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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Academic Curriculum

Around the School Academic Update

Elephant toothpaste for Science Week

From the Director of Learning and Teaching, Elizabeth Watson

Year 8 Rock Band performance

A big congratulations to the Year 8 Rock Band, who performed  ‘Photograph‘  by Ed Sheeran at the Academic Assembly held this morning. Well done to the following band members:

  • Vocals – Zach Straker
  • Guitars – Charlie Alexander and Hugo Roles
  • Bass – Riley Moore
  • Drums – Max Leedham


Twenty Dollar Boss

By Saia Afeaki

Over the past few weeks Hugo Stephenson and I have teamed up with Miss Alborough on an awesome roller coaster experience. Packed with countless laughs, the $20 Boss program has given us a chance to step up into a leadership role..

Saia Afeaki and Hugo Stephenson

$20 Boss engages you to create your very own choice of business, enabling you to experience leadership, and total fun at the same time.

Hugo and I had an experience of a lifetime raising money for a charity close to my heart, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Through lots of hard work cleaning up houses we raised $115. It might not look much but that is enough to make something spectacular for someone like me who has Cerebral Palsy.

We had a great time, and it was a great experience. We had the courage and hope to let our minds run wild and create a successful business, and also to raise money to make a difference to someone else’s life.

GATSTA (Gifted and Talented Secondary Teacher’s Association) Meeting

From Academic Extension Teachers, Dominic Hearne and Stephanie Boyce

Over the course of any year, Waverley plays host to a number of special interest groups who use Waverley as a meeting venue.

On Wednesday 15 August, we hosted the Term 3 meeting of the Gifted and Talented Teachers’ Association.  As part of that, the group meets for about 3 hours, which includes lunch.

Stephanie Boyce managed to prove her skills beyond the merely amazing with a range of foods provided by the Year 11 Hospitality students, which drew admiration from all our visitors. Thanks must also go to Davina O’Hara and Anne O’Loughin for all of the behind the scenes work getting this together.

Year 11 Hospitality students catered for the GATSTA meeting

Science Week

From Science Teacher, Gemma Brown

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology and it kicked off with a bang at Waverley College! Liquid nitrogen, dry ice, elephant’s toothpaste and flaming hands are among some of the experiments students have been experiencing this week so far.

Demonstrations took place at lunchtime on Wednesday at the Senior school and on Thursday at the Junior School. The students were very interested at the range of experiments, especially the flying ping pong balls!

Perfect Science Championships

A reminder to all students in Years 7-10, the Education Perfect Science Championships is on this week. To compete, log onto your Education Perfect account and click on the Science Championships link under Competitions.


Author Talks for Year 7 and 11

From Head of Library Services, William Roberts

On Wednesday, August 15 Year 7 and Year 11 students took part in a presentation session by James Phelan. This event was held to give students tips and strategies to develop creative writing skills and to be inspired to find new books to read. James has an impressive background in writing and the College is the richer for having James present at Waverley.

About the author: James Phelan

James Phelan is the author of 21 novels, including thrillers, young adult and middle grade fiction. He is noted for a fast paced writing style that appeals as much to boys as girls. James is a highly entertaining and engaging speaker who has delivered keynotes and presentations all around the world and divides his time between Melbourne and New York.

As a teenager James discovered a love of thrillers, of being entertained and informed along the way. He has written four series of novels ranging from primary school aged readers with THE LAST THIRTEEN (Scholastic 2013) to fast paced thrillers such as THE SPY (Hachette 2013).

James has a passion for promoting literacy in Australia. He is involved in many creative writing groups and regularly talks at literary events. He is a member of the Australian Society of Authors, Fellowship of Australian Writers, and state writers centres.

After studying Architecture and English Literature, and graduating with a PhD in Writing, James developed the idea that became his first published book. He worked at The Age for five years, and has published fiction and non-fiction. He has been a full-time novelist since the age of 25.



Year 7-9 Semester 1 Academic Award winners

These awards were presented at today’s assembly.

Year 7 Semester 1 Academic Awards

First Place in: Year 7 

Religious Education Leo Schmid,

Charles Hely Hammond

English Hugh McDonald, Daniel Palacio
Science Jack Crotty
PDHPE Connor Andrews
Geography Charlie Smith, Declan Strong
Music Campbell Groves
Technology Jack Crotty
Drama Charles Hely-Hammond Matt Woods


First in Class 701

Religious Education Luke White
English Jack Crotty
Science Jack Crotty
PDHPE Jack Crotty
Geography Jack Crotty
Music Matthew Wong
Technology Jack Crotty
Drama Jay Briggs


First in Class 702

Religious Education Jett Mc Tavish
English Hirav Gandhi
Science Hirav Ghandi
PDHPE Ben Leet
Geography Jett Mc Tavish
Music Mitchell Marsh
Technology Liam Wood
Drama Matt Woods


First in Class 703

Religious Education Charles Hely-Hammond
English Theodore Varvaressos
Science Charles Hely-Hammond
PDHPE Charles Hely-Hammond
Geography Max Court
Music Charles Hely-Hammond, Lachlan McMunn
Technology Charles Hely-Hammond
Drama Charles Hely-Hammond


First in Class 704

Religious Education Leo Schmid
English Leo Schmid
Science Leo Schmid
PDHPE Connor Andrews
Geography Leo Schmid, Andrew Moloney
Music Ethan Fernandez
Technology Leo Schmid
Drama Leo Schmid


First in Class 705

Religious Education Luca Holmes
English Lachlan Grant,  Luca Holmes
Science Zac Trosti
PDHPE Jules Cibej
Geography Luca Holmes
Music Zac Trosti
Technology Lachlan Grant
Drama Jules Cibej


