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Absentee Line

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Years 5 and 6 Absentee Line Junior Campus 02 9387 5022
Years 7 to 12 Absentee Line Senior Campus 02 9369 0632

Accounts / School Fees

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Accounts - Fees Jocelin Vieira 02 9369 0621


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Receptionist [Mon – Wed] Martina Pasfield 9369 0600
Receptionist [Thu – Fri] Danielle Brown 9369 0600
Executive Assistant to Deputy Head of Student and Staff Wellbeing Nikki Smith 9369 0765
Executive Assistant to Deputy of Teaching and Learning Robin Ball 9369 0628
Health Centre - Nurse Adele Cutbush 9369 0644
Student Administration/Travel Passes Anthony Evans 9369 0704
Receptionist Audrey Coupe 9387 5022
Director of Business Services Bryn Gregerson 9369 0605
Finance Manager Paul Lancaster 9369 0766
Accounts – Payroll Angela Royal 9369 0634
Accounts – Payable Alicia Spinks 9369 0642
Accounts – Receivable/School Fees Jocelin Vieira 9369 0621
Payroll Assistant Merce Valix 9369 0654
Uniform Shop Manager Avril Wheatley 9369 0709
Senior Canteen Manager Nina Kormanyos 9369 0637
Junior Canteen Manager Sharon Baldock / Julie Williams 9369 0772
Print Room Coordinator Kris Wojciechowski 9369 0633
Book Hire Coordinator Nicala Pearce 9369 0636
Marketing & Development Manager Jaimi Walker 9369 0754
Registrar Terese Kielt 9369 0698
Marketing and Engagement Officer Emma Laurence
Publications Officer Agi Lebek 9369 0656
Events and Logistics Manager John Kara 9369 0764
Music Tuition/Performing Arts Centre Coordinator Keiran Kossenberg 9369 0623
Campus Manager Robert Spooner 9369 0777
Painter William Kozma
Gardener Darren Sammut
Maintenance Officer Perry Stanbrook
Maintenance Officer Yann Vignes

Captains and Prefects 2018/19

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Student Leaders 02 9369 0600

College Captain

Harry Whitaker


Vice Captains

Carter Killigrew

Oliver Ruse

Josh Gleeson

Thomas Jaeger



Matthew Gallagher

Connor Phibbs

Gabriel Cuenca

Dion Hatziandreou



Tommy Tyson

Will Davison

Darcy Mullins

Alex Kapos



Lachlan Manastirovski

Ryan Smith

Max Johnson

Hugh Marshall



Rocco Evans

Remi Defina-Sperando

Luke Marshall

Alex Bayas



Thomas Carey

Billy De Luca

Stephen Morrissey

Nikhil Dulat



Luke Harris

Will Durkin

Noah Glasel

Nickita Hatjinikitas



Dion Sinodinos

Henry Standfield

Gian Bonanni

Tim Waring



Brad Marzol

Angus McPherson

Ethan Vella

Oliver Tamsett


Co-Curricular and Sport

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Director of Co-curriculum Stephen O'Donnell 9369 0602
Asst Director of Co-curriculum Steven Wilmot 9369 0655
Head of Sport - Junior Matthew Ryan 9387 5022
AFL Alan Riordan 9369 0630
Basketball Anthony Gibbs 9369 0630
Cadets Peter Frost 9369 0600
Chess David Reidy 9369 0738
Cricket John McCallum 9369 0626
Cross Country Nicholas Brophy 9369 0626
Cycling David McCormack 9369 0624
Debating Cassandra Foster 9369 0626
Diving Kath Knowles 9369 0651
Duke of Edinburgh Gemma Brown 9369 0679
Fitness Group (Years 7 -10) Richard Chen 9369 0612
Football (Soccer) Stephen Wilmot 9369 0630
Homework Club Sherri Falkinder 9369 0641
Judo Peter Langdale 9369 0626
Lawn Bowls Phoebe Guirguis 9369 0620
Media Group Dechantel Green 9369 0679
Public Speaking Cassandra Foster 9369 0626
Rugby John McCoy 9369 0624
Social Justice Geraldine Cullen 9369 0690
Swimming Stephanie Floyd 9369 0624
Table Tennis Ashley Della Marta 9369 0624
Tennis Cassandra Attard 9369 0626
Touch Football (Year 7-8) Rebecca Gair 9369 0648
Track & Field Kaitlyn Downey 9369 0648
Volleyball (winter) Patricia Alborough 9369 0679
Water Polo Olivia Kite 9369 0608
Weights and Fitness (Year 11 - 12) Scott Coleman 9369 0648

College Leadership Team

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Head of College Graham Leddie 9369 0631
Deputy Head of Student and Staff Wellbeing Patrick Brennan 9369 0765
Executive Assistant to Deputy Head of College Nikki Smith 9369 0765
Deputy of Teaching and Learning Elizabeth Watson 9369 0628
Executive Assistant to Deputy Head of College Robin Ball 9369 0628
Director of Waterford Gabrielle Smith 9387 0769
Director of Curriculum Lynsey Porter 9369 0618
Director of Co-Curriculum Stephen O'Donnell 9369 0713
Director of ICT, Innovation and Campus Simon Potter 9369 0721
Director of Identity and Student Formation Suzanne Walsh
Director of Business Services Bryn Gregerson 9369 0605
Teacher/Director of Preschool Fiona MacGregor 9389 0761


