in Year 7 and we placed second overall. We are looking to dominate this competition over the next few years so it will be a hard team to break in to. In the House Tug of War competition, we were placed in the top eight and we will be taking steps to ensure a massive improvement for next year with a greater emphasis on pre-season training and competition diet identified as key areas of possible improvement.

Lacey Legends Diving team

The House Chant competition has brought out the competitive side of the Lacey Mentor groups with strategy playing an important part in groups forming alliances and pacts to form winning combinations. Mr Frost and Ms Stewarts groups combined to take out the competition with a chant that will form the basis of a probable winner at the swimming competition early in Term 1.

House Chant Winners

The new Prefect Leadership team has quickly built on the solid foundations of the previous year’s team to establish mental health as a top priority for each House meeting. We were addressed by a local representative from the Headspace team at Bondi Junction which is an organization that provides support services to adolescents with issues around mental wellbeing. Our own morning wellbeing time has focused on delivering positive messages on kindness, inclusiveness and action plans designed to improve each boy’s wellbeing. Specific information on sleep patterns, diet and exercise have been well received by the boys. Some groups have taken the quick, intense physical start to each day to heart and planks and pushups are often part of the morning welcome.

Yr 5s voting for House Chant winner

As I walk among the various Mentor groups each morning I am struck by the growing bonds that are developing between boys across the year groups and between the Mentors and the boys. The Mentors have continued to provide the first port of call for many boys and parents and their support and encouragement of the wellbeing program has resulted in a number of important initiatives for Lacey House. Next year’s weekly program will involve the senior boys running each Tuesday morning’s session. We hope that this step will drive the model of leadership for Lacey House as the years roll on. Our boys will feel very comfortable about speaking and directing others by the time they finish school as they will have practised this every day.

Yr Ten Lacey with Sam Clear


May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

From the Head of O’Connor House, Matt Barr

Term Four started off with the new House Prefects, James Bodkin, Reece Thorn, Patrick Kossenberg and Tadgh Murphy taking over the reins. O’Connor House is also very fortunate to have College Captain, Harley McGuiggan to assist the Prefects. Straight away the boys picked up from where the previous leadership team had left and displayed great enthusiasm and innovation in their new roles. I look forward to working further with them and developing more house initiatives next year.


James Bodkin, Reece Thorn, Patrick Kossenberg and Tadgh Murphy


There were a number of students selected in 1st Teams for summer Cocurricular activities, including Marco Payumo of Judo and Jeremy Petritsis of the 1st V Basketball, both being named Captains of their respective teams.


O’Connor House Assembly

Our term Assemblies were located in the PAC foyer and theatre spaces. We had guest speakers from Australian Youth Climate Coalition present to the house as a follow up session from the conference the House Prefects and SRC attended earlier in the year. A highlight of the assemblies this term was the introduction (thanks Mr New) of the House Song ‘O’Connor’s Call’ which the boys and staff enthusiastically embraced.  Click on the following youtube link to view one of the passionate renditions: O’Connor’s Call


Interhouse diving competition Zygi Mann and Max Leedham

We had two House Competitions in Diving and Tug-of-war this term during lunch times. Both teams tried extremely hard and it was great to see so many kids volunteering their lunch break and showing house spirit in these events.  Thanks to Zygi Mann and Max Leedham (pictured), as well as Patrick Kite for volunteering to dive for the house. Next year I hope that we can build on the strong start and excellent House Spirit and Culture we have developed through these competitions.

Interhouse Tug o’ War

Year 10 successfully completed their outward bound learning experience at Somerset Camp. The theme for the camp was ‘Stepping up, Stepping out’ and it was overwhelming to see the cohort take this on board with each activity. Students managed to step up into leadership and step out of their comfort zone, lessons we hope for the cohort to take into their senior years.  Year 10 finished the year with two Reflection Days which consisted of activities from WALK4ONE, Sydney Jewish Museum and various guest speakers at the College. Congratulations must go to year 10 students for the mature and focused way they approached the reflection days. It was a great way to end the year for this cohort who continue to show their exceptional potential as our college leaders for the future years.

O’Connor Year 10 students with Sam Clear, WALK4ONE


The Year 12 students attended Retreat at St Benedict’s, Gross Vale with Aungier House. The boys were very fortunate as the venues facilities and accommodation was 1st class. It was a great opportunity for the students to take stock, reflect on the various aspects of life and help formulate goals and plans moving forward into their HSC year.

Year 12 retreat


Junior School students also had a busy term that included the Year 5 Camp to Vision Valley, Walkathon for various charities,  Music Festival, Year 7 Orientation Day and the Year 6 Graduation.

Congratulations to the following students from O’Connor that received a 1st in subject award or a major award at Presentation Night; well done on a great semester:

A massive thank you to all House Mentors  for their efforts, care and professionalism throughout the term. The boys are very fortunate to have you looking after their wellbeing and development as young men.

I would finally like to thank everyone for their hard work and efforts this year and wish you all a safe, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break.



From Head of Tevlin House, John McCallum

Tevlin House has enjoyed a fantastic fourth term for 2017, packed full of challenge, achievement and a large social justice role in learning about and wanting to demonstrate support for homelessness. Tevlin students and their mentor teachers can go into the summer break proud of their achievements, and optimistically awaiting many great opportunities next year.

Tevlin students inspired to support homelessness in the Matthew Talbot Christmas Appeal

This term, Tevlin boys have learned about, discussed and then actively engaged with homelessness issues in its coordination of Waverley’s annual appeal for the Matthew Talbot Hostel. Tevlin students were fortunate to hear at their House Assembly from Mr Paul Longobardi from the St Vincent DePaul Society. One important service of Vinnies is the Matthew Talbot Hostel, located in Woolloomooloo and other Australian locations and provides accommodation, food, health, counselling and employment support for thousands of men each year who are experiencing homelessness or other difficulties. Boys were challenged to better understand the different types and factors involved with homelessness, and realise all people’s desire to have dignity in their lives. Boys left this experience feeling motivated towards helping this year’s Matthew Talbot Appeal become highly successful.

Tevlin developing compassion for the homeless

The Tevlin students then spent three weeks in November not only donating important toiletry, clothing and other necessary items, but led weekly visits to the other house groups to share the importance of supporting homeless charities like the Mathew Talbot Hostel. All of the Waverley Community can be very proud, as donations reached one tonne of items and 50 large sacks were delivered to the hostel this week, ready for distribution to homeless men in Sydney.

All of Tevlin House enjoyed a fantastic rooftop BBQ at the final house assembly last week, hosted by the Year 12 students and prefects. The views and bacon and egg rolls were amazing, and students had a chance to enjoy celebrating the end to a fantastic Matthew Talbot Appeal.

Tevlin students have also gratefully thanked each of their mentor teachers for the support and care they have provided throughout the year. In particular, we thank our two departing mentors, Mr Barbour and Mr Kingsley, for their amazing energy and the supportive manner in which they have made significant contributions to their groups and Waverley’s wellbeing program.  We wish both of these outstanding role models and talented science teachers the very best in their future. 

