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Academic Curriculum

Behind the scenes at The Voice Blind Auditions

Year 12 Student, Andrew Badger

On Wednesday 6th February, Years 11 and 12 Waverley Entertainment students travelled to Fox Studios to attend the filming of The Voice Blind Auditions as audience members. For me, this wondrous experience was a great privilege, allowing me new insight into the inner workings of my chosen industry. During the course of the event I observed multiple techniques employed by the venue, including the operation of follow-spots at heights, being harnessed within a seat connected to the suspended lighting rig, and cameras, some of which were connected to employees via wee-bills, which eliminated wobbling. These personnel were always assisted by a colleague who, by maintaining both a strong grip on their partner and constant communication, directed them away from hazards, such as when the camera man exited the stage backwards down several stairs while filming the contestant leaving the performance area after their audition.

During the production we were allocated an usher, who both answered our Industry related questions and briefed us on their safety practices i.e. avoiding the main floor as the follow spot operators could drop their equipment at any moment, and cause serious injury to both crew and audience. With the show being recorded as a stop-start there were many opportunities for audience members to communicate with the usher, asking industry related questions as well as receiving free water and snacks to keep everyone happy.

Overall, my time at The Voice Blind Auditions was a highly informative experience, giving me a newfound appreciation for the Television component of the Entertainment Industry and the effort that goes into productions of such a massive scale.