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Teacher Anthony Gibbs 9369 0626
Teacher Dominic Hearne 9369 0708


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Counsellor for Years 5 and 6 Megan Schmitz 9387 5022
Counsellor for Years 7 - 12 Tessa Prior 9369 0635
Counsellor for both campuses Greg Cameron 9369 0645
Head of Drama Alison Jinga 9369 0735
Teacher Peter Lamb 9369 0741


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Head of English Michael Couani
Assistant Head of English Angela Stanley
English Staffroom 9369 0626
Teacher Cassandra Attard
Teacher Andrea Fernandez
Teacher Cassandra Hill
Teacher Frank Mastroianni
Teacher Michaela Dee
Teacher Tom Pryor
Teacher Emma Halpin
Teacher Mary Ryan

Enrolment & Change of Details

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Registrar Terese Kielt 9369 0698

Heads of House

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Director of Student Wellbeing Matthew Porter 9369 0680
Student Wellbeing Administrator Suzi Sucur 9369 0722
Aungier Head of House John McCoy 9369 0613
Brennan Head of House James Horrocks 9369 0614
Conlon Head of House Cathy O'Sullivan 9369 0611
Green Head of House Scott Coleman 9369 0610
Lacey Head of House Damien Thompson 9369 0609
O'Connor Head of House Matthew Barr 9369 0612
Quinn Head of House Olivia Kite 9369 0608
Tevlin Head of House John McCallum 9369 0607

Health Centre

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Nurse Adele Cutbush 9369 0644
Student Administration Officer Anthony Evans 9369 0704

The Senior School Health Centre is staffed by a full-time Nurse and qualified First Aid Attendants and is provided by the school during the hours of 8am and 3.15pm so that immediate attention to illness or injury is available to students.

Senior Health Centre Procedures

It is best for your child to remain at home if they are unwell in the morning.

A student who becomes ill at school will be sent to the Health Centre for assessment. If necessary, parents/carers or an emergency contact person will be notified to arrange transport home. To this end, it is vital that parents/carers ensure contact details are kept up to date (see the link below).

Students are NOT PERMITTED to call their parents/guardians themselves OR to leave the school without permission.

If your child requires regular medication to be administered during school hours parents/guardians need to send the medication to school, clearly labelled, and it will be held in the locked first aid cabinet available for use by your child under the supervision of a qualified staff member. The school does not keep a supply of painkillers (paracetamol or other medication) for student use.

A treatment action plan must be supplied for students with asthma or any other illness that may require first aid assistance at school.   In particular, this applies to medical conditions like epilepsy, haemophilia, diabetes, anaphylaxis or severe allergic reactions. Parents/Guardians will also need to provide this information again if your child attends school excursions or camps.

Each student who is at risk of anaphylaxis is required to have a management plan that has been developed in consultation with the parents/guardians and medical practitioner. Prevention strategies for each student at risk of anaphylaxis must be developed for both in school and out of school settings.

First aid medical supplies are only issued for injuries/incidents that occur at school. Any student requiring strapping tape, etc. must also provide their own supplies.

HSIE Commercial

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Head of Commerce Bruce Dominish 9369 0617
HSIE Staffroom 9369 0626
Teacher Richard Bryant
Teacher John McCallum 9369 0607
Teacher Olivia Kite
Teacher Vanessa Purnell

HSIE Social Studies

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Head of History Barry Smith 9369 0615
Head of Geography Adam Wallington 9369 0625
HSIE Staffroom 9369 0626
Teacher Nicholas Brophy
Teacher James Horrocks
Teacher John McCallum
Teacher Brad Thompson

iAssist Contacts

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iAssist Helpdesk 9369 0784
IT Manager Simon Potter 9369 0721
Database Administrator / Developer Ahmad Kaddoura 9369 0745
Systems Administrator Daniel Maddern 9369 0676
Senior Helpdesk Technician James Lu 9369 0784
Senior Helpdesk Technician Paul Sheehan 9369 0784
Helpdesk Technician Alex Nedanov 9369 0784

Languages (LOTE)

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Head of Languages Suzanne Richards 9369 0619
Teacher Daniel Kroll 9369 0724

Learning Support

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Head of Learning Support David Parnell 9369 0667
Teacher John McCoy 9369 0738
Teacher Deanne Seamons 9369 0724
Teacher Matthew Johnston 9369 0724
Learning Support Teacher Aide Angela Jordan

Logistics & Event Manager / Facility Hire

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Manager John Kara 9369 0764


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Head of Mathematics Phoebe Guirguis 9369 0620
Assistant Head of Mathematics Lachlan Hillman 9369 0624
Mathematics Staffroom 9369 0624
Teacher Nehal Badiani
Teacher George Christodoulou
Teacher Paul Cornish
Teacher Ashleigh Della Marta
Teacher Nicola Silsby
Teacher Glen Mosna
Teacher Chris Soden 9369 0658
Teacher Cathy O’Sullivan
Teacher Claire Toscano
Teacher Elizabeth Watson 9369 0604