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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Basketball Report

Round 3 Basketball Report V Cranbrook by Student Reporter, Tom Gleeson


On Friday night, the crowd was roaring with a mix of Cranbrook and Waverley students. With the Waverley crowd chanting loud the entire game, the 1st V were able to beat Cranbrook 80 – 68. The game started off as a close one, with both teams going at it in a head-to-head matchup. Through the second and third quarters, Waverley was able to hold a lead of about 5.

As the game progressed onto the fourth quarter, the 1sts with the crowd erupting with chants, were able to gain a 12-point lead, in which they were able to sustain for the rest of the game. Waverley was led behind Marko Rangan’s athleticism and James Dyson Merwe’s size.

Good luck to the students next week, as they face off against Trinity at Trinity on Friday.


The 2nds were going into the Cranbrook game with two wins and zero losses. Being first on the leader board, they really had to overcome Cranbrook to stay on top on Friday night. The 2nd V led the crowd who were cheering behind them to a 12-point win, with the end score being 48 – 36.

The game was very one-sided, with Waverley keeping their lead throughout the entire game. The 2nds were led behind Charlie Smith’s leadership throughout the game and Aren Yaghoubian’s shooting.

The 2nd V will face off against Trinity this week, to keep their undefeated run.


On Saturday, the 10As started the day with a tough loss to Cranbrook, just coming short with the final score being 30 – 33. They were led behind Tamen Peralta’s finishing, Renato Rovacchi’s defence, and Ben Pignatelli’s scoring.


On the weekend, the 9As could not be stopped by Cranbrook, as they developed an early 20-point lead. During the second half they started to come back, but Waverley would not let them, with the end score being 47 – 33.

Jonte Garvey’s height, along with Nico Palacio’s defence and Peter Kalpouzanis’ shooting, led the team to their win.


The 8As had a blinder of a game, storming over Cranbrook with a 38-point win. It was their defence that lead them to the win, being led behind Jone Tuqiri, Joseph Dametto and Phillip Falaniko.


Tom Gleeson
Captain of 1st V

Basketball Round 3 T4 2022

Round 3

1st V

Round 3 featured games against fierce local rivals, Cranbrook. The 1st V, buoyed by their double-overtime win against St Aloysius’ the week before, went into the fixture full of confidence. The crowd had been steadily building through the 2nd V’s game, and by the time of tip-off, the stand was full of boisterous Cranbrook and Waverley student supporters.

The game was relatively close throughout, with Cranbrook staying in touch with the 1st V, and was even able to jump to a small 2-point lead in the 3rd quarter. Waverley, however, was able to maintain a 5-7 point lead for most of the first three quarters, and started to pull away in the 4th, as Cranbrook tired and their players got into foul trouble.

Ultimately, Waverley prevailed, winning 80-68, and sending their enthusiastic supporters wild with delight. After the game, a rousing rendition of ‘Carrington Road’ sung to the tune of John Denver’s ‘Country Road’ was performed by the Waverley supporters, as the 1st V stood before them enjoying their victory.

A special mention goes to our student leaders on the night, who led our spectators very well in the chants, and who encouraged positive support for the Waverley players. Waverley now sits equal second with St Aloysius’ on the CAS ladder, with 2 wins from 3 games.

Knox is still setting the benchmark with 3 wins and their return fixture with the 1st V at Waverley next term is looking critical to determining who will take out the Rev Fr A V Smith Shield by season’s end.

2nd V

The 2nd V went into the fixture undefeated, and by the end of the game that still remained the case. The 2nd V never really looked like losing this fixture, and were dominant for four quarters, posting a 48-36 win.

They now lead the CAS competition, setting up a tantalising matchup with Trinity this Friday night, who are the only other undefeated team. The 2nd V continues to impress with not just their individual performances, but their ability to play as a team.

Other Fixtures

In other fixtures, Waverley was able to post victories in the 10C (39-36), 10D (30-21), 10E (48-44), 10H (52-6), 9A (47-33), 9B (39-33), 9D (33-32), 9G (32-16), 8A (48-12), 8C (33-26), 8D (58-24), and 8E (35-26). Along with the 2nd V, the 9As, 9Bs and 8Cs also remain undefeated with 3 wins from 3, and sit at the top of their respective competition ladders.

Supporters’ Club BBQ

The Supporters’ Club BBQ was abuzz with activity this week, as many 1st V and 2nd V players helped prepare food as part of Culture Day. The goal of Culture Day is for our 1st V and 2nd V players to support the program by demonstrating and promoting the values of 1sts and 2nds Basketball.

Other ways they implemented this goal on the day, was by sitting on the benches of various Waverley teams, and giving advice to individual players during their games, as well as helping to score games.

The 1st V and 2nd V players did a tremendous job, and are to be commended for their efforts. Many thanks to Head Coach, Mr Johnston, for developing and organising this wonderful Program.

Our continued thanks go to Rachael Smith and Glenn Smith for their wonderful efforts in running the BBQ since the start of the season. Funds raised by the Supporters’ Club have helped to pay for Basketball equipment, including scoreboards, shot clocks, backboards and rims.

Basketball Round 3 T4 2022

Can You Help Out For One Hour?

If you are able to help out for one hour on a Saturday when your son plays at Waverley, please contact Rachael Smith at It would be enormously appreciated.

Good luck to all teams this week against Trinity!