House Competition Success

Tevlin finished first overall in the Junior School House Sports and Colour Comp, while also in the top four of Senior School Houses. Tevlin were crowned the tug-o-war champions at a very competitive house assembly, and represented with gusto in the finals. Charlie Tindale was the star of the house diving finals, coming equal first with a couple of big-scoring dives. We had an inspiring a top five finish overall for the men in yellow caps.

Charlie Tindale somersaulting to House diving victory


Tevlin 2017 Final Presentation Evening Academic Awards

Congratulations to all students across all year levels for the effort they have put into their learning, improving their skills and academic results. The following Senior School boys were awarded prizes in this week’s Presentation Evenings:

 Year 7


Year 8 – First in Subject Awards


Year 9 – First in Subject Awards


Year 10 – First in Subject Awards


Year 11 – First in Subject Awards


2017 Academic prefect Dylan Quirk has had his HSC major work “Nature’s Embodiment” marked so highly that is has been selected as part of the Art Express HSC showcase. This series of four photographs included stunning scenes of nature’s fire, air, earth and water – each including Dylan himself transformed through body paint into these elements of nature.

Dylan Quirk’s Nature’s Embodiment HSC in Art Express


Year 10 Step Up Ready for their Senior roles

Yr 10 relax at day’s end

 Year 10 students took part in an outdoor education camp with Camp Somerset on the Colo River. They tackled a series of physical challenges which they overcame by team work and perseverance.  These valuable experiences serve as great memories and milestones to take on fresh challenges for their future.

Handmade pizza on Year 10 Camp

On their return, Year 10 also enjoyed two spirituality days, where they were highly engaged and active in considering the complexities of the world around them. This included an excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum with a moving account from a Holocaust Survivor named Eddie. The trip also included a social justice seminar focussed on refugee issues and an inspiring story and workshop run by Sam Clear – using his solo walk around the world to look at the power of prayer, God and humanity.

Year 10 Tevlin students at their spirituality day with Sam Clear

School Involvement and Individual Term 4 Achievements

A number of students have made notable contributions and had some excellent achievements including:

I wish all boys and their families a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and look forward to more rewarding experiences in 2018.


From Head of Aungier House, John McCoy

Aungier commenced the final term of 2018 with the announcement of our new student leaders. Stephen Davies, Domenic Abruzzese, Andre Vumbaca and Jasper Wilde were elected by Aungier House to lead our proud “Red” community into the new year. We look forward to tracking the fresh initiatives which these new House Prefects will no doubt bring.

Our Year 11 students had the opportunity to attend the annual Year 12 (2018) Retreat at Benedict XVI Retreat Centre, Grose Vale. The three-day experience is labelled a “retreat” as it is a time for the group to take a step back and regroup, before stepping into a very important final year of study. Aungier students were able to engage in a very meaningful experience, gaining skills to help them through some of the stressful moments that the HSC year can bring.


Year 11 students involved in meditation during the Senior Retreat

The Junior School enjoyed another busy term, with our Year 5 students attending camp at Vision Valley. The boys had a great time whilst involved in a host of activities including abseiling, archery, bike riding, rock climbing, swimming, waterslide, canoeing and orienteering. The trivia night and “W Factor” were big hits as well.

A large group of Year 6 students attended the Year 7 (2018) Orientation Day. This is a wonderful initiative which allows the senior schools’ “new recruits” to get comfortable with the Our Lady’s Mount Campus. The House Prefects as well as a number of key staff members helped these students begin their transition to high school. Students enjoyed time in the Technology classrooms of the Cosgrove Centre making cupcakes, hearing from Mrs Cullen, Social Justice Coordinator, about how they can contribute to the strong Social Justice Program that our school values so much, seeing the past Waverley College sporting legends in the Queens Park Pavilion and hearing from our fantastic counselling team who ran some positive bonding activities. Students were also able to observe the Remembrance Day Ceremony run by the Waverley College Cadet Unit and finished the day with a refreshing swim in the pool.


Mackenzie Palmer, Jules Cibej and Kit Armstrong enjoy making cupcakes as part of the Year 7 (2018) Orientation Day

Term 4 is an important period, academically, for all students at Waverley College. Year 12 students commence HSC assessment tasks and the Years 5-10 groups are all required to sit the Yearly Examinations. House Prefect in charge of the Academic Portfolio, Andre Vumbaca, was able to share some helpful study tips with students in Aungier House.

This fantastic advice must have paid dividends with a number of Aungier senior students gaining academic awards. Congratulations to the following students:


A range of Aungier Students were involved in a number of House Activities to take the “Reds” up the ladder in the 2017 House Competition. A big thanks to Harrison Palmer, Flynn Keir and Judah Allingham who represented the house in the Inaugural House Diving Competition. Also thanks to Aungier Mentor Group 10 who won the Aungier House Tug-Of-War, and went on to represent Aungier in the House Competition.


Judah Allingham sets for his dive in the Inaugural House Diving Competition

Year 10 finished up the year on a positive note with their involvement at Somerset Camp. The extremely challenging six-day camp was both a mental and physical test for all students. Some of the groups managed to trek nearly 100km throughout the week, while other groups paddled nearly 30km. After early doubts, the rewards felt by students as a result of getting through such a tough experience will undoubtedly provide momentum heading into the HSC years.


Dion Hatziandreou and his Year 10 mates compete in the “Milk Crate Challenge” at Somerset Camp

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students in Aungier House for the positive way they have responded to a year of change. There were plenty of individual success stories throughout the year, but the biggest success was watching the Aungier students come closer together as the year progressed. Hearing stories of Year 8 students turning to their Year 10 mates for help, or watching Year 7 students engaging with Year 12 students at handball, all were signs of a community coming together and support each other.

Special mention must go to our Aungier House Mentors, who did a great job introducing the new Wellbeing Program and helped the boys get to know each other. Thanks to Mrs Elizabeth Watson, Ms Alice Walker, Ms Nohara Binyamin, Mrs Vanessa Purnell, Mr Anthony Stanton, Mr Mark Claridge, Mr David McCormack, Mr Stephen Wilmot, Mr Garth Aird, Mr James Spargo, Mr Frank Mastroianni, Mr Martin Barrett and Mr George Christodoulou.

2017 will go down as a character-building year for Aungier House. It is a year which our House has developed a foundation to build on. I look forward to carrying the momentum of what has been created this year into the years ahead, as those relationships already established grow stronger and continue to flourish.

I hope all members of the Waverley College Community have a safe and relaxing holiday break. I look forward to seeing you in the greener pastures of 2018.


From the Head of Quinn House, Olivia Kite

Term 4 has shaped up to be an incredible term to finish off 2017. We welcomed our new leaders: Jack Hardwicke-Owen, Hunter Markham, Kiva Gwynne and Joseph Wightwick into their role as Prefects and College Vice Captain. These students have lead Quinn House with maturity and positive role modelling throughout their short time as leaders this year. Quinn would like to thank to Jack, Hunter, Kiva and Joseph for all they have done so far and for all they will do for Quinn House in 2018.


