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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Cadets and AFX 2023 – Please Register Your Son’s Attendance Now

CPL Donnelly and CPL Soleas enjoying the Snake demonstration in C Company

CPL Donnelly and CPL Soleas enjoying the Snake demonstration in C Company

Another great Friday afternoon for the recruits in Delta Company. The recruits this afternoon were informed about the different night locations around Holsworthy Army Base where they will be staying on AFX.

They were taught how to set up their Company Harbour, and the safety concerns to pay attention to, as well as piquet duty to protect their harbour. They also were briefed on the rules and regulations for entering a military base along with Waverley College Cadets behavioural expectations.

These important lessons will ensure their safety and most importantly, guarantee they have a fun time during their six-day camp.

by CPL Jack Kerves, Media PL

How to set up a company harbour

How to set up a company harbour

AFX 2023

There are just five days left to register your son’s attendance on AFX. To register, click the button below.

Register here for AFX 2023

All cadets need to be registered by 1 March 2023, including rank.

There are many, many recruits who have not yet collected their second set of DPCU from the Q Store. Thus far, recruits from platoons 1-8 have been emailed to collect uniform. It is the recruits’ responsibility to come and collect their stores for camp.

*Parents and carers, please be aware that Q Store will only be open until Friday, 24 March. There will be no provision to issue any gear after 24 March. If your son only has one set of uniform when packing for camp, he will have to make it last the week.

*Q Store is always open on Wednesdays – Recess and Lunch and after school.

Just a note also about hats – all recruits have been issued with a field hat, but many are forgetting to bring the hat on Fridays. Cadets are to wear headdress at all times when in public, so please ensure your son wears his field hat as he leaves home. Can I please ask that any spare hats you may have, are returned to the Q Store?

Five weeks until AFX!