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Music Notes: the latest news and information

Music Information for 2019

George William Rummery Music Scholarship

The George William Rummery Scholarship is a gift of the Rummery Family in memory of their son and brother, George, whose life ended tragically in 1982 when he was in Year 8 at Waverley College.

The Scholarship is awarded to a student of the College who displays particular aptitude and interest in music and is committed to supporting co-curricular music at the College.

The Scholarship covers ongoing full or partial remission of music tuition fees for students from Year 7 to Year 12.

The 2019  scholarship will be awarded to a student in Year 7 or Year 8.

Applications close: Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Please click here to find out more about the scholarship and to complete the online application form.  

Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are well underway. Boys are to be reminded to check their schedule, be punctual to their lessons and inform the teacher at least the day prior to their lesson if they are unable to attend. We have excellent, well qualified peripatetic teachers at Waverley College and lessons are available on a large variety of instruments. Any new student to the college who wishes to learn an instrument or join the Rock Band program are welcome to visit the PAC and speak to Mrs Kossenberg or any of the music staff.  Click on the link below to complete the online Private Music Registration Form  Waverley College Private Music Lesson Form    

Music Ensembles

All Music Ensembles are well under way. New members are welcome at any time, especially year 7 students and those students who are new to the school!

Please check the following schedule for days and times.  

Guitar Ensemble will commence this Thursday at lunchtime in P14. All guitarists are encouraged to attend, especially those who read music notation.

College Choir rehearses every Monday morning, 7.30 in P14. We are always looking for new members! We can always work around any clashes with other co-curricular events.

A catch up rehearsal will be held at lunch time on Fridays.

Click here to view the Music Faculty Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule   

Waterford Beginner Band

Beginner Band at Waterford (Years 5 and 6) has now commenced.  The Band is open to students wishing to take up an instrument or who have recently commenced.  The Band meets on a Tuesday at 7.30am in the Auditorium at the Junior School. Please contact Mr Blenkinsopp for any inquiries.

School Instruments

Students who may have a hire instrument belonging to the school and is not in use at present, please return to the music faculty so it can be reissued to another student.

Band Program

Waverley College Band Program is strong enough in numbers and continued musical growth to promote two bands in the Senior School.  These two bands are called the Senior Concert Band and the Matthew Coorey Concert Band.

By creating a senior band and a junior band students are provided with the opportunity to concentrate on challenging music, expanding instrumental techniques, exploring various styles of music and in each rehearsal, will be fully focused on working together.

Any students unsure which band is most suitable please contact the Music Faculty.  All questions regarding the Waverley College Band program can be directed to Mr Dan Williams.  Contact the Music Faculty or email

Rehearsal times are available to download below.


2019 Music Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule Download

Rock Bands 2019

Waverley College is offering an exciting new extra-curricular ROCK BAND program as part of the music ensembles under the tuition of Sean Windsor.

The first meeting of the ROCK BANDS was held this week.  ROCK BAND students will commence group tuition on Monday 26 February.  Timetables have been sent to students already enrolled by email.

The program will offer students the opportunity to form a group, learn songs, write and arrange their own material, perform and record their own music.   For further information and the application form use the download below.


Rock Band Application Form Download

College Choirs

Waverley College has two choirs – the Waverley College Choir and the Chamber Choir.  All students are welcome to join the Choirs.

Rehearsal times are available to download below.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Mrs Anne Fahy on or come along to one of the rehearsals.

Other Music Groups

The College also offers students the opportunity to practice and play in other musical groups:

  • Jazz Band
  • Cadet Band
  • Junior Brass Ensemble
  • Jazz Combo
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Rock Bands
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Chamber Strings Ensemble
  • Senior Percussion Ensemble
  • Waterford Concert Band

Rehearsal times are available to download below.

Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are available to all students from Year 5 to 12. Extending timetabled music study with private tuition on a specific instrument is strongly encouraged. Lessons are held in the Performing Arts Centre by external tutors, and instruction is available in a large range of instruments, theory, voice and composition.

Students wishing to take up instrumental lessons need to complete the Private Music Tuition form.

To access this form, please CLICK HERE

Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that they attend each music lesson or ensemble rehearsal. Timetables for the term have been shared on Google drive with the students.  In the event of a student absence, excursion or examination commitments, the following guidelines apply:

Student Absence

A student will forfeit the lesson if the tutor has not been given at least 24 hours notice of an absence. Makeup lessons can only be provided when 24 hours notice has been given. Note that the parent/ guardian should speak directly to the tutor.

Tutor Absence

Where possible, pupils will be notified in advance of a tutor’s absence. A new lesson time will be negotiated in the case of unforeseen illness which cannot be notified in advance. If it is not possible to reschedule the lesson then the cost of the lesson will be credited to the student.

Excursions, Examinations & Class Tests

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to reschedule a lesson. A student’s failure to notify the Music Faculty will incur the cost of the cancelled lesson. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the tutor of excursions, examinations and class tests and must tell them as early as possible.

Please advise in writing if a student wishes to cease lessons at the end of this Semester to