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The New Learning Hub

The Junior School Library has undergone a huge transformation this year made possible by our new Literacy and Innovation Teacher Mrs. Natasha Zivanovic. We interviewed Natasha to get an insight into the vision behind the new design and an update on how the changes are being received by the students of Waterford.

The vision was to make this a flexible, fluid and user-friendly space for the boys.

Natasha Zivanovic, Literacy and Innovation Teacher

Mrs Zivanovic - Literacy and Innovation teacher

What is your vision for how the Learning Hub should be used?

The vision was to make this a flexible, fluid and user-friendly space for the boys. A library isn’t about silently reading anymore, it’s about catering to a new generation of learners. I see it more now as a meeting ground for our students where they can collaborate and develop relationships as well as social skills. It must be working because the Learning Hub is full every lunchtime! This is a space not just for formal library lessons it is a hub of all learning, the new center of our school.

Learning Hub - Gabrielle Smith

Why did you select this furniture?

The aim of our new design was to create an environment which caters to different styles of learning. We wanted furniture that could be flexible and used in a variety of ways by different students. I feel it is very student-directed in here, the boys are making choices based on where they think they will learn best, giving them ownership over their learning. We selected furniture that facilitates all types of learning and is able to be moved into different configurations based on need. There are a variety of desk heights, shapes and an array of seating options. The new furniture has opened up the space, making it a bright and welcoming environment.


What has the feedback been from the boys?

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The students are constantly coming up with ways of using the furniture that I hadn’t ever imagined. They are regularly experimenting with different styles of seating on offer. I think we all feel this is a fresh start, they have been very open to the changes. The furniture only arrived a few weeks ago but it has already had a huge impact on their engagement, they really want to spend their time here. I think we are all excited to see what we can do with this space in the future.