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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Cadets News

WO2 Lachlan Miranda Receives His AAC Silver Award

CUO Kayla Heng With Her AAC Gold Award

CPL Lachlan Marzol Receives His AAC Bronze Award

Reflections on Leadership

Learning leadership takes time and practice, and a week-long Promotions Course is just the beginning of the journey. One week does not an instant leader make! New teams always need a period of adjustment, as they determine how to work together for the good of the collective.

We are grateful to all our rank for their maturity and patience, as they adjust to the new dynamics of their Unit and their Companies. To have the opportunity to learn these skills within the supportive environment of the schools, is one of the benefits of promotion in Cadets.

Our rank will go on to be well-placed as leaders in the wider community, taking with them an understanding of team dynamics and the compromises needed to work well with a variety of people.

We were proud to recognise our Duces of Promotions Courses again on Friday, with the presentation of the AAC medallions and certificates.

Congratulations to:

  •  JLC Promotions Course Dux – CPL Lachlan Marzol
  • SLC Promotions Course Dux – WO2 Lachlan Miranda
  • CUO Promotions Course Dux – CUO Kayla Heng

 Cyber Taipan Competition

A team of five dedicated cadets competed in Round 1 of the CSIRO National Cyber Taipan Competition on the weekend. Our team performed strongly across the day’s cybersecurity activity, finishing 21st out of 140 teams.

Congratulations and thank you to:

Amelia Avery, Anika Bradford, Lachlan Marzol, Julia Mallam and Paul Muir.

Cyber Taipan Competition

Home Training – Have You Downloaded the Waverley app?

Training continues to go well on Friday afternoons, despite the regularity of rain. I would urge all parents to download the Waverley app, and include Cadets as one of the notifications, to see the latest on uniform requirements (such as ponchos), and early dismissal times when the conditions dictate.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU