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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


2017 AFL Season – Round 1

Waverley 7/8Bs celebrating their win over Barker

From the Convenor of AFL, Alan Riordan

Waverley First XVIII vs Trinity Grammar

This week the First XVIII came up against Trinity Grammar. Trinity came out firing with a quick 3-goal lead at the start of the game but it didn’t take long for Waverley to come back and slot a few of their own. Some stand out performances from the likes of Max D’Agostino and Matteo De Vecchi combined with a full team effort were able to keep the game in reach, however Trinity’s persistence got them over the line at the end. Regardless of the result, Waverley were able to leave everything out there on the field and came out of the game with plenty of motivation to get the win next week.

Final Score: Waverley 39 – Trinity 53; Goal Kickers: Matteo De Vecchi 3, Max D’Agostino 1, Max Curry 1 (Match Report by Captain of AFL, Matthew Miller)

Coach Mr M Porter with the Waverley Ist XVIII team for 2017 (Photo: Oliver Pether, Media Group)

Waverley 9/10’s vs St Aloysius’

In a very one-sided contest, the Waverley boys learnt a lot in this game. It was great to see the boys come together and keep trying to the very end of the match. The defenders improved their toughness, the mid field learnt about player accountability and the forwards learnt how to use space and lead. All of these lesson will be valuable as we build this young team throughout the year. For now, it’s time to hit the training hard and come back stronger next week.

Final Score: Waverley 8 – Trinity 111 (Match Report by 9/10s Coach, Emmett John Pugh)

Waverley Ist player Isacc Bartholomaeus, making a desperate tackle with team mates Matteo De Vecchi and Matthew Miller running in for support (Photo: Oliver Pether, Media Group)

Waverley Ist player Charles Longmire, making a giant leap at the ruck with Isaac Bartholomaeus ready for the ball (Photo: Oliver Pether, Media Group)

Waverley 7A vs St Aloysius’

On Saturday the Waverley 7A AFL team made the trek to Marsfield for the first game of the season against St Aloysius’. Whilst we didn’t get the result we were looking for, there were several positives to come out of the match. We started a bit flat and at times struggled for consistency, the second half and particularly the third quarter were very impressive with our on-ball pressure kicking up a gear, which resulted in a lot of time spent in our forward 50. Special mention to Marlin Bowring, Leo Astridge and Louis Kitto for best on ground performances. We are looking forward to next week’s matchup against SHORE.

Final Score: Waverley 46 – Trinity 90 (Match Report by 7Bs Co-coach, Blair Ryan)


Waverley 7Bs vs Barker College

Coming off solid form in the gala day, the boys looked determined to show the competition what they were made of, and they did so in a power performance, winning 77-0. The boys were fierce and first to the ball, they dominated possession and set up in their positions very well. Barker only had three inside 50’s the whole game, reinforcing the backline’s great ability to leave their players and rebound the ball back into Waverley possession.  A big mention needs to go to the midfield who won all the clearances and the forwards who took every opportunity they had to score and lock the ball inside Waverley’s 50.

Final Score: Waverley 77 – Barker 0; Best Players: Aodan, Luca, Charles, Finn and Will (Match Report by 7Bs Co-coach, William Tyson)

Waverley 7/8Bs celebrating their win over Barker