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Wet Weather Line & Event Information

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Sport & Events Wet weather line 8250 3780

Cancelled Senior School events will be notified via the wet weather line. Please call after 7am on Saturdays for morning games and after 11am for afternoon games. (Winter rugby and football fixtures are rarely cancelled.) Junior School wet weather information is communicated via the Waverley App.

Download the Waverley College app for alerts and updates about Junior and Senior sport and events.

>>> Click here to download the Waverley App.

Junior School wet weather information is made available on the Waverley app after 7am each Sports Saturday. It is also available on weekdays to check if afternoon training is cancelled due to bad weather.

Year Parent Representatives 2023

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Year 5 Kim Gould Szabo
Year 5 Natalea Iskra
Year 6 Anne Clerc-Johnson
Year 6 Daniella Strbac
Year 7 Eileen Trinca
Year 7 Claire McGaffney
Year 8 Camille Owen
Year 9 Stephanie Schofield
Year 9 Tina Lee
Year 10 Tina Lee
Year 11 Gloria Reimer
Year 11 Lamya Sadi
Year 11 Amanda Shaw
Year 11 Veronica Green
Year 12 Violetta Elliott
Year 12 Roslyn Diesner
Past Parents Donna Drew Morris
Past Parents Linda McGuiggan
Clothing Pool Kirsten Hott
Clothing Pool Camille Owen