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Wellbeing is a way of understanding the connection between the broader learning environment and the development of students as resilient young people. A strong learning relationship between a student and a teacher is the foundation for a whole school environment that fosters collaboration and individual support. The College has developed – and will continue to develop – structures, leadership and resources to support this process.

An evidence-based model for pastoral care and wellbeing

In working with Professor Donna Cross of Edith Cowan University, Waverley College has instituted a ground-breaking, evidence-based model for pastoral care and student wellbeing. Based around the concept of social capital, it guides students and teachers through the process of developing effective one-on-one relationships.

Modifying the way student-teacher interactions occur in a practiced way, helps teachers gain a gaining a greater understanding of how individual students operate. This knowledge can then flow through to teaching practice, allowing that practice to be tailored to individuals. This helps break down the traditional teacher-student barriers and empowers teachers to develop more effective relationships with students. Relationships in which assistance is more readily sought and accepted, and behaviour is more consistently positive and constructive. All of which generates an effective learning environment that helps the students thrive.

Downloads from Wellbeing Launch Parent Night

Wellbeing Launch Presentation Download