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RYDA Road Safety Program

Wednesday 8th August 2018

Raising awareness of road safety among young people.

Details of the day

The day is designed to raise awareness of road safety among young people, many of whom will be driving cars for the first time in the not too distant future. Some elements of the program are deliberately designed to confront the participants with the realities of car accidents. The program does not contain graphic images, however, it does touch on the consequences of road crashes and can be emotionally confronting for those students who have experienced similar trauma.  If you have any concerns regarding your child’s response to these topics, please advise Peter Frost, so that we can provide the appropriate support on the day.

More details on the program are available on the website, Road Safety Education.

Students will wear school uniform to the course and although water will be available, they will need to bring lunches, as no food is available for purchase at the site. The cost of the course is subsidised by Rotary Clubs, making the total cost per student for the excursion $70. This fee will need to be paid using the Trybooking code This fee covers the RYDA costs and transport. The link to Trybooking is available on the College website.

The boys will need to be at the school by 8.00 am and they return to school by 3.15 pm.