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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Cadets News

Battleships using Ratel to communicate

Rank Parade 2021

Given the current climate, we will recognise our new rank for 2021/2022 with a COVID-safe Ceremonial Parade this afternoon. Rank have already been presented with their slides, but we are thrilled to finally be able to celebrate their achievements on the Parade Ground.

Congratulations to the following Duces of Promotions Courses for 2021:

  • Junior Leadership Course – CPL Deuchar Dezarnaulds
  • Senior Leadership Course – WO2 Alistair Isaac
  • Cadet Under Officers Course – CUO Daniel Di Francesco.

The SUO, CUO Zach Straker will finally have the chance to take command of the Cadet Unit at this parade and be presented with his ceremonial sword. Congratulations to RHQ and our Company Commanders as they commence their leadership in the face-to-face environment:


  • CUO Zach Straker
  • CUO Daniel McSweeny
  • CUO Daniel Di Francesco
  • CUO Sophia Voigt
  • CUO Sachiel Bass
  • WO1 Charlie Alexander

 Company Commanders

  • A COY – CUO Darcy Ferguson
  • B COY – CUO Ellie Mallett
  • C COY – CUO Hugo Pizzol
  • D COY – CUO Kai Chavez
  • SPT COY – CUO Hugo Defina-Sperando

Cadet Uniform

The majority of our recruits now have their cadet uniform and have ironed out any equipment and size issues. There is a handful of packaged items still awaiting collection. Any cadet yet to be fitted is welcome to come to Q Store at lunchtimes.

I must say, the standard was impressive last week, given it was our recruits’ first chance to wear their uniform.

To reiterate the Routine Orders, recruits wear Dress Order 4B which is Summer Field Dress:

  •   Shirt untucked and sleeves down
  •   Pants bloused over the top of the boots (use rubber bands if you don’t have toggles)
  •   Field Hat
  •   Boots

CyberTaipan Competition

Last weekend, our CyberTaipan Team performed brilliantly in the second round of the nationwide CSIRO CyberTaipan Competition. SGT Paul Muir, CPL Julia Mallam, CPL Isobel Killcross and CPL Liam McEvoy worked well together across a six-hour window, responding to scenario-based cyber threats, to come in the top 50 teams across Australia. Well done, team! Thank you to our coaches, LT(AAC) Mackenzie Muir and DS Eden Hodge for their expertise in mentoring our cyber experts.

Bivouac 2021

It is was with disappointment that we made the decision to cancel Bivouac 2021 this week. RHQ was working well on plans and logistics, but our community is not yet in a safe space for the Unit to come together across both schools for such an activity at this time. 

Bivouac is intended as an introductory camp for our recruits to put into practice some of their fieldcraft lessons, before extending their skills at AFX at the end of Term 1, 2022. Please be assured that your rank will be ready to assist you across Term 1 and on AFX, so you are ready for Majura MTA!

Training Term 4, 2021

Over the next three weeks, we will endeavour to give you a flavour of some of the activities normally on offer in Cadets. Bear in mind, though, that we are unable to bring external providers on site as yet, and most activities have been pushed back into Term 1 next year. Something to look forward to!

A major priority is for the Unit to be swim-tested in Cadet Uniform before we go on camp and so, over the course of November, each Company will take turns at the pool on Friday afternoons. Keep an eye on the Routine Orders to see when you are needed.

There are just 11 short weeks before AFX and we will try and pack in as much as we are able to for your Cadet experience.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU