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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Aungier House Report – Term 3, 2019

BBQ to support the Mark Hughes Foundation

Boys at the Somerset Outdoor Learning Centre

Head of Aungier House, John McCoy

The commencement of Term 3 saw the return of the students and staff involved in the various Immersions which Waverley College offers students. Aungier members Leo Astridge, Conor Carr, Darcy Ferguson, Baxter Seinor, Peter Stamatelatos and Tobias Unsworth attended the Red Earth Immersion, while Ryan von der Heyden, Jack Fingleton and Charlie Jaeger attended the Timor-Leste Immersion. It was fantastic to hear such incredible experiences and lifelong memories which, these students were able to share with their mates in Aungier House.

Aungier students really got behind the Beanies of Brain Cancer Initiative at the start of Term 3. This coincided with the NRL Beanies For Brain Cancer Round (July 25-28). Aungier members, led by Digger Callander and his family, raised extra funds by holding a special BBQ to support the Mark Hughes Foundation. Between the Waterford Campus, Our Senior Campus Campus and Queens Park, Waverley College managed to raise $9,800. This was part of the $3.1 million raised by the Mark Hughes Foundation in fighting against Brain Cancer. A tremendous achievement by all involved.

The academic success stories from Semester One were recognised at the College Academic Assembly. Pleasingly, a number of Aungier students were called to the stage to receive accolades for their commitment to study. This included:

Year 7
Jock Edwards, Simon Frias, Joel Hammerschmidt, Mitchel Ho, Kieran Markwick, Zane Wixstrom, Ricardo Zanapalis

Year 8
Jack Crotty, Jesse Gordon, Luca Holmes, Riley Hassey

Year 9
Toby Davidson, Guy Hammerschmidt, Achilles Zanapalis

Year 10
Darcy Widdowson

Year 11
Jake Burns, Lachlan Miller, Zac Wotherspoon

Year 12
Thomas Jaeger, Til Kathriner, Max Markert, Benjamin Rogers, Peter Tsoukalas

Term 3 marked the conclusion of the Winter Co-Curricular season. A number of Aungier students were rewarded for effort on and off the sporting field. This included:

Luke Newrick – Rugby Prep 2nds Best Back
James Kopsiaftis – Rugby Prep Sevens Most Improved Forward
Louis Aguis – Football Prep 4ths Most Improved Defensive Player
Ben Pignatelli – AFL A Best Attacking Player
Julian Minto – Rugby 10A Best Back
William Anstis – Rugby 10A Most Improved Back
Ben Adams – Football 11Bs Most Improved Player
Cavell Frampton – Football 11Fs Most Attacking Player
Olle WixstromFootball 11Fs Best Defensive Player
Oliver Aboud – Best & Fairest in the 13A Rugby team
Edward Regan – Year 9 Tennis Champion Award
Luke Mazza – 1st XI Football Best Team Man Award
Ricardo Zanapalis – Best & Fairest in the 7A Football
Aiden Rogers – Most Improved Theatrical Lead Performance
Saia Afeaki – Junior Pararoos
Ronald Volkman – NSW U18 Rugby Representative

The Aungier House representatives at Waterford did Aungier proud at both the Blitz Day and the Walkathon which were both held in Term 3. The Aungier/Lacey teams put in a strong effort on Blitz Day in both Rugby and Football. Special thanks to our Aungier Mentors at Waterford in Ms Charlotte Stephens and Mr Anthony Stanton who provide strong guidance to our youngest members.

The Arts & Design Exhibition held during Week 5 was a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their work to the school community. Congratulations to Aungier student, Jet Marsh-Cashman, who received the 2019 Waverley Youth Art Prize for, ‘Best Interpretation of a Theme’.

In Week 7, our Year 9 students set off to camp at the Somerset Outdoor Learning Centre based at the Colo River (North-West Sydney). While this was a challenging activity for many students, it provided a great opportunity for boys to step into a different learning space while connecting with staff and peers. This year, students from Aungier were grouped together to assist in building a brotherhood.

Week 7 also marked the Year 10 Dinner Dance. This was a chance for students to let their hair down and dine with friends and partners in their first formal dining experience. Despite the strong wind on the night, students enjoyed themselves as they cruised around Sydney Harbour. Aungier student James Elfes really did his House proud as one of the best dressed on the night!

As well as having their first formal dining experience, a group of students in Year 10 enjoyed their first taste of life in the workforce. Boys involved in Year 10 Work Education had the opportunity of taking on work experience for a period of one week. Saia Afeaki and Daniel Davis, both Aungier students, walked away from this week with a greater understanding of life at work as well as with a new network of potential employers.

Our Year 11 students completed an important period of assessment at the conclusion of Term 3, as they sat the Preliminary HSC examinations. These exams are crucial as they provide students with an idea of what they should expect moving forward into the HSC courses in Year 12.

The CAS Track & Field Championships were held in Week 9. Waverley College managed to improve to finish in 5th position led by Aungier’s own, Thomas Jaeger, who captained the team. There were plenty of success stories for the Blue and Gold throughout the night. The Zanapalis brothers (Ricardo and Alejandro) put in excellent performances on the night.

The conclusion of Term 3 marked the Graduation Mass and Ceremony for students in Year 12. Aungier House provided a special send off to our most senior students at an entertaining final House Assembly. Each Year 12 student was presented to their House by their Mentors. Many smiles and laughs were shared as we reflected on some interesting memorable moments and advice to younger members of Aungier. We wish the following Aungier Graduates the very best of luck in the HSC examinations and beyond:

Aiden Chew, Gabriel Cuenca, Dylan Davis, Cameron Dawson, Billy Elmes, Oliver Ferguson, Lachlan Forrest, Matthew Gallagher, Eamonn Hassey, Dion Hatziandreou, James Hession, Lathan Hutchinson-Walters, Hugo Ilencik, Thomas Jaeger, Ryan Jones, Til Kathriner, Will Kearney, Max Markert, Luke Mazza, Marco Moretti, Ridley Owens, Connor Phibbs, Benjamin Rogers, Peter Tsoukalas, Luca Winch

Term 3 was a time Aungier House said farewell to some long-serving Mentors and Staff Members at Waverley College. We thank both Mr Frank Mastroianni and Mr George Christodoulou for their dedication and commitment to supporting students in Aungier, particularly in their respective Mentor Groups.

I would like to congratulate all students in Aungier for the continued positive efforts in Term 3. I would like to thank the Aungier Wellbeing Mentors for their fine work in supporting our students.

Have a safe and restful break.