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Mathematics Department

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Head of Mathematics Phoebe Guirguis 9369 0620
Assistant Head of Mathematics Ashleigh Della Marta 9369 0624
Mathematics Staffroom 9369 0624
Teacher Cameron Cross
Teacher Paul Cornish
Teacher Nicola Silsby
Teacher Chris Soden 9369 0658
Teacher Cathy O’Sullivan
Teacher Claire Toscano
Teacher Matthew Mountfort
Teacher Lachlan Hillman
Teacher Brad Waelan
Teacher Sean Moylett
Teacher Sharon Chandler

Music Department

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Head of Music Chris Balkizas 9369 0787
Teacher Chris Blenkinsopp 9369 0741
Teacher Jaz Dolso 9369 0741
Music Liturgy coordinator Anne Fahy 9369 0787
Music Tuition, Music Events, Instrument Hire & PAC Coordinator Keiran Kossenberg 9369 0623
Band Master Daniel Williams

Old Boys’ Union

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President, Old Boys' Union Salvatore Riolo
Secretary, Old Boys' Union Chris O'Sullivan
Alumni Liaison, OBU College contact Venettia Miller 02 9369 0773


Waverley College Old Boys’ Union
Waverley College
131 Birrell Street
Waverley NSW 2024



PDHPE Department

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Head of PDHPE Patrick Darvill 9369 0610
Teacher Greg Elliott 9369 0647
Teacher Matt Barr 9369 0611
Teacher Scott Coleman 9369 0648
Teacher Kaitlyn Downey 9369 0648
Teacher Steve O'Donnell 9369 0602
Teacher Paul Cornish 9369 0624
Teacher Belinda Buchan 9369 0648
Teacher Rebecca Gair 9369 0648
Teacher Jack Wachtel
Teacher Thomas Kennedy
Teacher Ben Shorthouse


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Psychologist for Years 7 - 12 Tessa Prior 9369 0635
Psychologist for both campuses Greg Cameron 9369 0645
Psychologist for Years 5 and 6 Alexsandra McCredie 9387 5022

Religious Education Department

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Director of Identity and Student Formation Suzanne Walsh
Head of Religious Education Martina Cooper 9369 0643
Assistant Head of Religious Education Catherine Stewart
Chaplain Fr Bernie Thomas ofm
Teacher Nohara Binyamin 9369 0724
Teacher Cassie Attard 9369 0626
Teacher Gemma Brown 9369 0679
Teacher Jean-Paul Boumelhem
Teacher Damien Thompson
Teacher Paul Batten
Teacher Adam Ballard
Teacher Cath Lipman
Teacher Sean Picone
Teacher Edward Davis
Teacher David Edwards

Science Department

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Head of Science Gary Kennedy 9369 0649
Assistant Head of Science Gemma Brown 9369 0679
Science Staffroom 9369 0679
Teacher Richard Chen
Teacher Keith Gawman
Teacher Jannet Markey
Teacher Emily Pace
Teacher Johnny Walker
Teacher Amie Schoenmaker
Teacher Damien Thompson
Teacher Megan Ayre
Teacher Harry Lind
Laboratory Technician Jyoti Bapat 9369 0768
Laboratory Technician Nina Strzechowski 9369 0768
Laboratory Technician Rachel Day 9369 0768

Senior Library

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Library Information Desk 9369 0639
Head of Library Services William Roberts 9369 0671
Teacher Librarian Sue Bognar 9369 0665
Teacher Librarian Sherri Falkinder 9369 0641
Library Technician James Russell 9369 0639
Book Hire Nikki Pearce 9369 0636

Senior School Curriculum and Teaching

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Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning (Acting) Gabrielle Smith 9369 0628
Director of Curriculum Lynsey Porter 9369 618
Assistant Director of Curriculum Chris Soden 9369 0658
Senior Studies & Careers Coordinator Kath Knowles 9369 0651
Literacy Coordinator Robert Tall
iLeader - Senior Daniel Kroll 9369 0679
iLeader Coordinator - Senior Kaitlyn Downey 9369 0648
iLeader - Senior Rebecca Gair
iLeader - Senior Kyle Newbury 9369 0630
iLeader - Junior Thomas Mitton 9387 5022
Academic Enrichment Coordinator Belinda Buchan

