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Liberating education

Liberating education is one of the key touchstones of Waverley College. Part of this means encouraging Waverley students to achieve their best academically, by providing each student with excellent teachers, a broad curriculum choice, appropriate technology and innovative, collaborative classrooms. But we also recognise that not every student is an academic at heart, and above all we hope to produce well-balanced, accomplished graduates, whatever their strengths. Our ultimate aim is to help our students think critically, be hope-filled and leave us feeling determined that they can make a strong positive contribution to their chosen profession and to the broader community.

"I’m proud of the fact that I have made friends for life and that I know that no matter where we end up, we’ll be Waverley College men."

Liam Byrne, recent Waverley College graduate and top ATAR achiever

Ex student talks about his time at Waverley with his mum

Recent Graduate Liam with his mum Annie

Liam, Student:

I really enjoyed the inclusiveness of Waverley. No matter what your parents do or have, or whether you’re into sport, academia or music and so on, you are part of something bigger than yourself.

There is a bond at Waverley that connects you to a bigger, wider family. Also our Social Justice program gives us the opportunity to see life from another person’s perspective and to make a difference no matter how small.

Liam’s mum, Annie:

There is no such thing as a perfect school or a perfect fit for everyone. But what Waverley does provide is an environment where each student is accepted for who they are. Their differences are what unite them and each individual is encouraged to reach their potential and make a difference in whatever it is they choose to pursue.

Ex student talks about his time at Waverley

Liam talks about his time at Waverley


Achieving well academically is a relief. It validates the fact that I’m capable of succeeding if I focus and make sacrifices. Being able to perform under such pressure has taught me resilience and organisation skills that I know will help me throughout life.

It has allowed me to have choices about my future. Achieving well in the HSC has tested me mentally and physically and I have a great sense of satisfaction knowing this.

I am proud of staying focused and avoiding general distractions, but I am most proud of knowing that I have made friends for life. Knowing that we will be there for each other and that we have a solid start for life outside of Waverley College.

The High Achievers Assembly

The High Achievers Assembly

Liam’s mum, Annie:

Initially Waverley College was the natural choice, as previous generations had attended the school. I needed our choice to be based on more than tradition and I researched the school, the programs, extra-curricular programs etc. The Edmund Rice tradition was what resonated with me.

Of course academia is important, however growing a well-rounded person, having similar values that are mirrored in the home and school, and growing a young boy into a man that can contribute and give back to the community locally and at large was essential to our final decision. Waverley College is not a selective school, what it is, is a school that is sincere, supportive and inclusive and a school that is constantly seeking ways to support and enhance the student experience.

Max Sherry talks about his time at Waverley with his parents

Max Sherry talks about his time at Waverley with his parents

Max Sherry:

Emotionally, Year 12 was hard. Being locked up in a room, just working late at night, it gets lonely. Your mind is saying you’ve got to do more, have I done enough? Until you’re satisfied, you just keep going four or five times. But you need different outlets to break this pattern, like sport so that you can take a break from all the study. Discipline brings structure. This structure gives me less stress.

Max’s mum, Sue:

There were some emotional ups and downs throughout the Year 12 journey. Ultimately, when Max found it hard he’d bounce some of those hardships off us. It was our job to bring him back down.



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