Hunter Markham, Jack Hardwicke-Owen, Ms Olivia Kite,  Joseph Wightwick and Kiva Gwynne


This Term Quinn embraced their social justice initiative focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues. The Wandana Organisation came to Waverley to educate, inform and interact with the students from Quinn House.

Students spent part of their day learning about traditional hunting methods and weapons, ceremonial dresses and their significance, totems, traditional foods, painting techniques and finally, the many uses the Aboriginal people had for the land.

Throughout the day each student contributed to the Quinn House Painting. The Quinn House painting is a modern contemporary Aboriginal painting that captures the essence of Waverley College and its history. At the centre of the painting is the light blue coloured Cross to represent Quinn which was named after Br Quinn who was the first Headmaster of the College. The blue Cross is known as a Cross Crosslet Fitchee which is a symbol of the Holy Trinity of the Catholic Church, upon which the School is founded on. Brother Quinn was a symbol of loyalty and leadership within the College. The gold star at the base of the cross is how Waverley College is incorporated into the Quinn crest and is also the traditional crest of the Christian Brothers, Founders of the College, a symbol of enlightenment & instruction.

Wandana Day finished artwork


Surrounding the cross are the red oxide circular shapes which are traditional Aboriginal symbols for a meeting place to represent the College. And they also pay homage to the local Aboriginal Cadigal people of the Eora nation. The eight large U shapes represent the eight School houses as well as the Teachers & students of the School. Each U shape is spilt into eight segments. These 48 segments represent the 48 Edmund Rice Schools throughout Australia. At the base of painting can be seen the Pacific Ocean & twenty-two U shapes to represent the original twenty-two students when the School was established in 1903 in a house in Salisbury Street.

Flowing through the centre of the painting are the white dots to represent the May Procession in Honour of Our Lady which is the longest standing Marian Procession in Australia. At the top can be seen a white star representing Our Lady and her guiding light shining over the College and local community. The various coloured shapes depict the surrounding local suburbs.

Finally, the hand print of Mr Leddie, Head of College is seen in the lower left-hand space.  Mr Leddie’s hand print represents his leadership of the College and commitment to the values of Edmund Rice.

The painting is representative of Waverley College’s commitment to appreciating and celebrating the incredible culture our National’s First People have to offer.


In week 3, our new Year 12 students spent time away on Retreat. This was an opportunity for students to regather themselves, reflect on their efforts and achievements so far, set some goals for 2018 and connect with the other students in their year group. The Retreat was successful in allowing the students to form friendships, support networks and return to school rejuvenated and focused to finish the year well.

Year 10 students also got a similar experience while away on Year 10 camp. The boys were challenged to ‘step up and step out’. The group leaders and teachers supported and challenged the boys to step up and be a leader among their peers and to step out of their comfort zones and give 110% to all the activities and opportunities presented to them on camp. From all accounts, the students thoroughly enjoyed their time away at Somerset with many boys talking about the challenges they had conquered, the boys who had helped them through a tough time and the activities and conversations that solidified their new and existing friendships.

Throughout the year, Quinn students have competed in a number of inter-house competitions. They won the Dodgeball in Term 1, the Netball in Term 3 and placed second in the Tug of War in Term 4. Coupled with their outstanding performance and 1st place win at the Swimming Carnival, Quinn won the House Cup for 2017. The boys were able to enjoy a BBQ at Lower Rec in Week 9 as a reward for all their efforts and enthusiasm throughout the year.

Finally, congratulations to all of the Quinn Academic Award Winners for 2017:

Well done to all of the Academic Award Winners for 2017.

Thank to all of the parents who have encouraged their son to support the range of social justice initiatives around the College throughout 2017. Without your encouragement and support of your son, they would not be the young men they are today.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and safe break over the summer.



From the Acting Head of House, Kaitlyn Downey

Conlon had an unusual start to this final term with Head of House, Ms Cathy O’Sullivan, sustaining a broken leg on her trip to South America during the holiday break. So that Ms O’Sullivan had some time to heal properly, Ms Kaitlyn Downey was selected to step into the role for the remainder of the term and to keep Conlon House on track.

Our prefects have really stepped up and into their new roles this term, going out of their way to help run house assemblies and support the rest of the Conlon Students. They have now also been assigned their portfolios for their individual roles: Luca Martin (Community), Ryan Connolly (Wellbeing), Jonathon Schact (Spirituality) and Anthony Roydhouse (Academic). I’d like to congratulate the boys for such a successful start to their first term as Year 12 leaders.  A special mention also needs to go to the rest of the Year 12 Conlon students who have also stepped up and help in many aspects of house life.

Conlon House Prefects- Luca Martin, Ryan Connolly, Jonathon Schact and Anthony Roydhouse


Interhouse Diving Competition and Tug o’ War

One of the most exciting events on the house calendar this term was the Inter House Diving Competition and Tug o War. Three students from each house were selected to compete in a jump off during a lunchtime in Week 6. Representing Conlon House was one of our prefects, Luca Martin, Year 10 student Daniel Lambert and  Year 9 student Alife Sewell. The boys put on an impressive show and secured the win for Conlon House! Between them they received a score of 65 points, 13 points clear of the second placed house, Lacey. This was an outstanding effort by all three boys who represented their house in the true spirit of good sportsmanship and displayed an excellent level of skill.

Luca Martin captivating the crowd at the Interhouse Diving Competition

Daniel Lambert flying through the air at the Interhouse Diving Competition

During Week 8, Conlon 7 competed against the other eight houses in a Tug o’ War competition. The competition was fierce and Conlon beat Green and then Brennan to make it to the grand final against Quinn house. Coached by their wellbeing mentor, Ms Falkinder, Conlon 7 put up an impressive fight and took out the grand final! Congratulations to Ms Falkinder and Conlon 7 on their amazing effort.

Winning house Conlon in the semi final. Miss Downey making sure no one is cheating


House Fundraisers

There have been a number of fantastic fundraising efforts held by Conlon students this term to help support Edmund Rice Camps. Conlon House held a breakfast barbeque during Week 7 which saw the boys donate gold coins to help raise some funds for the Christmas holiday period. The Library staff also kindly held a Rocket League Tournament during Week 5 and decided to also donate the money to Edmund Rice Camps. A huge thank you needs to go to Mr Aaron Speed-Johnson for all his efforts in running the tournament and another big thank you goes to Year 7 Conlon student Tom Martin, who was our chief barbeque cooker and who showed up early to help out.

Ms Kaitlyn Downey presenting the winner of the Rocket League Tournament with all proceeds going to Eddie Rice Camps

Co-Curricular Achievements

There have been a number of students who have had significant co-curricular achievements throughout the term. These include:

Flynn Gordon (Year 10) 

Flynn represented the college at the numerous Track and Field meets throughout the term, having success in a range of events. These included:

Ryan Bakels (Year 12)

Ryan was integral in helping the junior school with practices and the night of the Junior School Music Recital. Ryan gave up his own time to help support these students and help staff with the staging of the production. Well done Ryan!

