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2016 Cadet Field Exercise

Friday 11th March 2016 to Friday 18th March 2016

An annual camp for Cadets in all years.

About camp


Preparing lunch at Cadet camp.

Preparing lunch at Cadet camp.

For Cadets, the main field activity for the year is the Annual Cadet Field Exercise held in Term 1.  Establishing a fully functioning camp in the bush and living together in comfort for a week is part of the challenge, but more important is the opportunity to contribute to the life of the school by catering for the Year 8 boys and introducing them to life in the field.   At camp, meals are prepared by the boys themselves, under the supervision of the older cadets. Apart from the experience of living in tents, the boys also take part in abseiling, canoeing, first aid and fieldcraft exercises. The Year 8 cadets also travel to other external venues for a full day trek and other adventure activities. Cadets in Year 9 are transported to another bush location where they take part in an overnight navigational exercise in parties of four.


As indicated in the College Calendar the ‘AFX’ commences Friday 11 March and concludes on Friday 18 March. The Advance Party (selected members from Years 9, 10 11 and 12) will leave on Friday 11th with the majority of the unit departing from the college on Saturday the 12th. All Year 8 cadets will depart from the college on Sunday 13th March and return on Thursday 17th March.

Members of the Cadet Unit have received preliminary notification of this compulsory activity.

Printed material will be distributed at the weekly parade Friday 26 February. All forms that require to be submitted for processing must be returned to the Cadet Unit Office NO LATER THAN TUESDAY 1st of March.

Please contact the Unit Adjutant; Major (AAC) Anthony Evans on 9369 0704 should you have any questions regarding the AFX.

Timeline for Annual Cadet Camp

While every effort is made to keep to the transport times listed below, parents should realise that we cannot always predict delays caused by conditions such as wet weather and traffic. For these reasons we regret that times can only be used as a guide.

2nd March


Deadline for Army Forms to be returned to Major (AAC) Evans.
9th March


Clothing exchanges completed.


10th March


  • Packing of stores vehicles after school.
  • Advance Party required to assist
    (Casual work clothes to be brought)
11th March


  • Packing of Stores vehicles completed
  • Assembly: 0800 hrs, Braidwood
  • Advance Party leaves for Camp.
11th March



  • Platoon Commanders travel to camp by mini bus.
  • Assembly Centenary Quadrangle 1515 hrs
  • Minibus departs at 1530 hrs
  • Arrival at Douglas Park at 1730 hrs.
12th March


  • Years 9 – 12 depart by bus from Waverley College.
  • Assembly: 0930 hrs at Waverley College.
13th March



  • Assembly: 0900 hrs  (9.00 am) at Waverley College
  • Year 8 departs for Camp.
17th March


  • Year 8 departs for the College from various locations.
  • Expected arrival at College: 1700 hrs (5 pm) – to be confirmed.


18th March




  • Year 8 Do NOT attend classes.
  • Years 9 – 12 Return from camp by bus direct to school.
  • Expected arrival at College: 1500 hrs
  • Unloading of Stores trucks by Cadets (Years 9 – 12)
  • Final parade for the Unit: (Years 9 – 12) 1600 hrs.