First in Class 706

Religious Education Hugh Mc Donald
English Hugh McDonald, Daniel Palacio
Science Campbell Groves
PDHPE Campbell Groves
Geography Will O’Connor
Music Campbell Groves
Technology Campbell Groves
Drama Campbell Groves


First in Class 707

Religious Education Charlie Smith
English Samuel Stewart
Science Samuel Stewart
PDHPE Oliver Schai
Geography Charlie Smith, Declan Strong
Music Declan Strong
Technology Jake Walker
Drama Samuel Stewart


First in Class 708

Religious Education Jake Perks
English Jesse Gordon
Science Jake Perks
PDHPE Mitchell Reimer
Geography James Clarke
Music Joshua King
Technology Hugo Morgan
Drama Hugo Morgan


Mathematics 1st to 8th Placings in Year 7

First place Benjamin Stirling
Second place Benjamin Campbell
Third place Jake Perks
Fourth place (equal) Connor Andrews; Hirav Gandhi; Charles Hely-Hammond; Campbell Groves; Jamie Khov; Daniel Palacio; Oliver Schai


Year 8 Semester 1 Academic Awards

First Place in Year 8

Religious Education Liam Davis
English Leonardo Morgan
Science Jake Weinstein
PDHPE Max Leedham, Jake Weinstein
History Benjamin Sweeney, Niklas Tomac
Visual Art Mack Flitcroft
Technology Maddox Grebert, Thomas Wilkins
French James Harding
Spanish Antonio Rodriguez


First in Class 801

Religious Education Carl Waterson
English Carl Waterson
Science William Dodd
PDHPE Thomas Martin
History Julian Tee
Visual Art Mack Trustrum
Technology William Dodd
French James Harding


First in Class 802

Religious Education Daniel McSweeny
English Noah Kulcsar
Science Jake Weinstein
PDHPE Jake Weinstein
History Niklas Tomac
Visual Art Jake Weinstein
Technology Felix Gardan
French Jake Weinstein


First in Class 803

Religious Education Liam Davis
English Daniel Di Francesco
Science Mack Flitcroft
PDHPE Liam Davis
History Liam Davis
Visual Art Mack Flitcroft
Technology Maddox Grebert, Thomas Wilkins
French Daniel Di Francesco


First in Class 804

Religious Education Julian Ginnane
English James Bates
Science Matis Jos-Rolland
PDHPE Max Leedham
History Oliver Monaco,  Zac Wilde
Visual Art Oliver Elliott
Technology Oliver Elliott, Matis Jos-Rolland
Spanish Max Leedham


First in Class 805

Religious Education Jacob Mulberry
English Leonardo Morgan
Science Cooper Stynes
PDHPE Leonardo Morgan
History Benjamin Sweeney
Visual Art Harry Gippel
Technology Ryland Short
Spanish Cooper Stynes


First in Class 806

Religious Education Oli Goodrum
English Oli Goodrum
Science Jared Garwood
PDHPE Jared Garwood
History Oli Goodrum
Visual Art Jared Garwood
Technology Jared Garwood
Spanish Antonio Rodriguez


First in Class 807

Religious Education Jimmy Ashbridge
English Jimmy Ashbridge
Science Jimmy Ashbridge
PDHPE Jimmy Ashbridge
History Achilles Zanapalis
Visual Art Jimmy Ashbridge
Technology Xavier Scally
Spanish Nathan Barns


First in Class 808

Religious Education Emilio Vinci, Oscar Malone
English Finbar Moss
Science Damian Poulos
PDHPE Leo Astridge
History Sachiel Bass
Visual Art Charles Alexander
Technology Jackson Cunningham
Spanish Patrick Healy


Mathematics 1st to 8th Placings in Year 8

First place Andrew Custodio
Second place equal Jared Garwood

Cooper Stynes

Third place equal Felix Gardan Carl Waterson
Fourth place Jake Weinstein
Fifth place equal Matis Jos-Rolland Leonardo Morgan Maximilian Barber Riley Vidulich


Year 9 Semester 1 Academic Awards

First Place in Year 9

Religious Education Giulian D’Ettorre
English Hayden Walker, Harjot Mand
Mathematics Level 3 Lachlan Muir
Mathematics Level 2 Patrick Hoggett
Mathematics Level 1 Conor Carr
Science Leon Palacio
PDHPE Giulian D’Ettorre
Commerce Bryn Parry
iSTEM Luke McLellan
Information Software Technology Cameron Biazar
Geography Harjot Mand, Hayden Walker
PASS Nicholas Quinn
Music James Simpson
Drama Remy Crompton-Lamb, Massimo Di Napoli
Visual Art Mark Gaponov
Photography Felix Greenwood
Wood Technology Bryn Parry
Food Technology Giulian D’Ettorre
Design & Technology Lachlan Muir
Work Education Saia Afeaki
Spanish Alessio Imhoff
Multimedia Technology Daniel Pomes


ICAS Science Awards

  • Jack Crotty – Year 7
  • Campbell Groves – Year 7
  • Jared Garwood – Year 8
  • Carl Waterson – Year 8
  • Lachlan Muir – Year 9
  • Dante Bryan Year 9
  • Mark Gaponov – Year 9
  • Luke McLellan – Year 9
  • Toby Rabinowitz – Year 9
  • Mischa Tibbetts – Year 9
  • Hayden Wild – Year 9



Year 7-9 Academic Award Winners

Download the Year 7-9 Academic Award Winners Booklet Download