Daniel Gandy

Daniel recently represented Australia in the Oceania Cycling Championships. Daniel was very successful and won a gold medal in the U19 Oceania Team Pursuit Championships and silver in the U19 Oceania Points Race Championships.

A huge congratulations also needs to go to the Conlon students who were selected in 1sts teams or as Captains this Summer Co-curricular season. We are well represented across all aspects of the co-curricular program and it is wonderful to see the impact that these students are having throughout the school.

Congratulations to:


1st XI Cricket: Ryan Connolly (1st XI Captain); Oliver Ruse

1st V Basketball: Ryan Abbot, Angelo Di Bartolo

1st Waterpolo: Anthony Roydhouse (Water Polo Captain); Baxter Flynn

Table Tennis: Oliver Heys (Captain)

Swimming: Erwan Le Péchoux (Co captain), Jonathon Schact (Co captain)

Swimming Captains Jonathon Schact and Erwan Le Pechoux (both Conlon House students)

Ryan Connolly bowling for the 1st X1 Cricket team


New starters and leavers

Conlon House welcomed some new students to the school throughout the term, Felix Ranson-O’Bryne (Year 7), Keilan Grace (Year 9) and Miles Amatosero (Year 9). These students have been made most welcome into their respective wellbeing groups and we wish them all the best during their time here at Waverley College.

We would also like to send our best wishes to Felix Catley (Year 8) who will be starting at a new school next year and Jett Galea (Year 5) who is leaving to live on the Central Coast and will be attending Lakes Grammar.

Best of luck Felix and Jett.


Year 10 camp

During Week 7 of this term, Year 10 set off for Somerset Camp by the Colo River to get back in touch with nature and to continue building relationships with each other. Students were involved in numerous activities such as bushwalks, canoeing, putting up tents, cooking dinner and various night games. Camp is always a fantastic time for the students to recuperate after a long school year and to prepare themselves for their senior years. A big thank you needs to go to the teachers who gave up time away from their families to help the students immerse themselves in the experience and to the staff at Somerset Camp who facilitated the event flawlessly.

Conlon students Ash Backlund and Jasper Cately out on Year 10 Camp


Junior School


The Junior School held their annual walkathon at the end of last term. The students had a wonderful day raising money for various charities including Eddie’s Camps. A special mention needs to go to the Conlon students who were amongst the top fundraisers in the school. Congratulations to Thomas Holroyde ($915.50), Tom Johnson ($659.30) and James McGreevy ($537.00). These are substantial amounts of money and will go a long way to supporting others in need.  Well done to the junior school with a phenomenal $56,415 being raised in total!


Congratuations to these Conlon House Junior School Award winners

Year 5

Cooper Gee: Swimming U10 Championships; Best Defensive Player Water Polo B Team

William Kirk: Silver Award Library; 11C Football Coaches Award

William Hughes: Silver Award Mathematics

Kai Davies: Gold Award; Most Improved Player 11B Football

Tom Edwards: 11B Rugby Coaches Award; Class Merit Award

Matthew Garrop: Best Bowler in Year 5 Super 8 B Team

Luca Hawkins: Silver award Science and technology

Hunter Eldridge: Best Bowler Year 5 Traditional Cricket; Best Forward in 11B Rugby

Matthew Frost: Gold Award Mathematics; Silver Award Performing Arts; 11B Football Best and Fairest

John Walsh: Silver Award for Mathematics Group 2; AFL – Best Defensive Player

James Medland; Silver Award for ICT

Oscar Melder: Gold Award for History and Geography; Tennis – Best and Fairest

Jude Miller; Silver Award – Science and Technology


Year 6

Alistair Isaac: Christian Leadership 6 Green; Gold Award for Performing Arts; Silver Award for French; Best Bowler Prep 2nds Cricket; Best Defensive Player in AFL Blue

Tom Hughes: Class Merit Award

Finn Backlund: Class Merit Award; Headmasters

Evander Hudson: Silver Award Performing Arts; Best Batsman in Year 6 Super 8A Team

Lachlan Grant: Helen Newman Award for Service; Silver for History and Geography

Tom Johnson: Silver Award for Science and Technology

Thomas Holroyde: Class Merit Award; Head of College Award; Mathematical Olympiad Top 20%


Conlon House Year 10 students at The Centre during one of their Reflection Days


Year 12 Retreat

Early on in the term, our new Year 12 Conlon students set off to Winmalee Christian Camp in the Blue Mountains to reflect and refocus themselves for their HSC year. This was a highly successful event with students actively engaging in their small groups and building new relationships with some of their peers and teachers. The boys participated in numerous activities such as trust walks, the giving of affirmations and meditation sessions. Congratulations to all students from Conlon House who really got involved in the process and reflected on the year that has passed. I have no doubt that this has helped you to refocus and has given you the opportunity to plan for your final year at the college.

Conlon and Tevlin studens at Retreat

Academic Award Winners

On Tuesday 5th December and Wednesday 6th December, Waverley College held its annual Presentation Night. There were a number of Conlon students who were recognised for their fantastic academic achievements this semester. Congratulations to the following students:


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11


Holiday Break

I would like to thank all of the Conlon students, mentors and parents for a very successful end to the school year. It has been a privilege to work with you all in this acting role. Wishing you all a very safe and happy Christmas break.

Conlon House Christmas Assembly

From the Head of Green House, Scott Coleman

Green House has enjoyed a rewarding 2017, with students enthusiastically engaging in a wide variety of house and college events. All Green students from Years 5 to 12 and their Wellbeing Mentors can be congratulated for the way they have developed relationships and challenged themselves. The end of the term in particular has seen some wonderful examples of friendship and leadership from within Green House as boys of all ages have engaged in a variety of exciting experiences.

Junior school

Our new program in 2017 saw Green house junior school students and senior school students spending more time together. It was fantastic to get to know our junior school cohorts who we know in the coming years will be outstanding members of Green.

I would like to thank our Junior School staff for 2017 – Stephen Ghattas and Gabrielle Bransby – for all their efforts. They have been integral to ensuring the Junior School Green students are a part of Green House and they went above and beyond what is expected of them consistently this year. Thanks for your support.

Junior School Green House members


The Junior School walkathon took place during term 3.  It was a successful event with over $50,000 dollars raised for charity.

Special recognition needs to go to a few boys in particular for their wonderful contributions from Green House:

They did their house proud with their fantastic effort to raise money for the following charities:


Year 5 Camp

What an amazing three days the Year 5 boys had at Vision Valley this term. All the teachers spoke very highly of the enthusiasm and the participation shown by the boys at the camp. The behaviour of all the students involved was exceptional and all of Year 5 are to be commended.

The boys had a great time whilst involved in a host of activities including abseiling, archery, bike riding, rock climbing, swimming, waterslide, canoeing or orienteering. The trivia night and ‘W Factor’ were big hits as well.

Special thanks to Green House teacher Stephen Ghattas for taking time to attend the camp. Your time and energy waa greatly appreciated by parents and students.

