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Archives & history

As an integral part of the Head of College’s Directorate, the College Archive has a focus on preserving and raising awareness of the school’s history and heritage in image and text. The College employs a part-time archivist, so archival resources may only be accessed by appointment.

Members of the Waverley College community are encouraged to contribute to the collection. Photographs, film and video, publications, reports, awards, uniform and other items pertinent to the history of the school are welcomed.



Aside from the physical archives, alumni and researchers are able to access a digital archive of college yearbooks on request.



Publications on the history of the college include:

  • Fleming, J., Cosgrove, P. and Fleming, J. (2003) The crest of the wave: a history of Waverley College 1903-2003. Australia: Allen & Unwin
  • Fleming, J. (2009) The Wave Rolls On: a History of the Waverley College Old Boys’ Union 1908 to 2008. 1st edn. Australia: Waverley College Old Boys’ Union
  • Eberhard, K. (2014) In good faith: Waverley College and the Great War 1914-1918  …read more or purchase a copy


To arrange for access to the collection or to donate, please email: