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Parents’ Association Upcoming Events and News

From the President of the Parents' Association, Louise Lakomy

Mother/Carer & Son Dinner – Friday, 17 May 2024


We are looking forward to seeing you at the inaugural Parents’ Association Mother/Carer & Son Dinner on Friday, 17 May 2024 at Randwick Racecourse.

UPDATE: so far over 500 tickets have been sold and limited seats are now available. Act fast if you would like to secure a seat!

Book tickets HERE.

Although you can buy single seats on a table, Trybooking does not give visibility to who has already booked on each table, therefore we recommend forming groups of 10 (incl. mums/carers and sons) and buying a whole table if you know who you want to be seated with.

Before bookings open on Monday, take the opportunity to reach out to the mums/carers in your son’s class, friend group or sports team and nominate one person to purchase the whole table (10 seats).

If this doesn’t work for you – don’t stress! Just purchase tickets and let friends know what table you have purchased the tickets for.

A few other details for the night:

  • Parking is available on site and free for the first 200 vehicles. Once this capacity has been reached, further vehicles will be charged $10 (flat rate).
  • Boys are to attend in school uniform and mums/carers are invited to wear a touch of colour indicating the year group of their son(s), as follows: Year 5 – red, Year 6 – pink, Year 7 – yellow, Year 8 – purple, Year 9 – green, Year 10 – blue, Year 11 – white, Year 12 – black.
  • We have organised an amazing speaker for the evening, games and prizes for the boys as well and a few other surprises!

Please reach out with any questions to Davina Greenberg

Please note, this is a Parents’ Association event.

Parents' Association Mother/Carer & Son Dinner

Welcome Cocktail Party – Thank you

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Welcome Cocktail Party on Saturday night, 17 February 2024. It was a beautiful evening where we were able to see for the first time the magnificent tree lit up outside the gym which has been paid for by the Parents’ Association to be permanently lit for future events.

I know there were several issues with the bar on the night and we thank you for your patience. We do apologise, and the learnings from this experience will be taken into account for all future events run by the Parents’ Association.

Thank you also to all those kind parents who assisted on the evening and to Emma Laurence and Angus McPherson from the College for all their help in the lead-up to the event and on the night.

You all looked amazing in your coloured leis and a special welcome to the new Years 5 and 7 parents who attended for the first time and were able to connect with our wonderful Waverley community.

2024 Parents' Association Cocktail Party in Braidwood

Parents’ Association Meetings Minutes 2024

  • Tuesday, 13 February, Term 1 2024 Minutes

The Parents’ Association Committee 2024

  • President: Louise Lakomy
  • Company Secretary: Carl Lee
  • Treasurer: Peter Sertori
  • Vice Presidents: Rozy Dorias and Mande Ilic.

2024 Parent Representatives Elected

Parent Representative Year 5 Samantha Mott and Trinity Burrows
Parent Representative Year 6 Nicole Perrin Draper and Daniella Strbac
Parent Representative Year 7 Kim Gould
Parent Representative Year 8 Daniella Strbac
Parent Representative Year 8 Anne Clerc-Johnson
Parent Representative Year 9 Claire McGaffney
Parent Representative Year 9 Eileen Trinca
Parent Representative Year 10 Camille Owen
Parent Representative Year 10 Teresa Fearn
Parent Representative Year 11 Jade Stapleton
Parent Representative Year 12 Tina Lee
Parent Representative Year 12 Carl Lee
Clothing Pool Clothing Pool Kirsten Hott
Clothing Pool Clothing Pool Camille Owen


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