2018 Year 7 Orientation Day

The Year 7 orientation day took place on Friday 10th November. It was great to see so many faces from the junior school and other primary schools around Sydney. While they started out nervously, some fun games and activities managed to bring them closer together. Our 2017 students have set the bar high and I look forward to next year’s group taking this mantle and improving it even more.


Green Year Group Activities

Year 7 2017 celebrations

Year 7 students met on November 29th to celebrate their successful 2017. They achieved some amazing things as a group this year and we have high hopes for the successful life at Waverley that lays ahead of them. Each of the students took part in a variety of activities and embraced our new wellbeing structure. It was overwhelming to see the students flourishing, developing friendships with older students and becoming integral members of Green House. I know this year group will be successful and look forward to seeing them grow and develop in the future.

2017 Year 7 Green House members


Yearly Examinations

Congratulations to our Years 7 to 10 students for completing their exams in such a determined way this term. While there may have been some trepidation and anxiety beforehand, it was impressive to see the students apply themselves in preparation for their senior exams. All students should work on getting into good study habits early in 2018. A study timetable is highly recommended and if students need support for this process, I ask them to come and see myself or Green Academic Prefect Allan Cannes.

Some useful links to set up a study timetable are linked below.


Year 10 Reflection Days

Year 10 students took part in two Reflection Days as part of their Religious Education Program on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th November 2017.

In keeping with the major themes of the Year 10 Religious Education curriculum, the focus of these days was on Values and Social Justice. The purpose of these two days was to provide students with the opportunity to reflect on their own attitudes and values, as well as sharing in the experiences, attitudes and values of others.

The two days varied significantly and involved the following:

Activities led by Mr Sam Clear – WALK4ONE

Sam Clear walked around the world for unity. He travelled 15,600km on foot through South America, Central America & North America, across Siberia by train, and on foot again from Moscow to the western most point of Spain. The WALK4ONE thrust Sam onto the front page of numerous overseas news services as he persevered despite exceptional adversity.

Having to find food and water every day was the least of his worries: he was threatened at gunpoint three times, robbed at knife point, beaten up on the side of the road, came face to face with dangerous animals, was hospitalised many times and endured extreme temperatures.

Sam has now presented the lessons from this epic adventure in over 700 businesses and high schools around Australia, New Zealand the United States. His tale is one of extraordinary courage, challenges and love in action under incredible circumstances.

The students were inspired by Sam’s story and ability to overcome incredible challenges. Sam challenged each student to think about their own drive to improve the world and those around them. The activities and stories encouraged students to think about their own behaviours and engagement in the world around them.

Sydney Jewish Museum Visit

Each student attended the Sydney Jewish museum and were lead around the venue by a holocaust survivor. The harrowing story about surviving such a troubling part of human history was an eye opening experience for each of the students at Waverley. Student’s commented on how powerful it was to meet a holocaust survivor and see the impact this had on Jewish people around the world and the long lasting effects that are still there today.


Guest Speakers

The year 10 students met two guest speakers. One of the speakers was a homeless man with HIV that faces difficulties in his day to day life. Students were overwhelmed by his story and many of them discussed the issues that he faced after the discussion.

The other speaker talked about human trafficking and the impact it has on victims around the world. The students could not believe the stories that were shared with them as an eye opening account of the issue in the world around them.

Green House Year 10 students with Sam Clear

Year 10 Camp

Between 19 – 24 November, Year 10 successfully completed their outward bound learning experience at Somerset Camp. The students were met with some outstanding weather, and while there was some slight drizzle, the evenings were perfect as students sat around the campfire to discuss the daily activities and to laugh with friends. Our theme for our camp was ‘Stepping up, Stepping out,’ and it was overwhelming to see the cohort take this on board with each activity. Students managed to step up into leadership and step out of their comfort zone, lessons we hope for the cohort to take into their senior years.

The students took part in a variety of activities, ranging from high ropes, to kayaking and canoeing, with everyone being provided with a chance to overcome adversity and face hardship along the way. The highlights were varied and many, from the groups that paddled 30km along the Colo river, to the group that trekked close to 100km, each opportunity created a great sense of achievement for all the students involved. Several of the camp leaders and teachers commented on the way the students collaborated together in difficult situations and developed an understanding about respect towards others as the week progressed.

In 2017, Waverley College introduced a Duke of Edinburgh program under the guidance of Ms Brown, Ms Alborough and Mr Brophy. We had one group endeavour to complete part of their bronze award during the year 10 camp. When visiting the Duke of Ed group, it was great to see them working together as a team in planning the activities for the next day. Each student was required to map their trek using only the coordinates that had been provided. It was fantastic to see the leadership and drive by each of the students involved in the program as they pushed towards completing their Duke program for the year.

As groups sat around the campfire on the last night, they reflected and commented on how they had achieved things they didn’t think possible, and it was that moment for them when they began to understand the importance of participating in the camp. I would like to congratulate the year 10 cohort, who demonstrated incredible resolve and character throughout. Each student faced their own difficulties on camp and hopefully the lessons they learnt will be lifelong and rewarding.

I would like to thank all the Waverley families, for allowing the year 10 students, to take part in such an important part of their learning experience. Some lessons can only be taken outside the classroom and camp provides those.

Thanks must also go to year 10 students for the mature and focused way they approached the year. It was a great way to end the year for this cohort who continue to show their exceptional potential as our college leaders of the future.

Year 10 on camp

Year 12 Retreat/ HSC begins

Year 12 students started their HSC courses this term and it has been encouraging to see the focus and determination of the students. They have matured significantly since the start of the year and should be commended for their personal growth and application in the classroom. The term hasn’t been all work for our Year 12s, as they attended the Year 12 reflection day – an important moment in the school calendar that allows the students to engage in some very in-depth and emotional discussions about their lives and the lives of the students around them. I hope all students found them to be a experience.

I wish all Year 12s a relaxing summer break but I would recommend students engage in the following to help them in their HSC year for 2018:

I look forward to seeing you all in term 1 next year ready for an important year.

Year 12 students on retreat


Green House Events

White Ribbon Walk – 24th November

On Friday 24 November, Green House took part in the annual White Ribbon Day walk from Randwick to Coogee. It was overwhelming to see the students, parents and staff taking a stand and making their voices heard. Talking to the students in Green House during the walk, they mentioned they felt part of something bigger and that by taking part they were making an impact on social issues in the community. Each student in Green has been able to take part in an important social justice initiative and this will be the focus for Green House for years to come.

I would especially like to thank our Green Prefects for coordinating, fundraising and advocating for this cause so passionately. For the boys in our younger years, look to our leaders for inspiration and motivation when you need it, they have been monumental.

We also had quite a few parents that came to walk with their sons. Their involvement shows the​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ importance of the students taking a stand on this issue and the support behind us from our parents at Waverley. It was inspiring seeing parents taking part in such a significant event.

I would like to thank the following staff for their attendance on Friday and for taking part in the event, their involvement allows students to see the importance of these events in the college community.  We are lucky to have such motivated staff at Waverley and again, these staff members went above and beyond with their participation on Friday morning.

