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Waverley has a tradition of setting goals for its students and helping them to strive for excellence, whether it is in the academic or sporting spheres. We encourage and offer opportunities to our students, at all levels of ability, to fulfil their maximum potential.

In addition to sport, all students are given opportunities to pursue their own interests outside the classroom in a variety of activities and clubs:

  • Cadets have traditionally been a strong feature of life in the secondary school.
  • Media Club is active in recording many events of the school year, and presenting them to the rest of the school.
  • Science and Computer Clubs extend the minds of their members and allow practical opportunities for competitions, sharing software, preparing printouts and keeping up-to-date with technology.
  • The Social Justice Department and Amnesty Group run many programs and aim to raise awareness of, and services to, the marginalised.
  • Chess is part of a lively inter-school competition.
  • Public Speaking and Debating are inter-school activities. During the winter terms we compete in the JSHAA (Easter Region), Catholic Secondary Debating Association and CAS Competitions.
  • The Music Faculty offers a broad range of opportunities to participate in private music tuition, band and other music ensembles.
  • During the Summer terms, students can be involved with the college musical or drama production, which run on alternate years. These are produced jointly with St Clare’s College and to a professional standard. Students are involved in every element of the production process.


Waverley College 1STXV Rugby Team

Waverley College 1STXV Rugby Team

Waverley College has always been celebrated for its sporting achievements. The College is a member of the Associated Schools of NSW and this is our primary sporting commitment. Every student is expected to become involved in the sporting program of the school. The program has been designed to help students explore their potential, as well as to develop sportsmanship and a camaraderie with their school friends and the students of other schools.

Senior School Sport Program

Junior School Sport Program 

Senior and Junior School Sport Fixtures, Results & Training Schedules 


Waverley College Cadet Unit

Waverley College Cadet Unit

The Waverley College Cadet Unit has provided fun and vigorous outdoor education, character development and practical skills to our students for over 100 years. Participation in Cadets is compulsory in Year 8 and voluntary thereafter, with older students progressively offered greater leadership development opportunities.

The Australian Army supplies cadet uniforms and provides financial support for the annual camp. Parents of cadets pay a levy in their school fees, which contributes to operating expenses such as transport and equipment.

Attendance at certain Cadet activities is compulsory

  • Friday afternoon parades: 3.30 5.30 pm (5 pm in Winter)
  • The ANZAC Commemoration Parade & The Passing Out Parade (held on a Sunday)
  • Field activities: A weekend bivouac (Yr 9 and above); Annual camp (All Years); Specialist camp (Yrs 10 -12)

In addition, Cadets are expected to care for and maintain all equipment issued to them. Enrolment in the Unit is normally in one-year blocks. Students joining in Year 8 must remain in the Unit until Term 4 in their first year.

Training and promotion

Students entering the Unit in Year 8 are invited to attend a four-day residential Recruit Progression Course at the end of the year. This course involves revision of military topics as well as a one-day trek in a State forest and a visit to another location for challenging activities. At the end of the Course they are promoted to Lance Corporal. A few months later, they may take exams to complete their Recruit Assessment – a prerequisite for later promotion.

Cadets who have completed their recruit training receive instruction in medics and signals in Year 9. After two years, the cadets may choose from a range of specialties including abseiling, canoeing, Q Store, medics/signals, catering, fieldcraft and pioneering. A Training Cadre consisting of highly qualified cadets prepares and supervises training and assessment.  Boys may also participate in the Drum Corps.

Debating and Public Speaking

Waverley College Junior and Senior Debating Team

Waverley College Junior and Senior Debating Team

Students in both the Junior and Senior College have an opportunity to participate in debating and public speaking.


Debating commences at the end of Term 1 or Term 2 and the College enters students in teams from Years 7 to 12 in the following competitions:

  • Catholic Schools Debating Competition (CSDA) End of Term 1 and Term 2. In this competition, Waverley debates against local Catholic schools. Students compete in 6 preliminary rounds with the potential to progress to elimination and finals rounds against Catholic schools in NSW.
  • The CAS Competition Term 3. This is a 5-round competition where Waverley has one debate against each of the CAS schools.

Students in all year groups attend debating coaching sessions twice a week in the mornings before school. Students are coached by teachers as well as external debating experts. In the winter season, many students choose to do both debating and a winter sport.

Students attend debates on Friday evenings each week. Half of the debates for the season are held at Waverley College and the other half are held at other schools. On a debating evening, teams are given a topic to debate. They are then assigned either the affirmative or negative side to argue. Students are then given one hour in which to prepare their debate. After this hour, students have their debate in front of an adjudicator and audience.

After the debate, Waverley College or the host school puts on a supper for students, parents, coaches and adjudicators. When Waverley is hosting debates we welcome parent helpers to prepare and serve supper.

Participation in debating is extremely valuable because it allows the boys to develop self-confidence and oral presentation skills. Students also have the opportunity to engage in debate over topical issues that are important in our world. This research into current affairs often gives debaters an academic advantage in curriculum subjects.

One of the highlights of the debating season is our annual senior students’ debating dinner. This is held at a local restaurant and provides an appropriate opportunity for saying farewell to our Year 12 debaters.

Public Speaking

Waverley has traditionally entered one or two boys from each of the Years 7-12 into the Catholic Schools Public Speaking Competition during Term 1 every year.

Other opportunities are available throughout the year, such as participating in the Eastern Suburbs Schools Competition in Term 4.

Chess Club

Waverley College Junior School Chess Club

Waverley College Junior School Chess Club

Waverley College Chess Club training and casual matches take place at lunchtimes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in E22. They can be attended by anyone who would like a game, whether they want to play competitively or not.

Waverley runs three chess teams in the CAS competition in Term 1 each year:

  • Juniors from Year 7
  • Intermediates from Years 9 and 10
  • Seniors from Years 11 and 12.

Matches are held on Friday afternoons after school at St Aloysius College, Milsons Point. All the CAS matches are played using clocks, so 6pm is the latest match finish.

We also enter a varying number of teams in the NSW Junior Chess League schools’ competition in Term Two, in the same three divisions. Matches are after school on Friday afternoons, and may take place at Waverley or at another nearby school.

Director of Co-curricular, Mr Stephen O'Donnell

Director of Co-curricular, Mr Stephen O’Donnell