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Junior School 2020 Writing Competition

Thank you to all of the Junior School students who entered our 2020 Writing Competition, which we launched at the beginning of our online learning journey. To participate, students had to compose an imaginative text of up to 500 words, using a single image of an elf tree as their inspiration. We would like to congratulate the following boys: Jethro Jensen (1st), Tom Madden (2nd), Richard Nestor (3rd) and Hugh Godby (4th). Snippets from the winning pieces can be found below - happy reading!

The Junior School 2020 Writing Competition was launched at the start of our online learning journey.

Jethro Jensen from Class 6 Gold - 2020 Writing Competition

Jethro Jensen, Class 6 Gold - 2020 Junior School online writing competition

1st Place
The Forest by Jethro Jensen | Class 6 Gold 

Oh how I would have loved to go into that forest, but now my views have changed drastically. Forests, much like people, have two sides. There is both good and bad, but what side you choose to see is up to you. A bit like licorice. It’s bittersweet. Some would say that the dense gooey substance was delicious, that they loved getting the disgusting black gunk stuck between their teeth and that there was something pleasant about having such a pungent taste flood your mouth leaving nothing but cavities behind. But anyone who had even a little sense, would say that licorice was disgusting and that the creation of it was one of the biggest mistakes in the world.

Tom Madden constructing his beautiful poem

2nd Place
Poem by Tom Madden | Class 6 Indigo 

They went through the woods

in worn out shoes

to pick a life no one should,

to make a choice no other’d choose:

In the enchanted forest.

To defend the trees,

their roots, their spires –

even the leaves

were deeply admired,

In the enchanted forest.

In fear they stood,

with hundreds of years of history,

get past them, no one could,

for they would not end in misery,

In the enchanted forest.

I open my eyes and see

A pair of eyes staring back at me.

I Am not afraid for I know

I’m in the presence of a little man,

In the enchanted forest.

Richard Nestor preparing "Adventures in Surivanoroc"

3rd Place
Adventures in Surivanoroc by Richard Nestor | Class 5 Gold 

The four fairies trembled in fear wondering what they were going to do to get the werewolf to go away. Then Aoife remembered! Jeffrey, her pet griffin was on the tree branch! She whistled loudly and Jeffrey swooped down in front of her. Aoife whispered to Jeffrey in Griffin language so that he would understand her. Jeffrey leaped in front of the werewolf, lifted up its front legs and scared the werewolf back into the dark side of the forest. The four fairies and Jeffrey tiptoed back to their treehouse and because Bob had forgotten the keys, Jeffrey opened the door with his beak. They were all so shattered that they were asleep in no time.

Hugh Godby hard at work on "Story"

4th Place
Story by Hugh Godby | Class 5 White

It was a cold evening on a wistful Thursday, as the little elves scattered around the Weeping Willow Palace, looked for scraps that the wealthy did not fancy. The poor little elves found this night like every other, looking for a place to live, a place to eat and a place to have a family.

Today, they had lost all hope and thought it was their last night for eternity. At least, that’s what they thought. Underneath their tree they used as shelter, was a whole Elf City, which one little elf had stumbled upon while looking for food.

They rushed in and heard elves playing and eating all over the palace, until silence – not once had any lost elves come into the city without a saviour.