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Manu’s Masterclass

Something delicious was cooking in the TAS kitchen when celebrity chef Manu Fieldel joined us for a culinary masterclass in support of a social justice initiative.

“Cooking with your children is such a valuable life lesson that you can give to them.”

Manu Fieldel

Manu's Masterclass

Manu's Kitchen Rules!

Manu’s Masterclass saw parents and staff meet for welcome drinks before gathering to watch the My Kitchen Rules chef whip up two tasty dishes. The challenge? To recreate the dishes then sample their masterpieces – all in aid of social justice initiatives.

First on the menu: Banh Xeo Omelette, a thin Vietnamese crepe like pancake with prawns, pork fillet, pickled carrot and onion, and a chilli and lime dressing. As Manu prepared the dish, he shared tips and tricks along the way.


Manu's Masterclass - dish #1 (Banh Xeo Omelette)

Banh Xeo Omelette

Tip #1:

Crush your garlic by turning your knife to the side and pushing down with force until the vegetable cracks underneath. Noted.

Tip #2:

Roll your lime back and forth a few times to loosen the juice inside. When it’s time to juice, use a fork and twist the lime half way around the fork. Works like a charm!

Next up was a Bo Bun French Vietnamese Beef Bowl – porterhouse scotch fillet, pickled carrot, vermicelli noodles and mint and salted peanuts, cooked and dressed in a tasty fish sauce and rice vinegar dressing. Every bit as delicious as it sounds.

Manu's Masterclass, dish #2 - Bo Bun French Vietnamese Beef Bowl

Bo Bun French Vietnamese Beef Bowl

As he prepared the beef bowl, Manu talked about his journey starting out as a young cook in France and ending up as a TV host in Australia, with his own line of sauces for sale in supermarkets.

“I’ve been very lucky,” he said. “Food has taken me all over the world and given me the chance to have some amazing experiences that I may have never had without it.”

As a father of two, Manu believes there should be more of an education around cooking for today’s young people. “Cooking with your children is such a valuable life lesson that you can give to them,” he said.

Yet the chef admits that his own son, Jonti, who’s a Waverley student, isn’t very interested in creating in the kitchen. “He’s more into his sports. But my five-year-old daughter enjoys being in the kitchen – she can make her own scrambled eggs,” he added.

Manu's Masterclass - Mr Stephen O'Donnell and Mr Graham Leddie

Principal Mr Graham Leddie and Director of Co-curricular, Mr Stephen O'Donnell

Manu’s Masterclass raised a grand total of $4,000, which will be donated to social justice initiatives during the next food tour.

Mary Ramsay, mum of two and President of the Parents’ Association, said she really enjoyed watching and learning from a professional chef.

“It was a wonderful evening. Great food and another great initiative developed by the school to raise money for a worthy cause.”

Manu's Masterclass - dining al fresco

Et voilà!

Thank you, Manu and Tiffany, for giving up your valuable time to support the College.