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Academic Enrichment

Our Academic Enrichment Program supports high-ability students to thrive by providing differentiated experiences both internally and externally.

 The agile learning experiences that we offer enhance student development by transferring information from the classroom into more challenging real-world contexts. This approach ensures that your son remains stimulated and engaged in core subject content while deepening his critical thinking and understanding of broader issues.

Inter-School and State Competitions

We encourage participation in a number of inter-school and state contests – from debating and ICAS competitions, to Mathematics Olympiads and The Ethics Olympiad.

National Competitions

The College is also involved in national contests including the Da Vinci Decathlon, Tournament of Minds (TOM), Australian and New Zealand Brain Bee challenges, Bebras Challenge, The National High School Mooting Competition and STEM competitions. 

Old Boy Mentor Program

As part of our commitment to enhancing student academic potential, we connect students with experienced professionals who can engage and inspire their deep love of learning. Students go beyond what they learn in the classroom to explore their passions, build confidence and encourage inquiry.


Enrichment excursions include NSW State Library visits and TEDx Talks. We also attend the Waverley Masterclass Series, which provide students with an opportunity to engage with high-profile experts in a variety of fields.

Additional Individual and Group Activities

We engage students in a range of additional individual and group enrichment activities – from individual passion projects to Thinker’s Keys and communities of inquiry.