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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

2021 Interfaith Dialogue Conference

Emanuel Synagogue Woollahra

Emanuel Synagogue Woollahra, location of the 2021 Interfaith Dialogue Conference

Your son has been chosen to participate in an interfaith conference on Wednesday 19 May. 

This involves Year 11 students from a number of religious schools, at the Emanuel Synagogue, 7 Ocean St Woollahra, and part of the day will include a tour of the Synagogue and viewing and description of the Torah scroll. Judaism is part of the SOR II program but more importantly we are committed to making positive relationships with people from all faiths.

Students attend period 1 until 9:10am and meet in the Centenary Quad for departure at 9:15am. They will walk, with the designated teachers, to The Emanuel Synagogue where the program commences at 10am. There students will engage in a range of activities with students from other faith traditions.

Students need to bring their own lunch in a small excursion bag. The program ends at 2pm and students have the choice of walking back to school or being dismissed from there, based on your permission.

Your son will be an ambassador for Waverley College at this important interfaith dialogue event and as such expected to fully engage with the opportunity presented to him. Full school uniform is required. Your son is still expected to participate in any co-curricular activities and training afterwards.

Further information 

This activity is a response to the compulsory fieldwork component within the Stage 4 Geography unit ‘Water in the World’ and Religion topic ‘Stewards of Creation’. A formal Geography assessment task has been constructed around the field trip. Also, the cost of the excursion has been calculated with the expectation that all students attend.

SUBJECT Studies of Religion 
DATE AND TIME OF THE EXCURSION: Wednesday 19 May 2021. Term 2 Week 5A. Periods 2-6
EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES: Opportunity to engage with peers from a range of faiths
VENUE: The Emanuel Synagogue, Woollahra
TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: Meet 9:10am in the Centenary Quad – Walk to the Emanuel Synagogue
TRANSPORT: Students will walk to the venue accompanied by two teachers
DRESS: Full College uniform with blazer
FOOD & DRINK: BYO water and food
OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Raincoat if required, as walking is involved
COST: There will be no cost incurred
TEACHER(S) IN CHARGE: Ms Nohara Binyamin, Dr Paul Batten

Year 11 Interfaith Conference Return Excursion Permission Slip

Click here for the Year 11 Interfaith Conference Return Excursion Permission Slip

Please return this form to your son’s Studies of Religion teacher by Monday 17 May 2021


Ms Martina Cooper

Head of Religion