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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Academic Curriculum

2018 Award Winners

Luke Harris, Dux of Year 11

Year 7 Academic Awards 2018

Subject Name
Drama Matthew Woods
English Leo Schmid
Geography Jack Crotty
Mathematics Jake Perks
Music Alistair Isaac
PDH&PE Connor Andrews
Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion Charles Hely-Hammond
Science Leo Schmid
Technology Charles Hely-Hammond
Head of College Award for Sport Billy Lyons
Steve Frangos Memorial Prize for Musicianship Alistair Isaac
Nicholas Farrow Memorial Prize for the Spirit of Year Seven Jay Briggs
3rd in Academic Results Jack Crotty
2nd in Academic Results Leo Schmid
Dux of Year 7 Charles Hely-Hammond


Year 8 Academic Awards 2018

Subject Name
English Carl Waterson
French Felix Gardan
History Kieran Hozack
Mathematics Jared Garwood
PDH&PE Jake Weinstein
Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion Liam Davis
Science Jake Weinstein
Spanish Conor Cahill
Technology Brandon Reid
Visual Arts Mack Flitcroft
Head of College Award for Sport Dane Towns
Prize for Musicianship Guy Hammerschmidt
Martin Robinson Memorial Award for Service & Integrity Solomon Tuqiri
Equal 3rd in Academic Results Kieran Hozack
Equal 3rd in Academic Results Jared Garwood
2nd in Academic Results Jake Weinstein
Dux of Year 8 Carl Waterson


Year 9 Academic Awards 2018

Subject Name
Applied Philosophy Finn Harley Whitney
Commerce Harjot Mand
Design & Technology Lachlan Muir
Drama Remy Crompton-Lamb
English Hayden Walker
Food Technology Giulian D’Ettorre
Geography Harjot Mand
Industrial Technology Wood Bryn Parry
Information Software Technology Elija Heininger
Stem Harjot Mand
Mathematics Level 3 Lachlan Muir
Mathematics Level 2 Jack Hickey
Mathematics Level 1 Conor Carr
Music James Simpson
Physical & Sport Studies Cooper O’Donnell
PDH&PE Giulian D’Ettorre
Photography Finn Hocking
Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion Giulian D’Ettorre
Science Leon Palacio
Spanish Alessio Imhoff
Visual Arts Roger Lee
Work Education Saia Afeaki
Head of College Award for Sport Patrick Hoggett
Ned Silva Award for Most Improved Effort in Year Nine Cass Martin-Newbould
Prize for Musicianship Harrison Palmer
3rd in Academic Results Giulian D’Ettorre
2nd in Academic Results Lachlan Muir
Dux of Year 9 Harjot Mand


Year 10 Academic Awards 2018

Subject Name
Applied Philosophy Sam Markert
Commerce Matthew Brock
Computing Studies Lachlan Foley
Design & Technology Valentius Wirjana
Drama Riley Klotz
English Hugh McSweeny
Food Technology Marco Arambasic
French Sebastian Richardson
History Hugh McSweeny
Industrial Technology Wood Jake Torsellini
Industrial Technology Multimedia Daniel Pomes
Mathematics Accelerated Eliot Vincent Hull
Mathematics Level 3 Lachlan Miller
Mathematics Level 2 Aidan Korpar
Mathematics Level 1 Lachlan Cunningham
Music Eliot Vincent Hull
PDH&PE Peter Cassimatis
Photography Hugh McSweeny
Physical & Sport Studies Reid McNamara
Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Religion Sebastian Richardson
Spanish Alfie Sewell
Science Benjamin Elder
Stem Dylan Purbrick
Visual Arts Alex Talbot
Work Education Peter Cassimatis
Prize for Musicianship Eliot Vincent Hull
Head of College Award for Sport Reid McNamara
Sydney University Year 10 Academic Excellence Award Hugh McSweeny
Anthony Tarlinton Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievements in Study & College Activities Ryan Abbott
3rd in Academic Results Eliot Vincent Hull
2nd in Academic Results Sebastian Richardson
Dux of Year 10 Hugh McSweeny



Year 11 Major Prizes 2018

Subject Name
Ancient History Benjamin Rogers
Biology Rafael Tabbash
Business Studies Alexander Bayas
Catholic Studies Grayson Thomas
Chemistry Luke Harris
Construction Max D’Agostino
Design & Technology Oscar Davis
Drama Ethan Vella
UNSW Australia Prize for Economics Connor Pilger
English Studies Finn Warren
Arthur & Mollie Burke Memorial Prize for English Advanced Luke Harris
English Standard Peter Tsoukalas
Extension English Marco Emery
Entertainment Equal First Andrew Badger
Entertainment Equal First William Woodward
Engineering Studies James Ritchie
Food Technology Matt Antulov
Hospitality Equal First Andre-Christian Collett
Hospitality Equal First Liam Faulkner-Hogg
Hospitality Equal First Flynn Gordon
Industrial Technology Mats Lea
Investigating Science Connor Phibbs
Legal Studies Bradley Marzol
Marine Studies Grayson Thomas
Mathematics Standard Heath Lawther
Mathematics Advanced George Vouros
Mathematics Accelerated Luke Harris
Mathematics Extension Gleb Samokhin
Modern History Marco Emery
Music Course I Thomas Jaeger
Music Course II Oliver Ruse
PDH&PE Lachlan Manastirovski
Physics Luke Harris
Sport Life & Recreation Luca Winch
Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Studies of Religion I Benjamin Rogers
Fr Kevin Nolan & Ms Merle Frances Nolan Award for Studies of Religion II Connor Pilger
Visual Arts Oscar Davis
Ryan Shiels Memorial Prize for Musicianship Remi Defina-Sperando
Greg Carmody Memorial Prize for Best All Round Sportsman Carter Killigrew
Equal 3rd in Academic Results Connor Pilger
Equal 3rd in Academic Results Lachlan Manastirovski
2nd in Academic Results Marco Emery
Dux of Year 11 Luke Harris


Head of College Awards

First name Year
Jonas Dowling 7
Charles Hely-Hammond 7
Alistair Isaac 7
Will O’Connor 7
Max Velkovski 7
Liam Wood 7
Charles Alexander 8
Jimmy Ashbridge 8
Dexter Craddock 8
Daniel Di Paola 8
Axel Jeffriess 8
JJ Lim 8
Oscar Malone 8
Jacob Mulberry 8
Charlie Nowlan 8
Zachary Straker 8
Jake Weinstein 8
Remy Crompton-Lamb 9
Harjot Mand 9
Patrick Nand 9
Elliot Vella 9
Lachlan Cunningham 10
Kai Moonen-Narita 10
Eliot Vincent Hull 10