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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


88th CAS Athletics Championships 2017

From Mr G Elliott, Head of Sport and Miss K Downey, Convenor of Athletics

Arrangements for Thursday 14 September

The event is compulsory to attend for Years 12, 9 & 7


All students will be transported to and from Homebush by Bus.

IMPORTANT – Students who wish to travel by bus to Hurstville Railway Station or Maroubra Junction on the return journey must register their names at the Front Office no later than Tuesday 12 September.

Periods 1-4 will be as normal for students in Year 7, 9 & 12.

All other Year Groups (8, 10 & 11) will have a full normal school day.

Any student who has signed up for the Maroubra or Hurstville bus will be given a wristband to get onto the bus. Only those with wristbands will be allowed to travel on either of these 2 buses.

Hurstville Station & Maroubra (cnr Anzac Parade & Maroubra Rd) students will take their bags with them, all other bags for Years 7, 9 and 12 are to be left at school in school lockers.

Some food and a drink will be provided for each student attending the Carnival. 


11.00 am: Bus 1 & 2 departs with athletes and athletics staff / coaches

1.15pm: Move in House groups to load buses, under direction of the Deputy Head of College, Head of Sport and Heads of House.

2.15pm: Arrival at Homebush

2.15pm – 8.00 pm: CAS Athletics Championships

8.15 pm: Board Buses to Waverley College, Maroubra & Hurstville Station


– approx 9.00pm in Birrell St

– approx. 9.10pm at Hurstville Railway Station (Ormonde St)

– approx. 9.10pm at Maroubra (cnr Anzac Parade & Maroubra Rd).


  1. ‘We are Waverley’ – we have high standards that are not influenced by the decisions of others. We want to be better!
  2. When students are in the stand, there must be one student per seat – there is to be no crowding around the balconies or stairways aisles. The first row is to be kept vacant for the College Prefects.
  3. There is to be no standing on seats nor hitting of the seatbacks to create more noise at any stage during the day.
  4. A canteen is available at the Stadium, however, due to the queues and prices you are advised to bring your own food.
  5. No student may leave the Stadium before the allocated time, unless he has a note signed by his Head of House.
  6. Full Winter College Uniform is to be worn, this includes the College Blazer. If the weather is fine, students are encouraged to wear the College Cap and sunscreen. If rain is predicted, students should bring wet weather clothes as the Championships will not be cancelled.
  7. All students are to remain in the area allocated to Waverley College and obey the directions of Staff Supervisors and College Prefects
  8. No iPods, laptops, MP3 players or other electronic devices. Mechanical or musical instruments (including whistles) are not permitted and will be confiscated.
  9. Boys may visit the canteen and toilets, but must not loiter around these areas. Other than visiting these two areas you must remain in the stand.
  10. Behaviour in the stands must be of the highest standard and only appointed Prefects may lead cheers.
  11. At all times the behaviour of students from Waverley College whilst travelling on the buses must be exemplary.

If you have any problems or enquiries regarding the day please do not hesitate to call at the College on 9369 0600.