Staff involved:

Our Wellbeing Prefect, Daniel Brown spoke to school at an assembly in November, and I will use his powerful words to encourage the young men of Waverley to stand up and take action, because the world is not going to change if we wait for it.

Green Wellbeing Prefect Daniel Brown speaking to whole school assembly about White Ribbon Day


“I challenge you to be aware of the way in which your peers treat women. Rethink your perceptions of women. Rethink your current attitude and vocabulary towards the girls and women in your life. And most importantly rethink what it means to be a man.

I know this speech may have been quite confronting for some of you but the vast majority of you before me are kind respectful young men. White Ribbon is Men standing up against Violence against women. Good men like you standing up and saying that enough is enough!

You determine the culture of the world you live in, and if you want to live in a world where women are no longer abused by men, then take action, because the world is not going to change if you wait for it.”

Green House at the White Ribbon Walk 2017


White Ribbon BBQ

Green house started our focus on White Ribbon day by hosting a BBQ at the start of November.

Prefects and SRC members organised and set up the event and should be congratulated for their efforts. I would like to thank all the other students that gave their time to support this event as well with a special mention to Daniel Chow for his involvement.

Thank you to all the students that helped to set up this inaugural event and students that put their hands at up various times through term 4 to make this event so successful.

Green House BBQ about to start


During November Green students were also lucky enough to hear from Marty Wilson. An Australian Comedian of the Year winner, a White Ribbon ambassador, a best selling author of the book, ” What I wish I knew”, and a Ted X presenter that discussed the importance of men taking a stand and speaking out against Violence Against Women. It was a highlight of our term and a speech many boys will remember for a long time.

House competition events

Green House engaged in a variety of House competitions in 2017 with a variety of success throughout.

During term 4, Green House year 10 student, Max Coleman took the role of our only diver to take part in the diving competition. Thanks Max for getting involved.

Inter-House Diving competition


We also held the Tug O’War competition with Green group 7 taking charge for Green House to compete. I want to thank Green Mentor Katia Iturrieta and her support for getting Green group 7 to compete so vigorously on the day.

Christmas Themed Assembly

At our last assembly for the year, Green held the annual ‘12 days of Christmas challenge,’ It was great to see year 5 – 12 students working together in their mentor groups in a variety of activities. A copy of the event can be found here, if you would like to use it for family events during the holiday period. It can be a lot of fun. Thanks to all students and staff for being so involved and congratulations to Green Group 10 for their success in winning the event and earning the much sought after pizza lunch as a result.

Christmas Themed Assembly

Green Leadership

I want to thank the exceptional work of our new House Prefects and our 2017 SRC members. The tireless work they have done has been consistently above and beyond what is expected of them. They should be commended on their incredible work. All Green students should look to them for motivation and inspiration over the next 12 months. Congratulations on the work you have done so far.

Student captains with School vice captain and Green student, Dominic Augoustis – far right


College Leadership Roles

School Vice Captain: Dominic Augoustis

Green Prefects: Wellbeing Daniel Brown; Community Ben Scarf; Academic Allan Cannes, Spiritual Nathan Higgs

Green House Prefects with family after leadership assembly


SRC Members: Rocco Evans, Caillan Porter, Ullhas Dey, Julian Ginnane, Reuben Maree, Ian Vuk, James Eveleigh

SRC members during leadership training seminar


I would like to congratulate the following Green students for their roles in our summer firsts teams:

1st XI Cricket: Ben Scarf, Rory Doyle

Green House students Ben Scarf and Rory Doyle walking out for the first XI

Cycling Captain: Daniel  Brown


2017 Academic Award Winners

Congratulations to the following Green students for their outstanding academic achievements this year. As a result for their hard work and determination, they have attained high levels of success. As a house we should be very proud of our students in Green that reach such incredible heights in their academic focus.

Maddox Grebert (Year 7) Head of College Award for Academic Excellence
Eddie Kranz (Year 10) 1st in year in Applied Philosophy
Rocco Evans (Year 10) 1st in year in Commerce, History, Visual Arts.  2nd in year 10 Academic results
Remi Defina-Sperando Year 10) 1st in year in Mathematics Level 3, Music. Prize for Musicianship
Daniel Brown (Year 12) 1st in year in Spanish Beginners
Louis Cosgrove (Year 12) 1st in year in Business Studies
Dominic Augoustis (Year 12) 1st in year in Music Course I
Allan Cannes (Year 12) 1st in year in Ancient History, Arthur and Mollie Burke Memorial Prize for English Advanced, Legal Studies, Extension English, Modern History, Fr Kevin Nolan and Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Studies of Religion II

Dux of Year 11

2018 Green House Events

While 2017 is over, we are already looking forward to our 2018 program with excitement.

Green House will host a breakfast in term 1 as a starting point for the year, more information will be provided next year, but I look forward to meeting many parents again or for the first time at a special coming together. Students will be required to attend.

Our big brother/little brother program has been redesigned for 2018. Year 10 students will be expected to take part and will be integral supporters of our junior school students. They will have time allocated to them during enrichment periods to spend some time supporting junior school students through a variety of activities and events. Hopefully this enables year 10 students to take on some leadership roles as they push to become Prefects and leaders further down the track.

Green House will continue its empowerment committee in 2018 under the guidance of our Wellbeing and Spiritual Prefects, Nathan Higgs and Daniel Brown. Student applications will be sent out early in term 1.

Green House will also continue our study group in 2018 under the guidance of Green House Academic Prefect Allan Cannes.

Green House will yet again participate in the White Ribbon Walk in 2018 and all parents will be invited to attend the day. It is one of the highlights of the year seeing so many boys becoming advocates for such a significant cause.

More information about these events will be distributed early in term 1.


Green House Information

While the year has ended, I wanted to provide more information about Brother Green and our house Motto as it has been requested by parents and students. Brother Green was on the College staff for various times between 1916 – 1953. He was Headmaster from 1933-1938. Great progress was made during his time and he secured the Queens Park playing fields.

Our house motto, E pluribus unum – ‘out of many, one’ or more simply ‘strength in unity’ was originally written in the Moretum, a poem by Virgil, one of Rome’s most famous poets. Virgil was also the first name of Brother Green. The idea of ‘strength in unity’ is not only espoused through the Green House community, but through the greater Waverley College community and friends. In unity of a group there is great power and force to meet a single focus and objective. The community of Green House uses these qualities to live up to the values set by Waverley College.


Green House would not be the place it is without the support we have from our incredible mentors. Through the development of the wellbeing program this year, it has been exciting to see our Green mentors developing and engaging with the wellbeing curriculum. Our students are lucky to be greeted by your smile every morning and I sincerely wanted to thank you all for your work this year.

2017 Green Mentors

Junior School Mentors

It is also with great sadness we farewell Green House Mentors Catherine Lowery, Tegan Bayliss and Annabel Kilpatrick. We them all the best for the future.

In 2018 we will welcome back Amie Schoenmaker to work with Jannet Markey in supporting Green Group 2.

