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Outdoor Learning Programs

Waverley College Cadet Unit

Passing Out Parade – Cadets 2021

Cadets is a youth development program that empowers students to become active and responsible citizens and leaders. The Waverley College Cadet program is designed to build tenacity, resilience and initiative, along with leadership and management skills. Through collaboration and teamwork, our cadets learn the value of leading, serving and working with others.

The Unit recently formed a new partnership with St Catherine’s School, adding a co-educational element to the program. This exciting development encourages cadets from both schools to develop the kinds of professional relationships that they will encounter in their adult lives and in the wider community.

Cadets attend weekly parades and training, in addition to important ceremonial occasions such as the annual ANZAC Commemoration Parade and the Year 12 Passing Out Parade. Training culminates in the Annual Field Exercise (AFX), a week-long camp that gives our cadets the opportunity to put their newly-honed skills into practice. As a CAS school, our cadets also compete against other Cadet units in the annual CAS Drill and Military Skills competitions. 

The Waverley College Cadet Unit (WCCU) has a long and proud history dating back to 1911. All students are required to join the Unit in Semester 2 of Year 8 and complete three terms of training. From Semester 2 of Year 9 onwards, participation in Cadets is voluntary. Many of our students choose to continue, attracted by the program’s emphasis on leadership development as they progress through the ranks, from Corporal to Cadet Under Officer (CUO).

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh Award provides students with opportunities to explore their potential as they commit to regular participation in skill development, physical activity and service. The three-certificate system of bronze, silver and gold encourages students to be proactive in taking on challenges, setting goals, and being active in our local community. The Award is popular with students who can individualise their program by choosing activities which ignite their interest.

Outdoor Education Camps

Giant Swing Year 6 Camp 2021

Giant Swing at Year 6 Camp

In Years 5 to 10, all students attend several annual outdoor education camps. Camps provide valuable opportunities for your son to develop new skills, form friendships and work as part of a team while engaging in a range of fun activities that enhance his overall development. 

Camps in Years 5 and 7 provide students with unique activities to bond and connect with their peers. Year 9 students learn resilience by rising to challenges at the AFX Cadet Camp. Years 8 and 10 students engage in activities to build confidence and extend themselves beyond their comfort zone. These camps deliver rich opportunities for students to grow in tenacity and responsibility, and develop their character in an outdoor environment.