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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.


Brennan House Report – Term 3, 2018

From  James Horrocks, Head of Brennan House

Term Three can always be an emotional one, as it is the one in which we farewell our current Year 12 cohort.  For these students, it is the culmination of a journey that, for many, began 8 years ago when they entered the Waverley College Junior School as Year 5 students.  Regardless of the length of their time at the college, each Year 12 student has had a profound impact on their peers whether they realise it or not.  They have been the role models for their younger peers and have added to the legacy of Waverley College, laying out a path for future Year 12 students to build upon.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Year 12 students for their contribution to the college.  On behalf of the entire Waverley College community, I would like to wish you all the best in your HSC Examinations and every success in whatever direction your next journey in life takes you.

Our 2018 Brennan House Year 12 students include:

  • Daniel Andrews
  • Gabriel Balanovsky
  • Harry Blackett
  • Nicholas Corias
  • Zen Emery
  • Freddy Felix
  • Coen Finati
  • Hunter Foley
  • Luca Galeazzi
  • Daniel Hassan
  • Noah Havard
  • Liam Jackson
  • Samuel Jennings
  • Caleb Lockwood
  • Noah Lohmann
  • Dennis Mamaev
  • Benjamin Paterson
  • Daniel Quan
  • Sebastian Rasmussen
  • Oliver Read
  • Ethan Reid
  • Riley Singles-Fotopoulos
  • Patrick Veron
  • Hayden Walton
  • Luca Zanarini


I would also like to personally thank each of our House Prefects for 2018; Coen Finati, Ethan Reid, Luca Zanarini, Daniel Hassan, Oliver Read, Sebastian Rasmussen and our School Vice-Captain Daniel Andrews.  These fine, young men have worked relentlessly hard throughout the year and have put in innumerable hours of additional work, beyond the already demanding schedule of a Year 12 student. As a direct result of their efforts, they have ensured that students in Brennan House have been able to take part in and benefit from all aspects of college life.  Each of these gentlemen has helped make this year at Waverley a successful one for as many of their peers as possible during their tenure as prefects.

In other year groups, Year 11 finished their end of year examinations and will become our new Year 12 cohort at the commencement of Term 4.  I hope that their hard work and study for these exams has paid off for them and they achieve the results that they have been hoping for.  A number of our Year 11 students also put their names forward to be selected as House Prefects commencing in Term Four.  We had our strongest pool of candidates to date, with 8 very strong students applying for leadership positions in 2019.  The process involved in gaining selection as a Prefect or Captain of the college is very rigorous and all of those who interviewed for positions should be proud of how they represented themselves.  I wish them all the best in the outcome of this process.

Year 9 embarked on their annual camp during this term as well.  For many students, this is the first time they have undertaken an outdoor education camp program and it can push students well outside their comfort zones, helping them realise what they are capable of.  These students all embraced the challenge of the camp and conquered each of the challenges they were faced with over the course of the week.  The lessons learned here are often just as important as those learnt in the classroom and help our Year 9 students continue to develop into true lifelong learners.  It was also the first time that this camp has been conducted in house groups and the first time that the boys were able to invite their fathers/male role models to join them on the last night of camp, something which all those involved enjoyed immensely.  We look forward to continuing both of these initiatives in the years to come.

Year 10 had the opportunity to enjoy their first school formal when they attended their Harbour Cruise and Dinner Dance.  All of the boys were very gracious hosts to their dates and were able to show off their dance moves throughout the night.  This was all accompanied by a three course dinner and five hour cruise around Sydney Harbour.  The students proved a credit to themselves and the school in the respectful way they enjoyed themselves on the night, there was clearly a lot of fun had by all.

Term Three has also seen the culmination of the Winter Sport season.  Win, lose or draw, all involved should be proud of the effort they put into their training and matches throughout the season.  If you came out of the season having learnt something new, or having improved your overall fitness levels, then it can be counted as a success.  All players and coaches deserve congratulations on their exceptional efforts and commitment this season, as do the parents and guardians who spend countless hours getting players to and from venues and supporting all Waverley teams so passionately from the sidelines each week.  The sportsmanship and enjoyment that was on display throughout the season was a pleasure to witness and, at the end of the day, this is what sport is all about.

