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Academic Curriculum

Brick and Blocklaying: passed with flying colours

Brick & blocklaying, March 2017

Brick & blocklaying, March 2017

Brick & blocklaying, March 2017

From TAS teacher, Alan Riordan

This week the HSC VET Construction class completed their Brick and Blocklaying competency despite the ominous looking weather forecast. In preparation, the class had spent the previous weeks mixing a large quantity of mortar while also practising the skill required in laying bricks.

The Competency required each student to build their own brick wall 1200mm in length and 7 courses high. They were then assessed to see if their walls were the correct size, while also making them both level and plumb.

It was a very successful day with all of the students being deemed competent. As you can see in the photos, the class had an enjoyable day with many of them surprising themselves by their own bricklaying efforts and skills learnt.