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Senior School Library

The Senior Library provides a link between information sources and information literacy that will equip students to develop their potential. We facilitate a love of reading and literacy enhancement.

Library and College Resource Search Engine

Access online resources here such as audiobooks, ebooks, magazine articles, digital videos and Britannica.


Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday, 8:00am to 4:45pm.

Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm.

HSC support

A comprehensive HSC study and revision guide collection is available in the Senior Library. It includes support texts for each Area of Study in both print and electronic forms, as well as useful databases. The library staff also assist with essay/research support, and email and phone support are also available.

UNSW Library Access for Senior Students

Access for Senior Students to UNSW Library is available now for students in Years 11 and 12.

Students entering Year 11 and Year 12 have been invited by UNSW to register as borrowers at the UNSW Library. Waverley College has a Schools Partnership Agreement with UNSW Library and for a membership fee of approximately $35.00 for one year (from October to September), students will gain access to the Library collections of UNSW. This includes borrowing privileges of up to 20 items for 28 days. They will also receive a UNSW Library card.

UNSW Library provides a great venue for study, especially at weekends.

Study Centre and Homework Support

A fully-supervised Study Centre is available in the library each day from after school until closing time (Mon-Thurs, 4:45pm; Fri, 4pm) for all students from Years 7 to 12. It is a great way for pupils to access library resources and expert guidance in time management and assignment planning.

About Our Library

We are committed to empowering our users to find answers for themselves through the acquisition of information literacy skills.

The library conducts programmes that are infused with rich learning activities and embedded with digital technologies, which promote information literacy via the acquisition of critical thinking skills.

A bright and comfortable space is provided for individual or group study, reflection, technology use and reading. The collection is current, appealing and of interest to young people. We are staffed by caring and helpful professionals who pride themselves in assisting students to reach their potential.

Contact the Senior Library

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