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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


2017 Term 3 Tevlin House Report

Tevlin crest

Tevlin crest

From Head of Tevlin House, John McCallum

Tevlin House has enjoyed a rewarding third term of 2017, with students enthusiastically engaging in a wide variety of House and College events.  All Tevlin boys from Years 5 to 12 and their Wellbeing Mentors can be congratulated with the way in which they have further developed relationships and challenged themselves. The end of the term in particular has seen some wonderful examples of friendship and leadership from within Tevlin House as boys of all ages say goodbye to the Year 12 students upon their Graduation.

Big and little brothers from Tevlin

Tevlin House Wellbeing Activities

Term 3 has seen boys and their mentors engaging strongly with some thought-provoking discussions and activities on the theme of “A Liberated Way of Thinking”. This has included units on setting and striving towards various goals, resilience and having a growth mindset in order to help achieve and accomplish our goals.  It has been fantastic to see boys sharing experiences, viewpoints and encouraging inclusivity within these activities. This unit has enabled boys to relate these areas to their academic goals and achievement, as well as other social or personal challenges that emerge.

House assemblies this term included many amazing group challenges involving teamwork, goal setting, academic prowess, planning and design – and these have been wonderfully led by Mentor groups 6, 7, 8, 9 and prefects.  Tevlin Junior school boys not only won the colour competition, but were also awarded the J. Delaney Trophy for Champion House Blitz Day, and the Br G D Kerr cfc Trophy for Champion Football House – so well done to all these boys on this achievement.

Tevlin as Blitz Day Champions

Tevlin Year 12 students graduating with Honours

Congratulations to all the Class of 2017 for the way you have set, and then effectively worked towards achieving a variety of goals throughout the year. Tevlin have been blessed with a Senior year group that have genuinely cared and embraced their opportunities to take leadership roles within their mentor groups, and these skills will serve these boys well as they take on a variety of apprenticeships, occupations, travel and further study. The boys were farewelled in the first “Bake’n’Dodge” event, with a great morning tea and dodgeball competition that ended with a Tevlin tunnel and ovation for the Senior boys.  Year 5 and 6 boys also gave these seniors farewell cards, which were thoroughly appreciated by the older boys. Year 7 and 12 boys also had the opportunity to exchange letters that they wrote on Day 1 of 2017 to each other, and share some of their highlights and future plans now their relationships have grown.

Big and Little Brothers exchanging letters

In particular, I would like to thank the exemplary leadership of the four Tevlin House Prefects, as they have displayed innovation and drive in order to help Waverley’s wellbeing model begin successfully throughout the College. They have certainly displayed their own theme of “Strength through Diversity” in their own skills and leadership of Tevlin. Academic prefect Dylan Quirk helped inspire so many of the boys in the Creative Arts with the showcasing at our Innovation Assembly of his HSC major work “Nature’s Embodiment”. This series of four photographs included stunning scenes of Nature’s Fire, Air, Earth and Water – each including Dylan himself transformed through body paint into these elements of nature.

Big and Little Brothers

Joshua Weinstein as Wellbeing Prefect has been an amazing driver of enhanced relationships between students as part of our Wellbeing program – particularly with boys in years 5, 6 and 7. Josh has spent much time with both Junior and Senior school mentor groups, and has especially sought ways to improve the transition from primary to high school. Jake Thomas has excelled as Spirituality Prefect, and produced an inspiring reflection to all attendees at the Tevlin House Mass – linking the gospel message of inclusion to us at Waverley College. Jake has also served the College as a Eucharistic Minister at College Masses. Phillip Achilleos has been energetic in driving a strong Tevlin and Waverley culture as Community prefect, and has been consistently attempting ways to engage boys positively in House activities.  Fittingly, Jake, Josh and Phillip were all part of Premiership-winning Football and Rugby teams, while Dylan represented NSW in the National Athletics Championships in Hurdles, and was Vice Captain of Track and Field. Thank you to these boys, and all our Year 12 students for their leadership and best wishes for your future.


School Involvement and Individual Term 3 Achievements

 Tevlin year 10 boys had a thoroughly enjoyable Formal Dinner cruise, celebrating great times with their mates and partners, and no shortage of moves cut on the Dance floor. There are many great photos of boys from the evening.  To view or purchase, please click HERE.

Jaimee, Harry, Alex and Alistair enjoying their Year 10 Formal


Year 9 boys also took part in an outdoor education camp at Somerset, with the physical challenges presented overcome by team work and perseverance.  These valuable experiences serve as great memories and milestones to take on fresh challenges for their future.

A number of boys have made notable contributions and had some excellent achievements including:

  • Max Towns, Jake Thomas, Jacob Tomasiello, Josh Weinstein and Conor Molloy from Tevlin all represented Waverley’s Premiership-winning 2nd XV Rugby, while Year 7 boys Dane Towns and Ben Schrijvers played leading roles in the 13As rugby Undefeated CAS Premiership.
  • Bruno Soares and Phillip Achilleos in Year 12 were a part of the 1st XI Football side who defeated Knox in the final round to take the CAS Premiership
  • Bradley Marzol (Year 10) and Dylan Quirk (Year 12) were both awarded 1st Prize in their Category in the Woollahra Council Photography and Art Festival. Bradley’s Photograph was in the Narrative category and entitled “The Fading Past”.
  • Noah Ratcliff from Year 9 received an innovation Award for his outstanding Spanish film, while Alex Talbot also of Year 9 received his innovation award for amazing major works in Visual Art.
  • Tevlin students had great success during the track and field season, including Remy Crompton-Lamb’s gutsy and enthralling victory in the U14 800m. Dane Towns also became a worthy CAS Champion in the U13 90m Hurdles, and coupled this with 3rd in the High Jump. Alex Talbot and Dylan Quirk also overcame injuries to place in the 800m and 1500m with Alex, and 110m Hurdles for Dylan.

Remy Crompton-Lamb as CAS U14 800m Champion

I wish all boys and their families a great break and look forward to more rewarding experiences next term.