I also want to thank every student for embracing our new wellbeing focus this year. Everyday I make it my aim to talk to as many Green students as possible. I enjoy these conversations because the students in Green have welcomed me as their mentor and leader throughout their time at Waverley. Thanks for our daily conversations and discussions about the day ahead, they are one of the highlights of my role as Head of Green House.

Finally I want to thank all the parents of Green students. Your support is consistently overwhelming and we are so lucky to have you as part of the Green family. I wish the best of luck to those parents that are moving on or to a different school and look forward to making memories with parents and students in 2018.

Enjoy the upcoming Christmas period. I wish you all a restful and relaxing holiday break.



From the Head of Brennan House, James Horrocks

The end of Term Four brings about the end of a year that has seen a lot of change throughout the entire college, changes which I would like to thoroughly thank all members of the Brennan House community for embracing and supporting to the fullest extent.

Term Four has also seen a strong finish to the year by the Brennan House “Wolf Pack”.  The boys have continued to set an excellent standard in terms of their involvement in the wide range of activities and opportunities provided to them.  As the saying goes “You only get out what you put in” and the students of Brennan have certainly taken a lot away from this term.


Year 12 2018

The start of the term saw our new Year 12 cohort stepping up to the role of leaders of the college.  Part of this process involved these boys taking part in the annual Year 12 Retreat.  Brennan House ventured out to Toukley for 2 nights and undertook a program of self development and reflection.  It was a privilege to be a part of this program, to see the mature way the students approached the program and the incredible personal and spiritual growth in all of the students in such a short period of time.  Even more pleasing was to hear the positive reports the camp received from all involved.

The beginning of the term also saw the announcement of our new House Prefects for 2017/18 and I would like to congratulate the following students on their new appointments:

Every single one of these boys have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities throughout their time at Waverley and excelled throughout the selection process.  Already this term they have approached their new duties with enthusiasm, maturity and genuine care for all students within the house and I am keenly looking forward to working with them throughout 2018.  They are each thoroughly deserving of their new roles and I would like to extend my congratulations to each of them.

Brennan House Seniors


House Championship

The Inter House Diving Competition took place in Week 4 and saw Charlie Alexander, Freddy Felix and Isaiah Close-Brown step up to represent their house with pride.  In a very tough competition against a number of other trained divers the boys did a great job, finishing in a very respectable 4th place.


Brennan at the Interhouse Diving Competition


Later, in Week 8, the Inter House Tug O’ War Competition also took place.  After winning the Brennan House Mentor Group Competition, Brennan 5 took on the top mentor groups from the other Houses.  They were fantastic and used their teamwork to finish in 3rd.  Congratulations on a great effort boys!

These two competitions were the final opportunity to win valuable House Points.  Thanks to the efforts of the entire Brennan Wolf Pack throughout the year we were able to finish in 2nd place, narrowly behind Quinn House and with the final standings coming right down to the final Tug O’ War event.  Well done to everyone involved and “up, up the Wolf Pack”.


Junior School

The Junior School students have had a very busy term as well, with Year 5 heading out on camp to Vision Valley and the completion of the final term in the Junior School lives of the Year 6 students. Major events for this term included the Music Festival evening, French Day and the culmination of fundraising efforts for the Walkathon.  Special mentions here go to Eddie Beswick (Year 6) and Brock Randall (Year 5) who raised $745 and $605 respectively.  The entire Junior School should be congratulated on their monumental effort in raising over $50,000 for a range of different charities through this event, an incredible achievement!

As part of their work this term the Year 5 and 6 boys put together a fantastic House Assembly presentation about their year long mission to inspire kindness and the work they have been doing based off of the “Kindness Factory” program.  The students spoke about the importance of even the smallest of actions to show kindness to others and the difference that it can make in the lives of other people.  They also gave some excellent examples of the wonderful efforts they have been making this year to live up to these ideals.  The work they have been doing is a testament to their teachers and families and demonstrates fantastic key characteristics that we encourage all Waverlians to strive for.  Well done boys!

If you want to find out more about this initiative or would like to follow the lead of the Junior School and log your own act of kindness, visit



Junior School speaking to Brennan House

Following on from this we had the Year 7 2018 Orientation Day.  Over the course of the day the students were given an introduction to a wide range of aspects of life in the Senior School including Design and Technology, Social Justice, Sport and Swimming Trials.  It was also an excellent opportunity for the boys from the Junior School to meet all of the students from other schools who will be joining them as part of the Brennan House Family in 2018.  It was fantastic to see all boys mixing well and enjoying themselves throughout the day.  I am looking forward to welcoming them all into the Senior School in 2018.  A special mention also to our five House Prefects who were brilliant throughout the day and provided a kind, welcoming and caring face for the future Year 7 students to look for and guide them in their transition.


Year 10 Camp and Reflection Days

Year 10 students embarked on the always popular Year 10 Camp to Somerset in Week 7, an annual event that is always listed as a major highlight in the school life of many Waverley College students upon graduation.  This camp is a brilliant opportunity for students to put themselves in an environment that allows them to test themselves and develop important life skills such as perseverance and teamwork.  Both camp staff and the supervising teachers were highly impressed with the involvement of the Year 10 students and the proactive way in which they approached the challenges presented to them throughout the week.  Upon their return from camp the boys all reported that they had a great time and really took a lot out of their experiences, things which they will be able to take with them into their Preliminary HSC studies in 2018.

Year 10 camp


Year 10 camp


Following their camp the students took part in two reflection days which saw them take part in a number of activities and seminars to get them thinking about who they are in the world and what they can do to be the change that they want to see.  They were lucky enough to hear from a number of inspiration speakers with backgrounds in spirituality, dealing with homelessness and Holocaust survivors who provided the students with a lot to think about and reflect upon over their Christmas Holidays.

Year 10 Spirituality Day

Summer Sport

As it does every year, Term Four saw the commencement of the Summer Sport season.  So far it has proven to be a very successful season for many of the boys and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate a number of boys on their achievements so far:

Well done to these boys and everyone involved in Summer Sport.  I look forward to seeing these excellent results continue in Term 1 2018.


Academic Award Winners

Another area of college life that students have been excelling in is the academic field.  It has been a pleasure to hear about the successes of the boys academically and even better to hear about boys who have made huge efforts over 2017 to improve their results and approach their studies with enthusiasm.  More than anything, what is most important is work ethic and the desire to improve upon a previous best and this is what I am most impressed to see in many Brennan students.

I would also like to congratulate the following boys who have received Academic Awards during our two Presentation Evenings:

Congratulations to all students and I look forward to seeing these efforts continue to build into 2018.


Thank you

As the year comes to a close it is important to thank the many people who have worked so hard throughout the year to support every student within Brennan House.  We are very lucky to have such a dedicated and caring team of mentors who go above and beyond every day to make sure that the boys get as much as possible out of our new Wellbeing program.  They have all made this year of change work so well and ensure that it benefits all students in Brennan House.  The mentor team for this year has been:

They have all been wonderful and I look forward to working with them again in 2018.

