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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


2017 Term 4 Aungier House Report

From Head of Aungier House, John McCoy

Aungier commenced the final term of 2018 with the announcement of our new student leaders. Stephen Davies, Domenic Abruzzese, Andre Vumbaca and Jasper Wilde were elected by Aungier House to lead our proud “Red” community into the new year. We look forward to tracking the fresh initiatives which these new House Prefects will no doubt bring.

Our Year 11 students had the opportunity to attend the annual Year 12 (2018) Retreat at Benedict XVI Retreat Centre, Grose Vale. The three-day experience is labelled a “retreat” as it is a time for the group to take a step back and regroup, before stepping into a very important final year of study. Aungier students were able to engage in a very meaningful experience, gaining skills to help them through some of the stressful moments that the HSC year can bring.


Year 11 students involved in meditation during the Senior Retreat

The Junior School enjoyed another busy term, with our Year 5 students attending camp at Vision Valley. The boys had a great time whilst involved in a host of activities including abseiling, archery, bike riding, rock climbing, swimming, waterslide, canoeing and orienteering. The trivia night and “W Factor” were big hits as well.

A large group of Year 6 students attended the Year 7 (2018) Orientation Day. This is a wonderful initiative which allows the senior schools’ “new recruits” to get comfortable with the Our Lady’s Mount Campus. The House Prefects as well as a number of key staff members helped these students begin their transition to high school. Students enjoyed time in the Technology classrooms of the Cosgrove Centre making cupcakes, hearing from Mrs Cullen, Social Justice Coordinator, about how they can contribute to the strong Social Justice Program that our school values so much, seeing the past Waverley College sporting legends in the Queens Park Pavilion and hearing from our fantastic counselling team who ran some positive bonding activities. Students were also able to observe the Remembrance Day Ceremony run by the Waverley College Cadet Unit and finished the day with a refreshing swim in the pool.


Mackenzie Palmer, Jules Cibej and Kit Armstrong enjoy making cupcakes as part of the Year 7 (2018) Orientation Day

Term 4 is an important period, academically, for all students at Waverley College. Year 12 students commence HSC assessment tasks and the Years 5-10 groups are all required to sit the Yearly Examinations. House Prefect in charge of the Academic Portfolio, Andre Vumbaca, was able to share some helpful study tips with students in Aungier House.

This fantastic advice must have paid dividends with a number of Aungier senior students gaining academic awards. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Harrison Palmer (Year 8) – Prize for Muscianship
  • Alexander Gross (Year 9) – Mathematics Level 1
  • Jim Waterhouse (Year 9) – Photography
  • Connor Phibbs (Year 10) – Mathematics Level 2
  • Max Markert (Year 10) – Mathematics Level 1
  • Jasper Wilde (Year 11) – Mathematics General Equal First
  • Leonardo Bosi (Year 11) – Drama
  • Axel Monesinos (Year 11) – Spanish Continuers
  • Andre Vumbaca (Year 11) – 3rd in Academic Results


A range of Aungier Students were involved in a number of House Activities to take the “Reds” up the ladder in the 2017 House Competition. A big thanks to Harrison Palmer, Flynn Keir and Judah Allingham who represented the house in the Inaugural House Diving Competition. Also thanks to Aungier Mentor Group 10 who won the Aungier House Tug-Of-War, and went on to represent Aungier in the House Competition.


Judah Allingham sets for his dive in the Inaugural House Diving Competition

Year 10 finished up the year on a positive note with their involvement at Somerset Camp. The extremely challenging six-day camp was both a mental and physical test for all students. Some of the groups managed to trek nearly 100km throughout the week, while other groups paddled nearly 30km. After early doubts, the rewards felt by students as a result of getting through such a tough experience will undoubtedly provide momentum heading into the HSC years.


Dion Hatziandreou and his Year 10 mates compete in the “Milk Crate Challenge” at Somerset Camp

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students in Aungier House for the positive way they have responded to a year of change. There were plenty of individual success stories throughout the year, but the biggest success was watching the Aungier students come closer together as the year progressed. Hearing stories of Year 8 students turning to their Year 10 mates for help, or watching Year 7 students engaging with Year 12 students at handball, all were signs of a community coming together and support each other.

Special mention must go to our Aungier House Mentors, who did a great job introducing the new Wellbeing Program and helped the boys get to know each other. Thanks to Mrs Elizabeth Watson, Ms Alice Walker, Ms Nohara Binyamin, Mrs Vanessa Purnell, Mr Anthony Stanton, Mr Mark Claridge, Mr David McCormack, Mr Stephen Wilmot, Mr Garth Aird, Mr James Spargo, Mr Frank Mastroianni, Mr Martin Barrett and Mr George Christodoulou.

2017 will go down as a character-building year for Aungier House. It is a year which our House has developed a foundation to build on. I look forward to carrying the momentum of what has been created this year into the years ahead, as those relationships already established grow stronger and continue to flourish.

I hope all members of the Waverley College Community have a safe and relaxing holiday break. I look forward to seeing you in the greener pastures of 2018.