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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


2017 Term 3 Lacey House Report

Lacey House Games

Lacey House Games

Lacey House Games

Lacey House Games

From the Head of Lacey House, Damien Thompson

Our 2017 Senior’s motto is  “Strength Through Diversity”. What each Lacey Legend brings to the people he encounters each day, to his classrooms, and to the activities he involves himself in on a daily basis are perfect opportunities for this. Being strong means tackling every task with determination to succeed; being strong is standing up for what is right regardless of the context; being strong is having a go and, if it doesn’t work, trying again. If you fail, never give up because FAIL means ‘First Attempt In Learning’. “Never Give Up” is our House Motto and for so many of our boys, the opportunity to be at Waverley College is a privilege they truly value, and they demonstrate this through their actions and contributions.

Harry, George, Ms Catherine Stewart, & Johnathon

The Year Twelve leadership group has been great exemplars of our House Motto as they have worked hard from the beginning to the end, to create an inclusive space that values diversity of talents in Lacey House. We have quite a few national representatives in different sports in Lacey House and they have been amongst our most committed and energetic House members. I would like to see the range of other talents on show at our House meetings next term and this will be a major goal of our new leadership team.

Joe and Ms Martina Cooper

Academic Achievement

In Lacey,  we have a focus on academic achievement. We want every boy, regardless of year level or academic pathway, to strive to do his best in the core business of what school is about. Next term will see the introduction of a Mentor group competition based on the highest average application grade in the Mentor groups. A pizza lunch will be at stake at the beginning of each term for the winning Mentor group. These awards acknowledge the contribution of each member to the success of the Mentor group. Genuine and honest effort is the first step on the path to success.

Matthew & Mr Andy Andrews

The beginning of fourth term is a perfect time for the boys to evaluate where they are now and to set short term goals for the last term of the school year. The question is, where do they start? There are so many options. Set specific goals; good planning and time management; take opportunities in class; ask questions; talk to teachers, parents and class-mates; regular revision; start work early; quality assignment drafts; listen to feedback; a good study space free of (technology) distractions; extra tuition (study groups, homework help, tutoring); and just putting in the time!

I encourage you to have regular conversations with your sons about their academic progress, and to access the boys’ Haiku pages to check to see what assignments and topics the boys have coming up. The exams will be upon them sooner than they think.


Lacey Legends

Whilst the College finished a disappointing eighth in the CAS we celebrated the achievements of quite a few Lacey Legends who turned out for the Athletics team. Matt Antulov, Leon Bakis, Lorenzo Di Napoli, Nikhil Dulat, Roy Hampshire, Jack Henderson, Daniel Kuzco, Jack Banjo Studholme and Massimo Di Napoli all represented the College, or were part of the squad. I  encourage our boys to have a go next year and start thinking about how they can train to make the team. Being part of the Athletics Team is a great way to experience the atmosphere of competing in such a great venue and an event with thousands of spectators.

Harry and Max

Jacob, George & Joe

During this year Lacey House has moved its focus from Indigenous support to Mental Health and as such we were heavily involved in helping out for RUOK day. This important College event was coordinated by past and present parents and we look forward to greater involvement and support as this becomes our focus over the following years. The support of our own boys and the establishment of great resilience and positive self talk will be a major focus in our Mentor groups in the coming term. The establishment of daily Wellbeing activities that each student participates in in their Mentor groups really is the key driving force of changing the language and perceptions of our students. We are seeking to build their levels of inclusiveness, solidarity, spirituality and academic resilience as they move through the year. The connection they have with their Mentor make take some time to develop, however, this is key relationship in the College.

Mr Damien Thompson, Kelvin and Caleb

From the Year Twelve Leadership Team

On behalf of the whole Lacey leadership team we would like to thank both Mr Thompson and all members of Lacey House for an amazing and memorable year.

This year is the first year of the new Wellbeing House system. At the beginning we were unsure about what it entailed and the fun and leadership opportunities that it would provide us. From the House assemblies every Friday to the inter-house year 7 dodge ball competitions, we have been able to create a Lacey community abundant in “Legends”.  This new House system has been able to enhance the Mentor group experience for all members. The smile on the boys’ faces when their home group won the trivia or the house going truly wild when a 1st basketball player danced around the other year 12’s was rewarding in itself. But it has not been just fun and games in Lacey. The House mass led by the Prefect body was able to develop the sense of spirituality in Lacey. Our commitment to helping with the RUOK bake sale, and our own BBQ raising money for charity were some of our highlights.

Julian, Mr Kyle Newbury, Harry & Jason

Throughout our six years in the senior school this year has been the first year where the House system has able to fully connect with every aspect of the student body. Over the coming years we hope for Lacey to continue to develop as well as it has this year. But it has not just been the leadership team that has created this community; it has only worked as a result of every single year twelve student.  Even though it has seemed like the HSC has been right around the corner for 12 months, these boys have come together to create the Lacey that we know today. The Lacey motto is “Nil Desperandum”, never give up, and that has resonated with every member of the house throughout this year. Never giving up in our studies, on the sport field and in the face of adversity. Thank you for a great year from your Year 12 Leadership team


I welcome any feedback that you may have around any of the ideas presented and I look forward to another great term where each boy is presented with an opportunity to stretch himself just that little bit more. Blessings to all of you for the holiday break. I hope the boys will return with renewed energy and clear goals. Prior to that date, please organise haircuts, new razors, and (in some cases) shirts that fit and can be tucked in with a belt to help it stay put.