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Parents' Association Meetings

AGM Elections – November 2023

On 1 November 2023, the Parents’ Association (PA) AGM and meeting was held. At the AGM it was highlighted that we are in a good financial position with current cash reserve of approximately $200,000.

The second-hand clothing pool run by Camille Owen and Kirsten Hott have done an amazing job over the last 12 months and sales have doubled this year.

The Parents’ Association Committee for 2024:

  • President: Louise Lakomy
  • Company Secretary: Carl Lee
  • Treasurer: Peter Sertori
  • Vice Presidents: Rozy Dorias and Mande Ilic.

2024 Parent Representatives Elected

Parent Representative Year 5 Samantha Mott and Trinity Burrows
Parent Representative Year 6 Nicole Perrin Draper and Daniella Strbac
Parent Representative Year 7 Kim Gould
Parent Representative Year 8 Daniella Strbac
Parent Representative Year 8 Anne Clerc-Johnson
Parent Representative Year 9 Claire McGaffney
Parent Representative Year 9 Eileen Trinca
Parent Representative Year 10 Camille Owen
Parent Representative Year 10 Teresa Fearn
Parent Representative Year 11 Jade Stapleton
Parent Representative Year 12 Tina Lee
Parent Representative Year 12 Carl Lee
Clothing Pool Clothing Pool Kirsten Hott
Clothing Pool Clothing Pool Camille Owen

As a result of discussions at our last PA meeting around teacher shortages and the fact that Waverley was very fortunate to have a full complement, the PA would like to run a Thank You Teacher Campaign.

We would like all parents/carers to be involved, as it is the teachers that make the difference to our boys’ experience at Waverley. Leading by example, all the committee have sent an email to at least one teacher at the College, thanking them for something they have done this year that made a difference to our sons. We are now asking for your support with this initiative to help improve staff morale leading into the Christmas break.

We will run the campaign until school finishes this Term. Every Monday, I will put a reminder on the Year Facebook pages asking if have you thanked a teacher, and we would love it if every parent/carer at least once a week, thanked a teacher leading into the Christmas break. 

Congratulations to Jade Stapleton, the 2023 recipient of the Parent Impact Award.

Parent Impact Award

Save the Date – 2024

  • Next Parents’ Association Meeting: Tuesday, February 13 2024, 7:30am
  • Welcome Cocktail Party: Saturday, 17 February 2024, to be held at the College.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Louise Lakomy

President, Waverley College Parents’ Association


The Waverley College Inaugural Parent Impact Award: Recognising the outstanding contribution of parents and carers

A strong sense of community, service and faith has shaped the life of Waverley since its foundation. Each year committed families give their time and skills to consistently enrich, inspire and enhance our school community.

Many individuals and families have made outstanding contributions through their voluntary support and participation in College life during and often beyond their sons schooling, enriching the lives of many students, and having an enduring impact on the Waverley College community.

The Parents’ Association is delighted to announce the inaugural Waverley College Parent Impact Award. The award recognises the outstanding achievement of a particular parent/carer who has gone over and above in supporting the College through their commitment to our mission and values, and who is an inspirational role model within our Waverley College family community.

Nominations are open to individual parents/carers or families with sons currently or previously enrolled at the College (with the exception of current members of the Parents’ Association and selection committee).

We warmly invite nominations and encourage parent nominations across all Year groups.

Click here to nominate


Parents’ Association Meetings for 2023

All are welcome to attend Parents’ Association meetings.

Our next meeting will be face to face, Senior School Library, Wednesday, 1 November 2023.

AGM: 5pm-5:30pm |  Meeting: 5:30pm-7pm.


2022 – Meeting and AGM Minutes 8 November 2022

Thanks and Farewell to Outgoing Parents’ Association President, Jade Stapleton

Click here to add your message of appreciation to Jade's digital card

Welcome Message from Louise Lakomy, President of the Parents’ Association

Dear Waverley parents,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Louise Lakomy, and I am the mother of Liam who has started this year at Waverley College in Year 7.

At the Parents’ Association meeting last night, Jade Stapleton handed over the role of President to me.

A big thank you to Jade for all she has done for the Waverley community over the past few years. The school and Parents’ Association are very appreciative.

Below is a summary of the main points from the meeting:

  • Teacher shortages are an issue world-wide – in particular, maths and science teachers are very hard to recruit. In Australia the applicants from overseas haven’t come back post COVID. Graham was happy to report that Waverley has a full complement of staff. Waverley has offered 2 intern placements for 3rd year Sydney university students to assist the teachers.
  • The new science centre build is scheduled to commence in Term 4 of 2024 (at a cost of $35M).
  • Waverley is purchasing 16/17 microwaves and setting up new area as these are very popular with the boys!
  • There will be continued focus on strategies to keep the boys active e.g. new basketball hoops in quadrangle area.
  • Recent surveys indicate boys at Waverley are only getting on average 6 to 7 hours of sleep a day. However, it is important for them to get 8 to 10 hours to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Discussion on new mobile phone policy to be brought into the College from Term 4 in line with what is being introduced into public and Catholic high schools in NSW.
  • Teacher interviews were discussed, and feedback was provided to senior staff on the format.

Thank you to all those parents who were able to take a couple hours out of their busy schedule to attend the meeting. It was interactive and informative.

The next face-to-face AGM and meeting will be on Wednesday, 1 November 2023, 5pm-7pm – we look forward to seeing you there. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Louise Lakomy

President, Waverley College Parents’ Association

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