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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Basketball Presentation Night

1st Basketball v Barker

1st Basketball

From the Captains

On Saturday night, Waverley Basketball had its annual Presentation Night to end the season. It was a spectacular event with many laughs, tears and memories created. It was a special night for the Year 12s, because it was a commemoration for all the hard work that they had put into the Program.

A special thanks goes to Racheal Smith the President of the Basketball Supporters’ Club, and Glen Smith for putting in many hours into the night as well as the season. Big recognition also to Mr Anthony Gibbs, Convenor of Basketball, who put in countless hours organising the evening and making sure the season ran smoothly.

The night tipped off with dinner in Braidwood outside the gym, where everyone was able to socialise and have fun. Then moved on to the shooting comps between all players in the Program. Congratulations to Finlay Chandler for winning the three-point competition and Flynn Busteed for winning the free throw competition.

The main event of the night was the presentation of the award winners hosted by Daniel Palacio, Captain of Basketball and Tom Gleeson, Captain of the 1st V. In their opening speech, the hosts looked back on the season:

“The 2022-2023 Basketball has been a memorable one for all, with all teams going through their ups and downs. Basketball is the biggest co-curricular activity within the school, with 44 teams, 443 players, and 28 coaches. With those numbers, this season has been extremely successful in that Waverley won 50% of its games across all teams, a big improvement considering in the 2013 season, 10 years earlier, it was just 19%. This jump in 10 years was not caused by one single person, but by the community that we have all built around Basketball within the school.”

This shows the efforts of all players, season after season.

2nd Basketball v Knox

Award Winners

Congratulations to the following players who won ‘Best & Fairest’: Marko Rangan (1st V), Dom Smith (2nd V), Ben Pignatelli (10A), Angus Peshos (9A), Philip Falaniko (8A) and Lachlan Bayly (7A). These players worked tirelessly throughout the season, never giving up leading their teams to victory.

Impressively, there were also seven CAS premiers recognised on the night, including 9A, 9B, 9G, 7B, 7E, 7F and 7G.

Towards the end of the night, the ‘Service to Basketball’ awards were presented. These awards go to the Year 12s from the 1st V and 2nd V, who continued to work throughout the season, giving up time to go to pre-season, tournaments, camps, extra training sessions, as well as games and helping coach other teams. This was presented to: Daniel Palacio (Captain of Basketball), Tom Gleeson (Captain 1st V), Harry Lee, Marko Rangan, Wylie Durrans, Oscar Walters-Green, Zion Poitaha, Marley Henare, Charlie Smith (Co-captain 2nd V), Toby Longmire (Co-captain 2nd V), Dom Smith, Ashar Te-Rata and Finlay Chandler.

Growth in Culture

Altogether, the 2022/2023 Waverley College Basketball season was extremely successful, both on and off the court. The growth in culture within the sport was amazing. This couldn’t have been done without the coaches, especially 1st V head coach, Mr Mathew Johnston, and 2nd V head coach, Joff Garvey.

1st Basketball V Cranbrook

Another big round of appreciation goes to the Old Boys who were at Waverley every weekend to help set and pack up. Finally, to the parents and carers – you are reserved the biggest thanks of all, for taking your sons to training and games all through the season.

Basketball v Cranbrook T4 2022 Round 3


Tom Gleeson
Captain of 1st V

Daniel Palacio
Captain of Basketball


From the Convenor

The 2022-2023 Basketball season officially came to an end with the annual Presentation Evening. It was a hugely successful event, with 300 attendees enjoying dinner in Braidwood, followed by a formal presentation in the Gym, of 161 awards to players as well as recognition of a number of members of our community.

A big thank you to Old Boy Ryan Abbott (Class of 2020), for recording a welcome message that was played at the start of the evening.

Thank you to Supporters’ Club President, Rachael Smith, for her never-ending hard work organising the night, as well as Juliette Carter for her wonderful work in arranging the raffle prizes. Both our captains, Daniel Palacio and Tom Gleeson did a masterful job of announcing and presenting the awards.

A big thank you goes to all our coaches, players, parents, carers and staff members such as Gym Managers James Mattick and Luca Zanarini, scorers Jacob Gibson, Seb Rasmussen and Ethan Reid, College caretaker Mr John Christoforidis, Food Technology Assistant Anne O’Loughlin, Assistant Director of Business Services Mr Jonathan Phillips, Assistant Director of Co-curricular Mr Stephen Wilmot, and Director of Co-curricular Mr Stephen O’Donnell, for all their help throughout the season.

Daniel Palacio

Daniel Palacio

Award Winners

Captain of Basketball – Daniel Palacio
Captain of 1st V – Thomas Gleeson
1st V Best & Fairest Player – Marko Rangan
1st V Best Defensive Player – Thomas Gleeson
1st V Most Improved Player – Daniel Palacio

1st V – Thomas Gleeson
1st V – Flynn Busteed
1st V – Daniel Palacion
1st V – Harrison Lee
1st V – Marko Rangan
1st V – Oscar Walters-Green
1st V – Marley Henare
1st V – Wylie Durrans
1st V – James Dyson-Merwe
1st V – Zion Poitaha
1st V – Sergej Jakovljevic

2nd V Best & Fairest Player – Dominic Smith
2nd V Best Defensive Player – Tashi Harrison
2nd V Most Improved Player – Eden Byrd

