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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Brennan House End of Term Report

Head of Brennan House, Mr James Horrocks

Head of Brennan House, Mr James Horrocks

From Head of Brennan House, Mr James Horrocks

Term 3 is always a very significant term each school year, and in 2020 has been so for even more reason. After the period of Off-Campus Learning in Term 1 and Term 2, we were fortunate to return to school for the entirety of Term 3. The time working from home certainly presented a different set of challenges to students, parents and teachers alike and everyone definitely returned to on-campus learning with a refreshed appreciation for the value of face-to-face teaching!

The end of Term 3 also wraps up a significant period in the lives of our Year 12 students, with the conclusion of formal lessons and recognition of their time at the school.

Year 12 Annual Retreat

Again, the circumstances of this year has led to many changes to the traditional ways in which we like to recognise our Year 12 students, seeing our Graduation Ceremony and Formal postponed until after the HSC examinations. Still, it is important to recognise the fantastic contribution this cohort has made to Brennan House and Waverley as a whole. In such a challenging year, they have faced everything with enthusiasm, adaptability and maturity. For some of these students it is a journey that began 8 years ago when they walked through the gates of the Junior School as Year 5 students. No matter the length of the journey in years, the end of their time at Waverley is an emotional experience as they begin to plan for life, studies and work after school. I am very proud of each of our Year 12 students and wish them all the best in their upcoming exams. I also encourage them to keep up the hard work and study over the upcoming holiday and study vacation period and to take advantage of the many tutorials offered over the holidays and first week back for Term 4.

Brennan House Year 12 Class of 2020

Brennan 2 – Bodhi Reiners, William Spittal
Brennan 3 – Ryan Abbott, Jasper Anderson
Brennan 4 – Liam Andrews, Oliver Blackett
Brennan 5 – Ronan Braham
Brennan 6 – Ryan Foley
Brennan 7 – Archie Carr, Jonathan Chen, Will Cooley
Brennan 8 – Jake Lewis, Reid McNamara
Brennan 9 – Hugh McSweeny, Dylan Odisho, Nicholas Otis
Brennan 10 – Nicholas Poulos, Ben Walton
Brennan 11 – Lachlan Foley, Valentius Wirjana

2020 Brennan House Leaders

In addition to this, I would like to give special recognition to our Brennan House Leaders for 2020. These young men have been exceptional role models and leaders for the house, approaching their responsibilities as captains and prefects with pride and enthusiasm. They have continued to raise the bar for our future leaders and are to be commended for their great efforts over the last 12 months.

Liam Andrews – College Vice-Captain
Reid McNamara – House Captain
Ryan Abbott – Prefect
Jake Lewis – Prefect
Valentius Wirjana – Prefect
Hugh McSweeny – Prefect
Will Cooley – Prefect

In another milestone moment, our Year 11 students completed their final preliminary examinations in the final weeks of term. These exams mark the end of the Preliminary HSC Course and when they return in Term 4, they will take over as the Year 12 leaders of Brennan House. Good luck to all of Year 11 in your results!

With the return to school it was also with great excitement that we were able to return to a modified season of Winter Co-Curricular activities. After various stages of lockdown and isolation, students and coaches alike were able to throw themselves back into their sporting and co-curricular passions. Even with an adjusted season, we were able to experience a great deal of success, with 1sts, 2nds, 3rds and all A’s age groups winning CAS premierships in Rugby. 1sts AFL also went back-to-back with another very strong undefeated season. Congratulations to all for your individual achievements over the past season, whether it be a premiership or personal best result in your chosen discipline.

