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ARTEXPRESS 2024 Opening at Ngununggala Art Gallery

Luka Zonich ‘What Would Pa Do?’ (2023)

Luka Zonich ‘What Would Pa Do?’ (2023)

It is with great excitement that our 2023 Visual Art student Luka Zonich’s selected artwork ‘What Would Pa Do?’ will be on exhibition for ARTEXPRESS at the Ngununggala (Southern Highlands) Art Gallery. Opening Night will be on Saturday, 25 May 2024, and the exhibition will be open from 18 May – 30 June and is a free event.

Luka’s artwork was inspired by Reg Mombassa and is a visual chronicle of tales that his Pa has shared with Luka. Pa’s tales are a unique blend of wisdom and humour, with a touch of the extraordinary. They have been invaluable life lessons, as well as a nostalgic link to childhood and that time spent with family.

Within the art making process for the body of work, Luka explored Pa’s storytelling and narratives, subject matter that symbolises his home and heritage of New Zealand. The chosen colours and drawing style are representative of Pa’s humour and remarkable stories.

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