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Cadets Compete in the Golden Boot and Cyber Taipan Competitions

Golden Boot Competition

Platoon 1, Winners of the annual Golden Boot Trophy 2020.

From Commanding Officer – WCCU, MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Golden Boot Competition

The annual Golden Boot competition was a great way to bring our platoons together after 16 weeks of online Cadets. Physical strength, tactical skills, military knowledge and team spirit were all harnessed as platoons vied for points to win the coveted Golden Boot trophy. Our St Catherine’s cadets impressed the Unit with their capacity to hold the plank position for well over five minutes. Speed and agility were tested in the Kidney Cup Obstacle Course, Hutchie Competition and the Methods of Movement Relay, logic and teamwork in the Ratel Decoding Exercise and Rank Recognition Game. With the points from the Company Tug of War and Chants, we congratulate 1 Platoon from A Company, who were victorious on the day. A big thank you to our CUOs for running such an enjoyable afternoon.

Cyber Taipan Competition

On Sunday, WCCU entered a team of five cadets in the inaugural nationwide cyber-security competition, Cyber Taipan. Run in conjunction with the CSIRO, various scenarios were presented to the cadets over the course of the day, testing cyber skills, critical thinking, logic and their ability to work together as a team. The energy was palpable and our team performed brilliantly. The competitive element of real-time scoring added excitement to the room as our cadets tried myriad strategies to gain those all-important points. Both engaging and informative, the team has learnt many skills to apply in round two later this month. We wish them well.