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The Percy Watson Award

The Percy Watson Fund for Teaching Excellence

Across numerous studies, educational experts have found that the most powerful influencer of educational outcomes is teaching expertise.

Indeed throughout history, inspiring teachers have transformed lives in many incredible ways. One such teacher at Waverley College was Dr Peter (Percy) Watson MBE who taught here between 1957 and 1968. Fifty years after leaving Waverley College, the 1965/66 Reunion Committee decided that they would establish a fundraising initiative to honour Percy and his contribution to Waverley College.

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The 1965/66 Reunion Committee consists of John Ardino, David Rohr, Peter Maclean, Tony Firth, Arthur Spithall, Wal Jarvis and John Hilton.

Now that their vision of establishing the Percy Watson Fund has been realised, the 1965/66 Reunion Committee is looking for members of the Waverley College community to join with them in supporting the Percy Watson Teaching Excellence Fund. Watch the above video to learn more about Percy and the group of Old Boys he inspired.

Percy Watson teaching a class at Waverley College in 1964