Senior School Reception

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Years 7 to 12 Reception 9369 0600

Fax: 02 9389 1274

Office Hours:

7.30am – 4.00pm weekdays

Postal address:
Waverley College
131 Birrell Street
Waverley NSW 2024

Social Justice

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Assistant Director of Identity & Student Formation Marie-Anne Maakrun 9369 0638

Student Administration – Senior Campus

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Student Administration, Travel Passes, Suzi Sucur 9369 0722

Swim School

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Head of Swim School Nick Nezval 9369 0714

TAS Department

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Head of Technology & Applied Studies Garth Aird 9369 0711
Asst HOD Technology & Applied Studies James Spargo 9369 0630
Teacher TAS Staffroom 9369 0630
Teacher Matt Barr
Teacher Kyle Newbury
Teacher Davina O'Garry
Teacher Holly Medcalf
Teacher Alan Riordan
Teacher Anthony Gibbs
Teacher Angus Brotherton
Teacher Steve Wilmot
Teacher Kathleen Cash
TAS Assistant Perry Stanbrook 9369 0717
Food Tech Assistant Anne O'Loughlin 9369 0756

Uniform Shop & Clothing Pool

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Uniform Shop 9369 0709
Secondhand Clothing Pool 9369 0703


The Uniform Shop stocks all of the required uniform items for both the Junior and Senior School.

Trading Hours from Term 1, 2021 

Monday and Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm

Wednesday 12:00 – 4:00pm

Phone: (02) 9369 0709


Level 3, Centenary Building,
Senior School Campus
(Enter via reception and take the lift to the 3rd Floor)
131 Birrell Street,
Waverley NSW 2024

More information and Uniform Pricelist


Due to the ad-hoc nature of the second-hand clothing pool opening hours, please make an appointment by emailing or by calling (02) 9369 0703, where the Parents’ Association volunteers will be able to assist you with the items available.

(Next door to the Uniform Shop)

Level 3, Centenary Building,
Senior School Campus
(Enter reception and take the lift to the 3rd Floor)
131 Birrell Street,
Waverley NSW 2024

More information and volunteering

Visual Arts Department

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Head of Visual Arts Natalie Oates 9369 0670
Visual Arts Staffroom 9369 0674
Teacher Dechantel Green
Teacher Jenna Turnbull
Art Assistant Jo Kitas

Wet Weather Line & Event Information

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Sport & Events Wet weather line 8250 3780

Cancelled Senior School events will be notified via the wet weather line. Please call after 7.00am on Saturdays for morning games and after 11.00am for afternoon games. (Winter rugby and football fixtures are rarely cancelled.) Junior School wet weather information is communicated via Skoolbag.

Skoolbag App for instant updates:
Download the Waverley College Skoolbag app for alerts and updates about Junior and Senior sport and events from the Apple App Store (iPhone) or from Google Play (Android).

Junior School wet weather information is made available on the Skoolbag app after 7:00am each Sports Saturday. It is also available on weekdays to check if afternoon training is cancelled due to bad weather. Please check Skoolbag App at these times.


Year Parent Representatives 2021

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Year 5 Daniella Strbac
Year 5 Anne Clerc Johnson
Year 6 Liz Clothier
Year 6 Rebecca Nicholson
Year 6 Alex Stuart Robinson
Year 7 Camille Owen
Year 8 Tina Lee
Year 8 Sheila Royles
Year 9 Cinzia Montresor
Year 10 Gloria Reimer
Year 10 Veronica Green
Year 10 Lamya Sadi 0414 574 000
Year 11 Liz O'Neil 0411 818 781
Year 11 Violetta Elliott 0410 559 250
Year 11 Roslyn Diesner 0414 879 753
Year 12 Melissa Cahill
Year 12 Rae Norman
Past Parents Donna Drew Morris 0400 638 224
Past Parents Linda McGuiggan 0411 316 954
Clothing Pool Camille Owen