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Five Reasons to Switch Schools in Year 5

Switching schools in Year 5 is a growing trend. An increasing number of parents are opting for independent education ahead of high school, with Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) dubbing Year 5 the ‘new Year 7’. But is the switch right for your family? Here are our Director of Junior School’s top five reasons for seriously considering it.

"It felt like a good time for the boys to maintain being active and busy and just pushing them that little bit further."

Jade Stapleton, Waverley parent, SMH

Junior School

1. Students learn at a deeper level  

Preparatory schools can facilitate enhanced learning. A Year 5 entry point removes the need to cater for very young children, which means the focus is on developing maturity and independence. 

At Waverley College, our Junior School has the freedom to design student-directed programs. Your son can choose topics and projects that appeal to him. This approach gives every student a sense of autonomy – and empowered students learn at a deeper level.

Year 5 PE


2. Teaching is tailored to your child’s learning style

You can choose a school that delivers education tailored to your son or daughter’s learning style.  Boys and girls learn differently. At single-sex schools like ours, teaching reflects the science. 

Boys are usually action-focused. They need to move, which is why we’ve invested in flexible furniture that inspires fluidity. Take our Junior School classrooms, for example. They’re home to a variety of desk heights and shapes with different configuration options that students can arrange to suit their learning needs. We’re also in the process of modifying our outdoor learning space, Wingara – 5000m2 of bushland waiting to be explored.

Waverley College new uniform - Senior School 2020

3. The transition to high school is seamless 

A ‘one school’ approach paves the way for a seamless transition to Year 7. Our junior students follow a timetable with a similar structure to the Senior School timetable and benefit from the same Teaching & Learning Framework and Wellbeing Framework. 

Your son is part of our inclusive College community from the moment he joins us, with use of Senior School facilities and teachers. He’ll also reap the rewards of our Big Brother Little Brother program, which helps when it comes to settling in. This sense of familiarity makes the move to high school much less daunting.

Waverley College TAS


4. Students benefit from specialist facilities and teachers 

Your child will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and subject specialists at an independent school. Our Year 5s and 6s benefit from access to senior campus facilities including the pool and Performing Arts Centre (PAC). They also have cross-curricular opportunities where they’re taught by Senior School teachers for Art, Science and TAS.

Jade Stapleton with her boys Axel (year 5) and Fox (year 7).

5. Year 7 places are guaranteed 

You avoid missing out by securing your preferred high school ahead of the curve. When your son joins us in Year 5, he’s automatically guaranteed a place at our Senior School.


Applications for Year 5, 2022 close 30 July. Apply today.