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Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association aims to:

  • Provide a friendly and welcoming environment to make it easier for parents to meet, socialise and become involved in College life, and thereby enjoy a “sense of belonging” to the Waverley College Parent Community.
  • Provide a conduit for the raising of funds via school levies and other fundraising activities for the benefit of our children, via either the Parents’ Association or any of our other Parent Supporters Groups.
  • Provide a forum for matters affecting our children’s education and development to be productively discussed.
  • Represent parents in circumstances where it is appropriate to do so.
  • Work in partnership with the College in providing our children with a Catholic education in the tradition of Edmund Ignatius Rice.

Meet the Committee

Acting Parents’ Association President – Jade Stapleton with her boys Axel (Year 7) and Fox (Year 9)

Executive 2023

Acting President – Jade Stapleton

Vice President – Lamya Sadi

Vice President – Daniella Strbac

Secretary – Carl Lee

Treasurer – Peter Sertori

Parents’ Association Executive at the 2019 Welcome Cocktail Party with outgoing President Mary Ramsay


All parents are warmly invited to attend Waverley College Parent Association (WCPA) meetings. The Head of College usually attends and presents a report on College activities and developments. WCPA meetings are normally held once per term. Parents will be notified via the Nurrunga newsletter or Skoolbag regarding location and time.

Meeting procedures Download
WCPA Constitution Download
WCPA AGM Minutes 2022 Download
WCPA Meeting Minutes 2022 Term 4 Download
WCPA Minutes 2021 Term 1- 9 March 2021 Download
WC Teaching and Learning Framework Download

Year Parents and Social Events

Waverley College recognises the importance of building a strong network of parents and students within each year group as well as across the whole parent community. Parent Facebook Groups for each year enable easy day-to-day communication as well as an opportunity to get involved in events both in and out of the College. Please contact your year representatives if you would like to join the conversation.


Events that the College runs in conjunction with the Parents’ Association include:

  • Waverley College Parents Association Welcome Cocktail Party
  • Year 6 Graduation & Farewell
  • Welcome to New Students & Families Morning Tea
  • May Procession Afternoon Tea
  • Year 12 Graduation Lunch
  • Mother’s & Father’s Day Morning Tea

Contact us

Waverley College Parent Association President, Jade Stapleton:

Contact details for Year Parent Representatives: Year Parents

Contact details for Co-curricular Supporter Groups: Parent Supporter Groups