Congratulations also go out to two Brennan members of staff.  Firstly, Mr Graeme Bannerman on his appointment to the position of Head of Department – Art for 2018.  Secondly, congratulations to Ms Amy Crewdson on her new position at Scots College which will commence in 2018.  We are all very sad that you are leaving us, but also thankful for the amazing work you have done with the boys throughout your time at the college.  Best wishes to both of you in your new roles.


Christmas Wishes

The Christmas holiday period is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family that you may not always get to see during term time.  Make sure you take the chance to see someone you have not seen in awhile and spread the spirit of the Christmas season.  Also ensure that you take the time to relax and recharge after an incredibly busy year.  Reflect on and be proud of what you have achieved over the last 12 months, then start to look forward and plan for the upcoming year and how to make it your most successful one yet.

Finally, I would also like to set a challenge for every member of Brennan House.  That is to do something good for someone else without being asked.  If you see a need in your community, family, friendship circle or any other area of your life, do your best to fill that need.  Christmas is the season of giving and the chance to spread some happiness.

Merry Christmas to the entire Waverley College community.  I hope that each of you enjoy a holy Christmas with your family and a restorative New Year period.  I look forward to seeing you all in 2018 for another successful year in Brennan House.


From the Director of the Junior School, Anthony Banboukjian

Prayer of the Week

Last Sunday marked the beginning of Advent, when the Church prepares for the coming of Jesus. It is a time to invite Jesus to be more and more a part of our lives.

This week marks the last week of term and the beginning of our summer holidays.  Our holy days this season are Advent and Christmas.  Christmas is a time where we remember the birth of Jesus, who is our guiding light.  It is a special occasion, a time to share with our loved ones.

We pray to Our Father to guide us through the next phases in our lives.  Many of us here are continuing on at Waverley College next year, but there are some who are moving onto new schools. May all of our new challenges be met with excitement and courage.


Blessed Edmund Rice: Pray for Us
St Mary of the Cross: Pray for Us
Live Jesus in our Hearts: Forever



Well we’ve done it – managed to get through another academic year.

On behalf of the Junior School staff I would like to wish all our families a safe and holy Christmas. It really is a special time of year to get together and enjoy each other’s company.



Congratulations to the following boys on winning the major awards at the Junior Schoolyour passion and enthusiasm is an example to all the students in the school.

Major Award winners

Year 6
The Edmund Rice Trophy for Academic Excellence First Place:  CHARLES HELY-HAMMOND
The Edmund Rice Trophy for Academic Excellence Equal Second Place: JAKE PERKS AND WILLIAM PERKINS

Year 5
The Edmund Rice Trophy for Academic Excellence First Place: 
The Edmund Rice Trophy for Academic Excellence Second Place: CAMPBELL PORTEUS
The Edmund Rice Trophy for Academic Excellence Third Place: BAILEY BARKER

Br J.P. Lacey Memorial Trophy for Study, Leadership & Sport: JOSHUA KING

Br M.M. O’Connor Award for Outstanding Sportsmanship: NICHOLAS ANDERSON

The Helen Newman Award for Service: LACHLAN GRANT

Waverley Council Citizenship Award: RHYS VAUGHAN

The Waterford Trophy for Performing Arts: LIAM RUSSELL

The Judge Paul Urquhart Award for Social Justice: HUGO HERON

Murphy Rugby Award: WILLIAM LYONS

The Frank Salvo Football Award: BELLINO TESTAFREDDA


Christian Leadership Awards:












Dux of The Class




5 White – MILAN MANN







Reports for Semester Two

The reports will again be accessible via the parent portal (as in semester one). Reports will be available after Thursday December 8.

Should you experience difficulties when registering, logging in or accessing information please do not hesitate to contact iAssist – 02 9369 0784 or



A reminder of the start of school for 2018


Thank you

A big thank you my wonderful staff at the Junior School. Your hard work and dedication is thoroughly appreciated by all the parents and boys in Year 5 and 6. I look forward to again working with such a great team in 2018.


From the Director of Wellbeing, Matt Porter

As the year draws to a close, students and staff begin looking forward to the holidays ahead. It is an important time to take a break from school and to relax and recharge the batteries by spending time with loved ones doing the things that we enjoy. It is also a time to reflect upon the school year and celebrate the successes of the implementation of the College’s new Wellbeing model. I am incredibly proud of the way in which staff, students, families and the broader community have embraced such a significant structural and cultural shift. I would like to thank you all for your contributions and I am looking forward to another exciting year ahead.

In his presentation earlier this year Dr Andrew Fuller referred to the CPR of wellbeing as the cornerstone of a safe, supportive and healthy school community.

C – Connect

The new House system has enabled the boys to form some meaningful relationships with other students not only in their year level but across all ages from Years 5-12. The vertical nature of the support systems in place means that the Wellbeing Mentor, Head of House, student and their families can work collaboratively together throughout their Waverley journey. Cherish the opportunities of this festive season to spend time together, take a chance to unplug technology look away from our devices and really connect with those we love and care about.

Connecting through the Mentor Group

P- Protect

Social connectedness and a sense of belonging is one of the biggest protective factors in terms of optimising mental health and wellbeing. The wellbeing curriculum provides a purpose built educational resource designed to help develop skills in self awareness, social awareness, self regulation and social management. In other words we are teaching our boys to better care for themselves and better care for each other and the environment that we all share. By all means, have some fun celebrate with those you care about but please do so safely. Look after yourselves and look after each other and return happy and healthy in 2018.

Pulling together!

R- Respect

All of our students have a right to feel safe, secure, supported and respected. Our 2017 student leaders articulated a vision for Waverley College – “Strength Through Diversity”. It is this unique blend of personal difference that makes our school so special. By respecting the individual rights, talents, ideas, skills, attributes, perspectives and experiences that each of our boys contributes we can continue to build upon the solid foundations laid throughout the school’s history. We don’t have to always agree with one another, but learning how to disagree respectfully takes real practice.

2017 Music Camp, Elanora


C- Compassion

“Give to the poor in handfuls…” (Blessed Edmund Rice). By standing in solidarity with those less fortunate or those in need this year, our boys have shown exemplary virtues. Time and time again our boys put themselves out there to make a meaningful contribution to those we care about and to the world at large. The wellbeing centre is currently filled to capacity as the Tevlin student leaders and student advocacy group drive this year’s Matthew Talbot Christmas Appeal. Once again the Waterford campus students did exceptionally well fundraising through their annual walkathon and last Friday Waverley College was extremely well represented at the Randwick White Ribbon march to help end violence against women.  In wellbeing mentor groups next week each boy will construct their own Kindness Advent Calendar setting a task to do one small deed each day in the lead up to Christmas. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?’ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Waverley College at the White Ribbon Walk 2017

From the Head of Drama, Alison Jinga

Congratulations to the cast of “Stories in the Dark”.

After a rigorous audition process the Drama Department are pleased to announce that the following boys have successfully auditioned for our next school production.

First read of 2018 school production

On Monday we began with our first read through of the entire play after school with Mr Lamb and Ms Stanley and Ms Jinga reading the stage directions. It was fun to hear the play come to life and we look forward to working with these talented boys next year.


First read  of 2018 school production