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Absentee and attendance policies

Reporting of absences

Students are only permitted to be absent when they are genuinely ill. Parents are required to call the College Absentee Line or send a note via the Skoolbag App prior to 9am when a student will be absent.

Absentee line instructions

On the absentee message bank, please identify yourself and leave the student’s name, year and the reason for the absence.

Unexplained absence

An SMS text message will be sent to the parent’s or carer’s mobile phone at approximately 11am each day if a Senior School student is recorded as absent from classes without explanation. A Junior School student’s parents or carers will be contact by phone.

Legal requirements

The school is legally required to keep a record of student absences and reasons for absence. This means that for every absence a student must provide a signed note from their parent/carer/guardian. A Doctor’s Certificate must be provided where the student is absent for more than two days.

When a student’s illness affects examinations, sport commitments or compulsory school events, a medical certificate must be presented. Likewise, any absence on the last day of school term requires a medical certificate.

Contact Us

Absentee line contact details


All students are expected to be present at school by 8.40am. Any student arriving after this time must report to the Wellbeing Centre where their lateness will be recorded and they should provide a signed note from their parent/carer. An SMS text message will be sent to parents/carers when a student arrives late without a note.

Holiday and leave requests

Parents requesting permission for extended holiday periods must seek permission from the Head of College (Years 7 to 12) or Director of Junior School (Years 5 and 6) in writing at least two weeks in advance. Permission is not automatically granted.

Truancy/Leaving without authorisation

Once the school term commences it is expected that a student will be at school and attend every class every day, except when too ill to do so. Truancy from classes or leaving the school without permission is a serious offence and will incur a suspension, even in the first instance.

Appointments during school hours

Parents are requested, as far as practicable, not to make dental or medical appointments during school time. Missing lessons can affect a student’s academic performance and routine.

Senior students who need to leave for an appointment during school hours should see their Head of House for an Exit Pass and obtain the signature of each teacher during whose period they will be absent.

Junior students who need to leave for an appointment during school hours should have their parents write a note in their diaries or email the school with details.

Procedure for students who become ill at school

Parents will be contacted to collect students who are too unwell to remain at school.

  • Senior students who feel ill at school should have their teacher or Head of House sign their diary, then report to the Health Centre where their illness will be assessed.
  • Junior students who feel ill at school should tell their teacher or report to reception where their illness will be assessed.

If necessary, parents/carers or an emergency contact person will be notified to arrange transport home. To this end, it is vital that parents/carers ensure contact details are kept up to date.

Students are NOT PERMITTED to call their parents/guardians themselves OR to leave the school without permission.

Compulsory event attendance

Students are required to attend a number of compulsory events that are published in the College Diary. A medical certificate is required for any absence from a compulsory event.

The May Procession is an annual Act of Devotion to Our Lady, Virgin Mary, as the Patroness of Waverley College. It was first held in 1911 and is staged on the first Sunday of May each year. Attendance by all students is compulsory. Current families and Old Boys of the College are also welcome to attend.

Various Year groups are scheduled to attend sporting and cultural events throughout the year. These include home games for rugby, the CAS (Associated Schools of NSW) Swimming Carnival (Homebush) and the CAS Track and Field Carnival (Homebush).   Transport is provided to events staged at Homebush and the students are usually provided with meals.