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Year Parent Representatives 2021

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Year 5 Daniella Strbac
Year 5 Anne Clerc Johnson
Year 6 Liz Clothier
Year 6 Rebecca Nicholson
Year 6 Alex Stuart Robinson
Year 7 Camille Owen
Year 8 Tina Lee
Year 8 Sheila Royles
Year 9 Cinzia Montresor
Year 10 Gloria Reimer
Year 10 Veronica Green
Year 10 Lamya Sadi
Year 11 Liz O'Neil
Year 11 Violetta Elliott
Year 11 Roslyn Diesner
Year 12 Melissa Cahill
Year 12 Rae Norman
Past Parents Donna Drew Morris
Past Parents Linda McGuiggan
Clothing Pool Camille Owen