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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Cadets News

Commanding Officer Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU, MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Home Training is progressing well, as our new rank settle into their new positions of command. We are grateful to our recruits for their enthusiasm and engagement on Friday afternoons, and encourage them to read the Routine Orders from week to week, to know what to wear and where to be.

Admin Parade

Admin Parade 

A Company Bonding at Dismissal Parade

A Company Bonding at Dismissal Parade

A Company Learning the Art of Camouflage

A Company Learning the Art of Camouflage

Points are awarded to the best Companies and Platoons from week to week, and the current point score is as follows:

Cadet Points

Cadet Uniform

The importance of wearing the Cadet Uniform with pride, particularly when in the public domain to and from school, has been communicated to the Unit. When we wear the Cadet Uniform, we are representing our schools and our Cadet Unit.

Even though we are not wearing the Army Uniform, as members of the Australian Army Cadets, we are also representing the members of the Australian Defence Force who have served our country.

There are certainly lots of ways to express individuality in Cadets, but the uniform is not one of them, and we need to wear it with pride, with respect, and with an understanding of what it means to the Australian Public.

To this end, headdress must be worn at all times when outside the school grounds, and the DPCU shirt must be worn at all times, including at school. The undershirt is not an outer garment, and if it is warm weather, the undershirt may be removed, but not the DPCU shirt.

Dates for Bivouac at Holsworthy Barracks

It was disappointing to have to cancel the Bivouac planned for this coming weekend, but we have now booked an alternative. We will hold a Bivouac in Term 4 from 4pm Saturday, 5 November – 5pm Sunday, 6 November at Holsworthy Barracks. This is a voluntary Bivouac, open to the whole Unit for some field experience and camping Cadet-style in preparation for AFX in 2023. More details will follow in due course, but for those interested, please keep this November weekend free.

Dates for Promotions Courses

For those planning holidays in 2023, the Promotions Courses have now been set for the Winbourne Conference Centre from Monday, 26 June – Saturday, 1 July 2023. Please keep these dates free if your son or daughter is interested leadership training and fulfilling one of the many promotion opportunities in Cadets.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU