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Please note: This post is from our website archive. Some of the information within this post may now be out-of-date.

Cadets – Welcome Back

Commanding Officer Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU, MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

A warm welcome back for an exciting year of Cadets in 2022.

This term is all about AFX! AFX is the Annual Field Exercise (Cadet Camp), that is the culmination of the year’s training. This is the camp where cadets get to put into practice everything they have been taught; their field skills, how to construct a shelter, how to care for themselves without running water and electricity, how to cook their own meal, how to thrive when outside their comfort zone.

For our leaders, this is the chance for them to shine, to inspire, to command and to lead by example. We expect great things from our Corporals, Sergeants and CUOs, and they always rise to the challenge, returning from camp confident, capable and better prepared for life’s obstacles.

Cadets 2022

Please keep an eye on your emails for the Joining Instruction for AFX. There are some administrative details to attend to, so we can ensure the best care of your child on camp. Of particular note, please make sure we are aware of any health concerns or special dietary requirements, so that specific arrangements can be made.

We have much in store for this term, and look forward to being able to make as much possible as COVID-19 restrictions allow.

Cadets starts back on Friday, 4 February with the Golden Boot Competition. There will be no Cadets on your first day back at school.


MAJ(AAC) Julie-Ann de Kantzow

Commanding Officer – WCCU