Week Nine saw the running of the 89th Annual CAS Athletics Carnival at Sydney Olympic Park.  All of the boys involved in this year’s Athletics program represented the college with pride on the night and it was so good to see so many personal bests beaten on the night.  Well done in particular to Daniel Andrews, Conor Andrews, Nick Corias, Will Davison, Charley Howell, Spencer Kapos, Sean Kearns, Nick Quinn, Spencer Dawkins, Ben Zlattner, Jett Wanda, Jacob Hassan, Jonas Dowling, Will Paterson, Luke Paterson, Valentius Wirjana and Ryan Foley who competed on the night.  Seeing the numbers of Brennan students in the team continue to grow is very encouraging.  This group of boys should also be commended for the fantastic school spirit shown by committing to an extra five weeks of school sport.  They have put themselves through up to four intense training sessions weekly, on top of getting up early on Saturdays while others are sleeping in and enjoying time off sport.  Special recognition goes to Daniel Andrews who was awarded the Gary Judd Cup for Best Team Man and Charley Howell who was named the 17 Years College Champion, well done and congratulations to both of these students.

The Holdsworth Ball took place on the 1st of September and is the flagship charity event in the Brennan House calendar.  Waverley has a strong tradition of working with the Holdsworth Community, a local organisation that supports children and adults living with intellectual disabilities, their families and caregivers throughout Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs.  Since the beginning of Term Two, a group of Year 11 students from Waverley and St Clare’s have been meeting to plan the annual ball.  This is a significant undertaking for those involved, who are responsible for every aspect of the night; planning the entertainment, seating, decorations and prizes, as well as cooking and serving a full three-course dinner.  In addition to all of this, they are also responsible for raising all of the funds to pay for the night.  I would like to thank and congratulate the following students for their hard work in creating such a successful and memorable night for all involved:

  • Zander Gabriel
  • Mark Andre
  • Joshua Gleeson
  • Nick Buckingham
  • Charley Howell
  • Sam Frazer
  • Max Curry
  • Kyle Goulding
  • Nat Yarrow
  • Will Davison
  • Darcy Mullins
  • Michael Gatto
  • Tommy Tyson
  • Alex Kapos
  • Will Durkin
  • Daniel Cobbe

The whole event would not be able to happen without the support of the Waverley College community.  As with many prior years, a number of staff and departments also helped make the night run so smoothly:

  • Geraldine Cullen
  • John Kara
  • Tracie Ryan
  • Stephanie Boyce and the TAS Department
  • Kaitlyn Downey
  • Chris Blenkinsopp and the Music Department

Thank you also to Mr Graham Leddie, Mr Matthew Porter and Father Bernie, for taking the time to attend and show their support on the night.

In addition, I would like to thank the members of the Waverley College Jazz Band for their exceptional musical entertainment on the night, as well as all of the students and Old Boys who volunteered their time to help out on the day.  These included; Oliver Ruse, Angus McPherson, Andrew Tinellis, Flynn Schulz, Dominic Augoustis, Ryan Bakels, Luca Galeazzi, Simon Finnegan, Eric Cordato, Riley Addison, Leo Bosi, Lachlan Gray, Fynn Cviker, Harry Heinemann, Jack Zanin and Harry Joll.

 Every single one of these students was exceptional and a credit to themselves, their families and the college.  The feedback this year from Holdsworth, the clients who attended and their families has been fantastic.  It is the key event in the Holdsworth social calendar each year.  All who attended commented on the excellent work done by the students and the way in which they conducted themselves.  Many parents of clients say that these nights are one of only a handful of opportunities they get to see their children interact with their friends and others in what is considered a “normal” social setting, and it is something that means so much to each of them.

Once again, I would like to sincerely thank all of the exceptional Brennan House Wellbeing Mentors for their continued support and work with their Mentor Groups.  They are the first face that most students see each day and the caring environment that greets them every morning ensures that they can start each day with a smile and feel welcomed here at Waverley.

As a final word to Year 12, your High School career is coming to a close and you should be proud of all that you have achieved during your time here at Waverley.  Your final exams are in sight and it is important that you finish strong and stay focused on your goals.  Make sure you keep your study habits going throughout the holidays and stay in contact with your teachers to get as much help and guidance as you can in the lead up to the HSC exam period.  Lastly, good luck in your examinations, you have done the hard work and it is almost time to reap the rewards!

Lastly, as always, I would like to wish everyone a happy and restorative holiday break and I look forward to seeing you all in Term Four for a great finish to the year.