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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

AFL Round 1 Update

AFL 7/8 Division 1 team

AFL 7/8 Division 1 team

Round 1 – Message from Convenor 

The season has kicked off for the AFL teams at Waverley College in exciting fashion last weekend, highlighted by Friday Night football at Bat and Ball Oval against Newington.

Our 9/10 Division 1 and 1sts teams came up against extremely strong competition and were unfortunately, defeated. Both teams played some exciting football and have a lot to look forward to this season. Newington look to have raised the bar an extra notch in 2023 and will be tough competition in all age groups.

On Saturday, we had teams travel to Bat and Ball Oval, Macquarie University Oval and Rofe Park, to take on teams from Newington, Barker and Trinity. Conditions were tough throughout the day, with a lot of rain falling. This made the large victories in the 7/8 Division 1 and Division 3 games, very impressive. Our 7/8 Division 2 team went down narrowly by one point to Trinity’s A team, playing some great football throughout the game. A strong performance across the age group for round 1.

In other games, our 9/10 Division 2 team and Open 2nds also played against Newington, our opponents on Friday night. Newington were able to clean sweep the fixtures against us for the weekend with the boys fighting hard in their games.

In all teams there were great signs for round 1 and plenty to look forward to this coming weekend.

Waves to Win!

AFL Playing Uniform and Absences

*Players need to arrive at the grounds no later than 30 minutes before the match is scheduled (or at the time advised by their coach), to ensure that teams have a thorough warm up. 

Please ensure that you have full AFL playing attire, including a mouthguard for your games and that you are training in Waverley AFL attire or PE uniform. Other clothing is not acceptable.

Please make sure that you have a medical certificate for any absences from training or games. The easiest way to log absences is on the Waverley College app in Absences. Please log these as early as possible to allow the coaches to be notified by the convenor.

Waverley AFL Round 2 poster

Round 2 – Pioneers Park, Maroubra

This weekend we will have 6/7 of our Senior School teams playing back-to-back all day at Pioneers Park. Please come along to support the boys and stay for some great social interaction with other families at the ground. We will be running a BBQ as we did last Friday night. See the above poster for team fixture times.

Round Results

  • 1sts Defeated by Newington 8.12.60 to 3.3.21
  • Goals – Sam Stewart, Toby Longmire, Joseph Dametto
  • Best – Tom Stewart, Jett Wanda, Sam Stewart, Joseph Dametto, Vasili Vertsonis, Hugo Perks
  • 2nds Defeated by Newington 14.10.94 to 1.0.6
  • Goals – Will Pearce
  • Best – Finn Backlund, James Armstrong, Frankie Pedder, Charlie Thompson, Euan Veale-Wright
  • 9/10 A Defeated by Newington 9.14.68 to 5.3.33
  • Goals – Fox Stapleton 2, Ed House 1, Charles Le Marchant 1, Tane Barclay 1
  • Best – Oscar Wilson, Zac Jones, Ed House, Fred Robertson, Ryan Murphy
  • 9/10 B Defeated by Newington 12.8.80 to 1.0.6 (Mercy Rule) Unofficial final score 17.12.114 to 3.0.18
  • Goals – Lachlan Isaac 1, Lucas Simcocks 1, Charlie McEvoy 1
  • Best – Sam Jasczyk, Lachlan Isaac, Dylan O’Connor, Lucas Craik, Lucas Simcocks, Oli Teh Howell
  • 7/8A Defeated Barker 11.8.74 to 4.2.26
  • Goals – Daniel Morrow 2, Lachlan Feain 2, Will Roberts 1, Hayden McAusland 1, Archie Goulding 1, Seb Lloyd Paul 1, Marcus Strbac 1, Luca Green 1, Darcy Kidd 1
  • Best – Clancy Walsh, Henry Read, Hayden McAusland, Lachlan Feain, Alex Piperkos
  • 7/8B Defeated by Trinity 5.3.33 to 5.2.32
  • Goals – James Tainton 3, Harry Neylon 1, Augie Gibson 1
  • Best – James Tainton, Ned Wilson, Mitch Cooper, Harry Neylon, Kyson Brown
  • 7/8 C Defeated Barker 13.5.83 to 0.0.0 (Mercy Rule)- Final unofficial score 16.11.107 to 2.0.12
  • Goals – Felix Andersen-Allen 5, Max Davis 4, James Austin 2, Remy Kernot 2, Charlie Tucker 1, Max Lucas 1, Harvey Kraegen 1
  • Best – Ollie Rahmat, Remy Kernot, Felix Andersen-Allen, Harvey Kraegen, Max Lucas, Max Davis