2nd V – Eden Byrd
2nd V – Dominic Smith
2nd V – Tashi Harrison
2nd V – Finlay Chandler
2nd V – Charlie Smith
2nd V – Jack Anasson
2nd V – Toby Longmire
2nd V – Aren Yaghoubian
2nd V – Jock Edwards
2nd V – Ashar Te Rata
2nd V – Ehren Little

3rd V Best & Fairest Player – Jake Walker
4th V Best & Fairest Player – Aston Owens
5th V Best & Fairest Player – Ashton Child
6th V Best & Fairest Player – Alistair Isaac
7th V Best & Fairest Player – Aidan Murray
8th V Best & Fairest Player – Sam Payrard
9th V Best & Fairest Player – Christian Elfes
10th V Best & Fairest Player – Anton Svensson
Internals Best & Fairest Player – Xavier Antonius

Service to Basketball – Marko Rangan
Service to Basketball – Tom Gleeson
Service to Basketball – Marley Henare
Service to Basketball – Daniel Palacio
Service to Basketball – Zion Poitaha
Service to Basketball – Harrison Lee
Service to Basketball – Oscar Walters-Green
Service to Basketball – Wylie Durrans
Service to Basketball – Charlie Smith
Service to Basketball – Finlay Chandler
Service to Basketball – Toby Longmire
Service to Basketball – Ashar Te Rata
Service to Basketball – Dominic Smith

10A Best & Fairest Player – Ben Pignatelli
10A Best Defensive Player – Giles Strachan
10A Most Improved Player – Rory Donnellan
10B Best & Fairest Player – Cameron Vincent Hull
10C Best & Fairest Player – Joseph Dametto
10D Best & Fairest Player – Ethan Hervir
10E Best & Fairest Player – Nate Devereux
10F Best & Fairest Player – Lucas Simcocks
10G Best & Fairest Player – Charlie De Carvalho
10H Best & Fairest Player – Digger Callander

9A Best & Fairest Player – Angus Peshos
9A Best Defensive Player – Petris Kalpouzanis
9A Most Improved Player – Jonte Garvey
9B Best & Fairest Player – Lachlan Gibbins
9C Best & Fairest Player – Ben Cromer
9D Best & Fairest Player – Will Anstis
9E Best & Fairest Player – Lachlan Jones
9F Best & Fairest Player – Bowie Wanda
9G Best & Fairest Player – Jude Sheppard
9H Best & Fairest Player – Sam Hill

8A Best & Fairest Player – Philip Falaniko
8A Best Defensive Player – Liar Barhaim
8A Most Improved Player – Phoenix Miconi
8B Best & Fairest Player – Aidan Busteed
8C Best & Fairest Player – Otto Murcutt
8D Best & Fairest Player – Hugo Black
8E Best & Fairest Player – Luca Green
8F Best & Fairest Player – Axel Stapleton
8G Best & Fairest Player – Sullivan Dominy
8H Best & Fairest Player – Liam Walmsley

7A Best & Fairest Player – Lachlan Bayly
7A Best Defensive Player – Darcy Kidd
7A Most Improved Player – Ngakau Hiroti
7B Best & Fairest Player – Riley Carr
7C Best & Fairest Player – Charlie Hamilton
7D Best & Fairest Player – Kingsley Turinui
7E Best & Fairest Player – Oliver Serret
7F Best & Fairest Player – Cody Chen
7G Best & Fairest Player – Oscar Mac Domhnaill
7H Best & Fairest Player – Brandon French
7I Best & Fairest Player – Langston Bled
7J Best & Fairest Player – Palmer Hill

CAS Champions – 7B

  • Reese Araujo
  • Lucas Barber
  • Charlie Carr
  • Riley Carr
  • Jaxson Clement
  • Jake McEvoy
  • Hugo Murphy
  • Cash Parry
  • Jarrah Thomasyu

CAS Champions – 7E

  • Cian Brady
  • Evan De Bella
  • Levi Dunbavin
  • Lennox Forker-Lawrence
  • Geoffrey Gibbons
  • Mikey Loh
  • Liam Madden
  • Jeremy Pounder
  • Oliver Serret
  • Jake Sharp
  • Cadel Walters

CAS Champions – 7F

  • Cody Chen
  • David Faulkner
  • Leni Hourahine
  • Sam Joukhador
  • Louis Kernot
  • Remy Kernot
  • Joseph Mahoney
  • Zach Willard
  • Max Wilson
  • Ned Wilson

CAS Champions – 7G

  • Hendrix Brown
  • Lachlan Crease
  • Dylan Crewe
  • Sebastian Farrell
  • Oisin Hughes
  • Oscar Mac Domhnaill
  • Hamish Patient
  • Josh Skinner
  • James Tainton
  • Raphael Winterburn
  • Xavier Wright

CAS Champions – 9A

  • Isaac Buchanan
  • Charlie Carter
  • Jonte Garvey
  • Petris Kalpouzanis
  • Xavier Koster
  • Nico Palacio
  • Sol Penitani
  • Angus Peshos
  • Noah Thomas

CAS Champions – 9B

  • Ethan Allardice
  • Tane Barclay
  • Guillen Dela Cueva
  • Jamie Delooze
  • Ky Dunbavin
  • Lachlan Gibbins
  • Owen Patient
  • Jasper Thomas

CAS Champions – 9G

  • Louis Adams
  • Marlow Demetriou
  • Charles Gardiner
  • Julian Minto
  • Ethan Ooi
  • Nicholas Russell
  • Ashton Scally
  • Jude Sheppard
  • Milo Vivieaere-Bates