Winter Co-Curricular Awards

Special recognition goes to the following students who received awards at our recent Winter Sports Assembly:

Ronan Braham – Best and Fairest 2nd XV, Undefeated CAS Premiership in 1st and 2nd XV
Spencer Kapos – Undefeated CAS Premier 2nd XV
Carter Steyn – Coach’s Award 15B’s
Liam Gabriel – Best and Fairest 14C’s
Cruz Clarkin – Coach’s Awards 13A’s

Jeremy Lim – Year 7 Tennis Champion

Axel Pinkstone – Best and Fairest 9C’s
Xavier Quinn – Coach’s Award 9E’s
Carter Kersten – Best and Fairest 7A’s

Daniel McSweeny – Year 10 Most Consistent Performance in Debating

Reid McNamara – Best and Fairest 1st XVIII and Undefeated CAS Premiership 1st XVIII
Bodhi Reiners – Undefeated CAS Premiership 1st XVIII
Finn Anderson – Undefeated CAS Premiership 1st XVIII

Tom Donaldson – Best and Fairest

Lawn Bowls:
Lachlan Foley – Most Improved

Special Awards

Ryan Abbott – Contribution to Basketball


Hayden Walker – New Flag Party Ensign
Jack Ryan – Most Efficient Recruit Award
Daniel McSweeeny – Most Efficient JNCO Award
Brandon Reid – ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award and Most Efficient JNCO Award
Finn Anderson – Commanding Officer’s Efficiency Award
Graduating Senior Ranks for 2020:
Jasper Anderson
Hugh McSweeny
Valentius Wirjana

Academic Awards

It is also important to recognise the great achievements of Brennan students in the classroom over the first semester as well. In such a challenging year, it was fantastic to see students not lose sight of their academic goals and challenge themselves to continually strive for their academic best. The ability to overcome challenges and continue working so diligently, even while working remotely is to be commended and is an admirable skill that will serve students well as they progress through the year levels and into any future study and careers. Congratulations to the following academic awards winners for Semester One:

Year 7:
Joshua Barr – First in Class Religion
Fred Carmody – First in Class and Year Drama
Tom Donaldson – First in Class Religion
Nicholas Hjorring – First in Class Technology and Equal Third in Year Mathematics
Carter Kersten – First in Class and Year PDHPE
Phoenix Schregardus – First in Class Science and Equal First in Year Mathematics

Year 8:
Samuel Connor – First in Class PDHPE

Year 9:
Connor Andrews – Equal First in PDHPE and First in PASS
Fynn McAusland – First in Work Education
Leo Schmid – Equal First in Mathematics Level 3 and First in Science

Year 10:
Oli Goodrum – Equal First in History
Daniel McSweeny – First in Drama and Equal First in History
Damien Poulos – First in PASS

Year 11:
Thomas Colman – First in Hospitality
Cass Martin-Newbould – First in English Studies

Year 12:
Liam Andrews – First in Music 1
Oliver Blackett – First in Mathematics Standard 2
Hugh McSweeny – First in English Extension 1 and Equal First in Modern History
Ben Walton – First in Marine Studies
Valentius Wirjana – First in Chemistry

House Competitions

This term we were also able to restart our House Competitions with the running of Touch Football, Strongman and Dodgeball tournaments over the course of the term.

House Dodgeball team photo

House Dodgeball team photo

The Junior School also took part in their annual Blitz Day, where they were able to show off their athletic prowess in a range of different disciplines. These competitions helped contribute to valuable house points and the involvement and enthusiasm with which Brennan House got behind these events was fantastic to see and helped drive us to solid results in all events! Let’s keep up the great work and snatch back the lead in the house points from Conlon in Term 4!

Year 12 Cohort

As always, a final word to the 2020 Year 12 cohort. As your high school career comes to an end, you should be very proud of everything you have achieved during your time at Waverley. Your final exams are coming up shortly and it is important that you finish strong and stay focused on your goals. Make sure you keep your good study habits going throughout the holidays and stay in contact with your teachers to get as much support and guidance as you can before the exams arrive, they are there to help! Finally, never underestimate the impact that you have had on those around you throughout your time at Waverley. Even if it was just a hello in the morning or a wave in passing, you have impacted your peers greatly over the years. Good luck in your examinations, it is almost time to reap the rewards of all that hard work!

Thank you to all the Brennan House Mentors for your hard work this term. The consistent care and support you offer the boys of Brennan House is second to none! Wishing everyone a happy and restful holiday break and I look forward to seeing you all in Term Four.

Mr James Horrocks, Head of Brennan House