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Junior School

Years 5 and 6 Absentee Line 9387 5022
Reception Junior School 9387 5022
Director of Junior School Gabrielle Smith 9387 5022
Asst Director Co-Curricular junior and PE teacher Matthew Ryan
Year 6 blue class teacher Anthony Gill
Year 6 red class teacher Ben Meadley
Asst Director of Curriculum and Year 5 gold teacher Gabrielle Bransby
Counsellor (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday) Alexsandra McCredie
Year 5 red class teacher Charlotte Stephens
Learning Support Margaret Fitzgerald
Learning Support Katrina King
Music & Drama Michelle Rollins
Year 6 green class teacher Greg Harris
Year 6 blue class teacher Anthony Gill
Teacher Jac Lavorato
Year 6 gold class teacher Jennifer Hoare
Year 6 white class teacher Kendall Robinson
Year 5 white class teacher Anthony Stanton
Year 5 green class teacher Tracie Ryan
EA and Waterford Administration Audrey Coupe 9387 5022
Waterford Canteen Sharon Baldock / Julie Williams 9369 0772
iAssist – Computer helpdesk 9369 0784
Primary Literacy and Innovation Teacher Natasha Zivanovic

Address: 44 Henrietta Street, Waverley NSW 2024

Fax: 02 9369 4870

Office Hours: 8.00am – 4.00pm in term time.