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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


2017 Term 2 Tevlin House Report

Tevlin crest

Tevlin crest

From the Head of Tevlin House, John McCallum

Tevlin House has enjoyed a positive and rewarding second term of 2017, with students enthusiastically engaging in numerous activities.  All Tevlin boys from Years 5 to 12 and their Wellbeing Mentors can be congratulated with the way in which they have further developed relationships and challenged themselves.


Tevlin House Wellbeing Activities

Term 2 has seen daily meetings of Mentor Groups, with boys and their Mentors engaging strongly with some meaningful activities on the theme of “A Hope-filled Perspective”. This has included Units and activities on emotional literacy, personal character strengths, building positive emotions and engaging in mindfulness and meditation.  It has been fantastic to see boys sharing experiences, viewpoints and encouraging inclusivity within these activities. Tevlin Group 1 even had the opportunity to be treated to a musical performance by 2 of their talented musician members, when Damian Lin and Sam Tsaousis displayed some of their talent and passion in the creative arts for their peers.  The unity of diversity theme Waverley College as a school is embracing is no better displayed from examples like these and the many genuine experiences boys are sharing with others – may it only continue to develop as the year progresses.

Sam and Damian performing in Mentor Time


Tevlin has its House Social Justice issue in supporting homelessness and marginalised groups, and this term has seen some fantastic support of the The Ruben Centre, which is situated in the most poverty stricken slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Tevlin had two fantastic bake sales at the start of term, where boys enthusiastically brought in and sold baked goods, raising a total of $980 towards this great cause. Tevlin also welcomed Andrew Judge, the CEO of the aid organisation SurfAid, to a House Assembly to speak with boys. SurfAid have sanitation, clean water and mother–and-child development programs in some of the remote outer islands of Indonesia. Tevlin are keen to be supporting further education and fundraising this year for these isolated communities.


Tevlin House Breakfast

Parents, boys and Mentor Teachers from Years 5 to 12 enjoyed a fantastic social morning at our Tevlin Breakfast.  There was a great atmosphere, driven by live music from the talented Simon Finnegan and Ryan Bakels, while the array of breakfast treats and hot chocolates and coffees from our baristas was a great way to bring the House together. It also coincided with Men’s Health Week, and prefects Jake Thomas, Josh Weinstein, Phil Achilleos and Dylan Quirk did a great job in a visual presentation for boys linking the importance of nutrition, and breakfast in particular, allowing for a healthy body and mind.

House Sporting Achievements

Tevlin has enjoyed success across numerous sports activities in Term 2.  Tevlin Senior boys had a highly enjoyable day at the Senior House Athletics Carnival, with great house spirit and participation leading to Tevlin narrowly finishing in third place overall. Three Tevlin boys also assisted in creating a wonderful House carnival by organising photography and capturing fantastic action shots of boys, and even letting a drone loose with a video camera to allow great footage of events at ES Marks!

Congratulations to Bradley Marzol, Nicholas Lane and Angus McPherson for your innovation and great work. Year 12 boys Dylan Quirk, Phillip Achilleos and Luke Ryan, and Alistair Jensen from Year 10 all excelled during the Athletics carnival dressed as mascots in fantastic and varied attire, and lead by example in enjoying the fun on the track and the field.

Chris Mills at House Athletics

Individual Term 2 Achievements and School Involvement

Collectively, Tevlin boys have been involved in significant Waverley events, including the May Procession, where over 20 Tevlin boys were involved in the procession and music on this day. Students have also developed greater empathy and education into the needs of others in our community during both Reconciliation Week and Refugee week. A number of boys have made notable contributions and had some excellent achievements in Waverley sport, including:

  • Alistair Jensen, Jake Thomas, Jacob Tomasiello, Josh Weinstein and Conor Molloy from Tevlin all represented Waverley with pride in an undefeated NZ Rugby tour. Max Towns and Conor Molloy have played in the 1st XV Rugby in Term 2, and Conor has been selected in the CAS U16 Rugby side for the second year running.
  • Callum Stuart (Year 12) has also had a great Term as part of a strong 1sts Debating Side.
  • Bruno Soares (Year 12) is a part of the 1st XI Football side also striving for a CAS title as they move into Term 3.
  • Tevlin are currently first on the Leader Board for Junior School Colour Competition rounds (Wednesday afternoon Rugby and Football)
  • Jeremy Jos-Rolland (Year 5) has shown wonderful determination in support of those in need, raising $53 independently for the Smith Family.
  • Jesse Lucantonio (Year 6) was selected in the CIS Touch Team to compete at the State championships in Wagga Wagga in August.
  • Jack Hillary and Remy Crompton-Lamb were part of the Waverley Theatresports team that competed at the Independent School competition – performing outstanding and hilarious impromptu scenes to make the semi-finals.


I wish all boys and their families a great Term break and look forward to more rewarding experiences next term.