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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Academic Curriculum

Aungier House Report – End of Year Reflection, Term 4 2018


Aungier commenced the final term of 2018 with the announcement of our new student leaders. Aungier student, Thomas Jaeger, was given the honour of being named as College Vice Captain. Gabriel Cuenca, Matthew Gallagher, Connor Phibbs and Dion Hatziandreou were elected by Aungier as House Prefects to lead our community into the new year. We look forward to tracking the fresh initiatives which these new leaders will introduce.

Our Year 11 students had the opportunity to attend the annual Year 12 (2019) Retreat at Benedict XVI Retreat Centre, Grose Vale. The three-day experience is specifically called a “Retreat” and not a camp as there is an emphasis on ensuring the group takes a step back to regroup, before moving into a very important final year of study. Aungier students were able to engage in this most worthwhile experience, gaining skills to help get through some of the stress which the next 12 months may bring with it.

(Year 11 students involved in the famous “Shoe Game” during the Senior Retreat)

A large group of Year 6 students attended the Year 7 (2019) Orientation Day. This is a wonderful initiative which allows those students entering high school at Waverley to get comfortable with the Our Lady’s Mount campus. The House Prefects as well as a number of key staff members helped these students begin their transition to high school. Students enjoyed time in the technology classrooms of the Cosgrove Centre making cookies and looking at senior projects, learning from Mrs Cullen about the strong social justice program that our school values so much, and hearing from our fantastic Wellbeing Team who ran some positive bonding activities. Students finished the day with a refreshing swim in the pool.

Our Year 5 students continued to build relationships with their “Big Brothers” in Year 10. The session held at Waverley Park provided a number of laughs for all the students involved – both young and older. Aungier students took part in the “Name Game” as well as the “Hula Hoop Pass”. Furthermore, the “Pillar Game” ended the session with plenty of thrills and spills. An enjoyable experience for all.

(Aungier’s Year 5 & Year 10 students take on the “Hula Hoop Pass” challenge against Brennan House)


Term 4 is an important period, academically, for all students at Waverley College. Year 12 students commence HSC assessment tasks and the Years 5-10 groups are all required to sit the Yearly Examinations. Pleasingly, the wonderful preparation paid off for a number of Aungier students who gained academic awards. Congratulations to the following students: Year 7 – Jack Crotty; Year 8 – Daniel Di Paola, Felix Gardan, Guy Hammerschmidt; Year 9 – Saia Afeaki, Conor Carr, Finn Hocking, Harrison Palmer; Year 10 – Peter Cassimatis, Sam Markert, Lachlan Miller; Year 11 – Thomas Jaeger, Connor Phibbs, Benjamin Rogers, Peter Tsoukalas and Luca Winch.

Year 10 finished up the year on a positive note with their involvement at Somerset Camp. The extremely challenging six-day camp was both a mental and physical test for all students. Some of the groups managed to trek nearly 100km throughout the week, while other groups paddled nearly 30km. After early doubts, the rewards felt by students as a result of getting through such a tough experience will undoubtedly build resilience in each individual that attended. A reward in itself.

(Aungier & Lacey House students celebrate the end of the Year 10 camp)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students in Aungier House for all their efforts in 2018. In observing the Aungier locker area in the afternoons, it is clear to see that the Aungier students are coming closer together as the wellbeing structures build momentum. Hearing stories of Year 8 students giving important advice to Year 7 students, to watching Year 11 students helping Year 9 students with assignments and organisation – all showed elements of a community coming closer together to support each other.

Special mention must go to our Aungier House Mentors, who did a great job caring and supporting students. Thanks to Mrs Elizabeth Watson, Ms Alice Walker, Ms Nohara Binyamin, Mrs Vanessa Purnell, Ms Nicola Silsby, Ms Emma Halpin, Mr Anthony Stanton, Mr Mark Claridge, Mr Stephen Wilmot, Mr Garth Aird, Mr James Spargo, Mr Frank Mastroianni, Mr Martin Barrett and Mr George Christodoulou.

2018 will go down as a year of growth where Aungier students are really starting to find their identity. It is a year which our House has continued to build on our foundations. I look forward to carrying the momentum into 2019!

I hope all members of the Waverley College Community have a safe and relaxing holiday break. I look forward to seeing you again in 2019.